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THE WORLD'S FIRST HELL THREE OUTSIDE AFRIKAPARADISE , c) 2011 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat; Doctorat d'Etat (PhD); DESS (M.Phil); M.Sc.; DIPLOME de l'IIAP, (Post-Grad.Dipl ;); BA Double HONS etc, Founder, AFRIKAMAWU MIRACLE MISSION, AMI INC; [email protected],

1. To the eternally struggling, starving children of Enyeko, their new-found Forest is a big Paradise to discover and claim sole mastership and ownership of.

2. Without asking permission from the Spirit of the Forest whom they do not even know exist or called MAMA or MOTHER AVESE, children of Enyeko jump from one tree to another eating as many fruits their mouths and stomachs can accommodate.

3. In spite of the limitless abundance of all kinds of edible Food that abounds everywhere in the Forest, children of Enyeko waste their time, energy and expertise on perpetually fighting among themselves for this or that.

4. Only the timely intervention of their aged leader ENYEKOE, helps to put an end to their killing themselves for one thing or the other as their way of life.

5. But, as soon as one dispute is over, another one erupts like the hungry volcano.

6. This time, all the strong among them now claim and own the entire Forest for themselves.

7. As far as they are concerned, the Forest created herself and exists only for their conquest and benefits.

8. They do not believe the Forest can have a Creator outside herself.

9. They reject as nonsense the claim by few of their Divinely Attuned brothers and sisters that the Forest did not and cannot create herself, that, the Forest is not an object to be described or called "it", that, just as every Creation, big or small, must have a Creator, so must the Forest have a Creator as part and parcel of the Universal Creation, Spirit, Energy and Power.

10. This explains why, ENYEKOE and his people refuse to enter into Spiritual Communication, Dialogue, Guidance, Peace and Harmony with the Spirit of the Forest and all her Beings but claim the entire Forest as their sole property to conquer, exploit, tame, and use for their sole benefits.

11. In their short-sightedness, they cannot see themselves as part and parcel of the Forest they are about to devour like hungry wolves.

12. Their perpetual greed, selfishness and materialism as a way of life and being totally blindfold them to the fact that as part of the Forest, whatever they do to her positively or negatively is bound to come back to them positively or negatively.

13. So, by strictly going according to the teachings of their Holy Mother ENYEKO, the sole ownership of the Forest goes not to all the community of the children of ENYEKO but to only their most elderly brother ENYEKOE.

14. He is not supposed to hold their new Paradise in trust or on behalf of all but to own and use it for his own benefits as the leader and head of the surviving team or community of children of Mother ENYEKO.

15. So, to him and to him alone, falls the grave responsibility of owning and managing their new Forest in such a way as to benefit him only and those who keep him in Power.

16. But because of his old age, the stronger elements of the community know ENYEKOE is only a mere figure head created and supported by them to tow their line.

17. Publicly however, they present ENYEKOE as the sole owner and the most powerful ruler on Earth but secretly they know they are the Money power behind ENYEKOE and without which he will be nothing.

18. ENYEKOE too, to save his own skin, knows he is in power to serve the interests of the powerful and not those of the weak.

19. He also knows he cannot be the sole owner and the most powerful of all the powerful of the land unless and until the powerful of the land choose, accept, support, defend and protect him or everything else is a comedy.

20. Hence, as long as he makes life easier for the Few mighty ones of the land, ENYEKOE knows he will live forever, alive or dead.

21. This explains why ANYITOR, the strongest human being of ENYEKOE land, claims all the land of ENYEKOEDU as his own.

22. This means, ENYEKOE is the owner of the land only in name as a mere figure head while ANYITOR is the real owner of the entire land in reality.

23. Hence, nobody can touch one inch of the entire land without his permission.

24. Likewise, all the trees on the land go to the second strongest being of ENYEKOELAND called ATITOR.

25. Nobody dares touch a bark of a Tree without his sole permission.

26. In the same way, all the food that is found in the Forest is monopolized by the third strongest being of ENYEKOEDU in the person of DUDUTOR and all the Rivers, Lakes and Waterfalls go to TSITOR to own, control and use for her sole benefits.

27. With their gun power, their money power and their materialistic power, these Few owners, controllers and beneficiaries of what belongs to all, are able to impose their will on the silent suffering and powerless majority of ENYEKOELAND.

