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1. As the seasons go by, ENYEKODU grows from endless material prosperity to prosperity and power.

2. Tall and taller mighty sky-scrappers of all sizes fill the sky with pride and dignity.

3. First class roads, streets, highways, roundabouts and boulevards compete with one another in beauty and sizes.

4. Machines of all kinds walk, talk, work and manufacture all kinds of material goods for the consumption and enjoyment of those who can afford them.

5. Cars and buses fill the streets and homes of those who can buy them.

6. Traveling in the air like birds or by boats or ships is the order of the day.

7. Viewed from outside, ENYEKODU is like the real man-made material Paradise on Earth where Money and not a Supernatural Creator or Being reigns supreme in the hearts and minds of all.

8. Evidence of endless material abundance and prosperity is everywhere for the naked eyes to see.

9. But viewed from inside, Enyekodu is heaven only for the Few but totally hell for the disinherited and the forgotten Many of the Land.

10. Though the nation's wealth is produced by the Many, only the Few have access to it for their personal comforts and pleasure.

11. The Few MANUS, the AKADIS, the MOVOS, the ETUS, the KOPUS, the RATELES, the GAMES, the NUNYAS, the FATOS, the PAPUS, the NUFANUS, the KATLAS, the ABAS and the likes and their agents that constitute only one percent of the total population, own, control and enjoy ninety-nine percent of the national wealth while the entire nine-nine percent of the population of ENYEKODU can only own and enjoy the remaining one percent of the national cake that are crumbs from the tables of the Few national wealth owners and distributors.

12. With their universal King and Lord Money, they own and control the political, economic and social powers of the land with their well-paid and well-protected agents everywhere to work for them to ensure eternal political, economic and social power, supremacy and control of the Few and the chronic division, dependency, powerlessness and lack of the Many.

13. To accept, honour, defend and promote the status quo of the Few by the Few and for the Few is to be rich and powerful.

14. To oppose it or try to change it to benefit not only the Few but ALL the citizens of ENYEKODU is to incur the wrath and punishment of the privileged Few and their agents.

15. In this way, the more the people cry for change, the more they give them reforms and adjustment programmes that treat symptoms rather than the causes of the growing crisis of self-ignorance, division, dependency, powerlessness, hopelessness, helplessness, and lack of all kinds of the disinherited Many in the midst of so much material abundance.

16. Revolt or revolutionary leaders are either bought and silenced with a lot King of Money or killed if they cannot be bought.

17. In this way, the perpetual control and exploitation of the Many by the Few are guaranteed and institutionalized.

18. Terrorized and frightened into total submission by their Money power, Military power, Brain power, Science and Technological Power and Miracles, the Masses of Enyeko can only resign to their fate living a life of perpetual struggle and resorting to all kinds of material escapism in which they seek and find refuge in bottles, material acquisitions, crimes of all kinds, drug abuses and all kinds of violence not against their out-of-reach powerful elite but against themselves.

19. Side by side the beautiful sky-scrappers lay the hell of ghettoes of all kinds, the genocide of the unemployment of the Many and the employment of the Few is the Order of the Day.

20. High pay for the Few and low wages or no wages at all for the Many is a normal thing to watch happen everywhere in the land of Enyeko.

21. While the Few have the best of everything the land can offer and really live like little supreme beings in their man-made paradise, the Many have little or nothing to enjoy in life.

22. Coupled with this high-tech institutionalized self-ignorance, division, dependency, powerlessness, enslavement, domination, control, and exploitation of the Masses by the Few, ENYEKO also boasts of all kinds of mass unemployment, homelessness, hunger, famine, lack of decent shelter, lack of basic necessities of life that “even animals in the jungles” have in abundance, and which makes living in ENYEKOLAND a curse if not hell on Earth for the Many.

23. In the face of these growing man-made social injustices, we have the weather that goes from worse to worse.

24. First, it was a season old snow that ceaselessly falls on the entire land and city destroying everything on its way.

25. Volcanoes are regular visitors to the land, storms upon storms are everywhere to destroy in a minute so many seasons of well-built infra-structure.

26. Earthquakes here, earthquakes there, earthquakes everywhere are the Order of the Day.

27. Too much rain in one season, lack of rain in the next season for drought, famine, hunger and malnutrition and the likes to people the land in their great numbers.

28. In some cases, the entire land is covered with snow leaving fewer and fewer land for cultivation that makes increased food crisis the lot of the many.

29. In the mist of such crisis plaguing their paradise in hell, few brave ones line EGBLESI, MEGBLETSU, and EGBLETSU and their children begin to go inside themselves to find the cause of the desolation and crisis they are in.

30. Soon, they are able to get in touch spiritually with the Spirit of the land and from which they learn that as long as they, children of Enyeko, continue to turn their back at their Spirit Source, their Spirit of their land will also continue to rain on them all kinds of endless curses and fires in protest against their selfish world and ways of life based on deification of greed and exploitation.

31. But the more the few Spiritual Leaders warn of ENYEKODU, and their Spiritually out-of-tune relatives against total selfishness and self-destruction, ways of life and being, the more they close their eyes and ears over the real causes of what is troubling them.

32. Some of the Spiritual Leaders who insist on being the Oasis in the desert of ENYEKOLAND or act as the conscience of the conscience-less society of ENYEKOLAND often see their families arrested, tortured, imprisoned, killed or deformed as a way of silencing them.

33. Those who cannot be bought leave Enyeko with few faithful followers to start a new life elsewhere.

34. Some of the remaining spiritual leaders allow themselves to be bought by money lords as a way of freeing themselves from their constant reminders of Perfection, Holiness and Spirity as the Virtue for them to emulate.

35. But at the same time, mass revolts and protests by the suffering masses against their pathetic situation continue to grow from strength to strength in spite of their frequent arrests, torture, imprisonments and deaths.

36. The majority without land, no education, no job, no money, no shelter, no means of transport, no decent clothes or shoes, no decent food or water, no dignity, no freedom, no rights see suicide, drug abuse, violence and the likes as friends and saviors while some prefer to die fighting for Justice, Equality and Better Ways of life for all children of ENYEKO.

37. But soon, the leaders and the powerful of the land get the message that since they are not ready or prepared to bow down to any Supernatural Being within or outside them, they know, what they sow is what they will continue to reap until they change their Seedling from negativity to Positivity, from hoarding to Sharing, from selfishness to cooperation and so on.

38. But since they know they cannot change the status quo that benefits them so much, they begin to look elsewhere outside their doomed ENYEKODU for greener pastures they can run to and rob of their wealth and life.

39. By the help of few daring individuals who ceaselessly comb the unknown in search of wealthier and better land for their masters of the land to claim and use for their benefits, the privileged Few of the land got the news of a more friendly and hospitable land on the East of Enyekodu.

40. Secretly, they plan to colonize and settle it only with members of their families and their faithful agents.

41. The rest of the population including the aged, children, the unemployed, the sick and the homeless and so on which they call the unproductive class are to be left behind to die since they have