28. Turned into the land and wealth of the Few, by the Few and for the Few, ENYOKOELAND begins to suffer series of man-made devastations that are hitherto unknown to the Land.

29. With heavy tractors invented, manufactured, sold and serviced by one lady called ATIWULA, millions of Trees are felled in seconds which she sells to others for profit.

30. What costs Mother Earth through MAMA AVESE one hundred thousand seasons to grow, nurse and protect as useful Trees, Plants, Herbs, and Crops mortals calls Forest, it takes her new visitors one day or a week to destroy with such a frightening zeal and ferocity as if the world is coming to an end.

31. The more ATIWULA and her children bulldoze their way through the Forest, the more Spiritually out of tune everything becomes:

32. Mighty and heavy Trees or Plants fall to their knees under the mighty weight and power of ATIWULA and her machines.

33. Fruit Trees and their Food drop dead on the ground like egg.

34. Valuable Herbal and Plant Medicines of millions of seasons old are uprooted in seconds never to be re-planted for the benefits of all Creation.

35. In the same way, Animals of all kinds, sizes, weights and beauty suddenly find themselves dead, homeless, crippled, hurt, or hungry, and totally powerless to prevent the deadly human assault that is unleashed against them.

36. ETU's Family with his secret knowledge, ownership and control of the gun power, does not hesitate to kill as many animals they can kill for their sole profits.

37. In this way, millions of acres of Forest are reduced to nothingness in a twinkle of an eye.

38. No more Forest means no more Trees and Plants to sustain the life of ENYEKO children.

39. No more Forest also means no more Fertile and Protected Land to offer and guarantee all Creation all the Food they need to ensure Continuity of Life.

40. No more Forest also means no more the Limitless Abundance of Food, Water, Medicine and Security which the Forest provides all lives within her kingdom.

41. This means, with the systematic, organized and sophisticated destruction of the Forest by ENYEKO children comes the total and systematic destruction of the Land, Trees, Plants, Herbs, Animals, Rivers, Birds, Fresh Air and Fish.

42. Their replacement with artificial and man-made world of houses, sky-scrappers, roads, streets, cars, buses, airplanes, clinics, hospitals, markets, gardens, artificial flowers, plants, trees, food, fruits, medicine, drinking water, drinks, schools, universities, ministries, capitals, cities, towns and villages cannot take the place of the Perfect Peace, Harmony and Security that once prevail in the Forest among all her children.

43. In their desperation to avoid repeating their hell at ENYEKOLAND and the hell in which they have been living before their salvation by their present Forest World and to ensure and guarantee for themselves and their children's children, a new Paradise in heaven on earth, now and after, leaders of children of Enyeko , led by ENYEKOE leave no stones unturned in turning their Forest into the most beautiful man-made Paradise on Earth.

44. But, the more they struggle hard to modernize and develop their new-found Paradise, the more they realize that their development/modernization is not only out of tune spiritually with the Spirit of the Forest and the Sacred Land and World but totally done at the expense of Peace, Harmony and Security of the Forest.

45. By opting for a Flesh or-materialistic-based rather than a Spirit-based-and-oriented development/modernization/civilization, leaders of children of ENYEKO guarantee themselves the painful road of self-destruction and perpetual chaos.

46. By destroying their Forest, they deprive themselves of the Power, Blessings, Protection and Guidance of the Spirit of every Creation there is in the Forest.

47. By driving away Animals of all kinds from the Forest, they incur their wrath to come back to devour those who for the first time in their lives have rendered them homeless and hungry in life.

48. The more ENYEKO CHILDREN try to prevent these angry and hungry animals from coming back to attack them with their guns or highly fortified houses and homes, the more they succeed in devouring their human enemies as many as they can.

49. Besides, they soon discover that the disappearance of their Forest World also means no protection from the Spirit of the Forest to them.

50. With the Forest alive, the Land is fertile and protected against all forms of soil erosion and so on.

51. Now, without the Forest, their Land is exposed to all kinds of rains, storms, earthquakes and volcanoes that make Farming on her an impossible task.

52. In the past, the Forest serves as a big Spiritual Umbrella for all lives that dwell within her Bosom.

53. With the arrival of the people of ENYEKOE, the Motherly Protection of the Forest gives way to exposure to all kinds of external and internal dangers that make living in ENYEKOELAND difficult if not impossible.

54. In spite of their earthly paradise they painstakingly build to replace the Natural World Order of the Forest, leaders of the CHILDREN OF ENYEKO discover with horror and pain that their materialistic heaven is nothing but hell on Earth in which Living in Peace and Harmony gives way to perpetual surviving, where eternal competition takes the place of Cooperation, materialism reigns supreme over Spiritism, perpetual fear and worry for tomorrow become the Order of the Day instead of Peace of Mind and Harmony among all Creation.

55. As soon as the Forest disappears to make room for their man-made paradise, hell is let loose on the people of ENYEKOELAND.

56. The type of unfriendly weather that is partly responsible for their exit from their paradise in ENYEKODU begins to visit them again with all kinds of unwanted gifts.

57. As soon as children of ENYEKOE successfully complete the building of their new paradise, it is like their entire out-of-tune world is bent on preventing them from owning let alone enjoying the fruits of their labour.

58. Here and there, endless snows begin again to fall and keep on falling on and on, on their new paradise of ENYEKOEDU with the seriousness and determination that beat the imagination of the people of ENYEKOEDU.

59. They cannot understand why once again, endless days of endless snows upon snows can so be determined to deprive them of their paradise they suffer so much to build for their pleasure.

60. Soon, countless days, countless months and countless seasons of endless snow-falling over ENYEKOELAND can only paralyze the entire land, country, capital, cities, towns, villages and people making all forms of communication and movement between and among them impossible if not suicidal.

61. The more their experts such as the MANUS, the AWUS, the NUFANUS, the MOVOS, the AKADIS, the EMORS, the RATELES, the ETUS, the NUNYAS, the HOPIS, the GAMES, the AGBALES, the KOPUS, the FATOS, the KATLAS, the PAPUS, the ABAS and many others try to save themselves and their loved ones from the curse and tragedy of endless and persistent rainfall, snows, storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, hunger, famine, insecurity, fear, anxiety, worry, desperation and so on, the more each becomes more and more isolated and frightened, more and more desperate, more and more greedy and selfish, more and more aggressive vis-à-vis themselves and others as a way of surviving in what they see as a hostile environment which is not interested in their welfare and happiness but which takes great delight in torturing them with endless hell, no matter how hard they work to avoid it.

62. The more they try to overcome their never-ending obstacles with practical solutions, the more they are faced with new and harder and harder challenges that make their previous feats of ingenuity and scientific and technological miracles look like a drop of water in the ocean of life CHILDREN OF ENYEKO call "uncertainty" or "hell".

63. So, instead of knowing and accepting the painful Truth that they themselves choose to survive endlessly in hell rather than live in Harmony in Heaven on Earth, they blame bad weather, lack of Forest, lack of Sun, Moon and Stars to protect them against their present hell they are the sole creators of but which they are not aware of.

64. As part and parcel of the Forest, by destroying her, they destroy themselves.

65. And since the Forest is also part and parcel of the Environment, to destroy the Forest is also to destroy the Environment with all the precious lives she holds in trust for all Creation.

66. But by acting purely on the basis of the Flesh of the I-ME-MYSELF Mentality and Philosophy, leaders of CHILDREN OF ENYEKO cannot grasp this basic Spiritual Truth, Principle and Law upon which all Awakened Lives revolve and have their being.

67. Without the Awareness of this basic fact of life, all else is hell to them even in their heaven on Earth.

68. As the seasons pass by, it is becoming clearer and clearer to leaders of CHILDREN OF ENYEKO that, no earthly paradise however glamorous it might be from outside is a paradise let alone can last as one if it is not built and oriented by the Eternal Truth of Perfect Harmony and Total Balance between all Creation.

69. As long as their paradise is spiritually out of tune to its Environment, it is bound to suffer the inevitable fate of the over-bloated balloon.

70. So, it comes to pass that after countless seasons of persistent snows, rainfalls, storms, earthquakes, the whole of ENYEKOELAND becomes gradually buried under the mighty weight of snows and water.

71. All the aged including their one time Supreme Leader and commander ENYEKOE, the weak, the suffering and the dying of the land thus become the sacrificial lambs for the final destruction that befalls the CHILDREN OF MOTHER ENYEKO while only the fittest of them manage to escape in search of another new and better paradise elsewhere.

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By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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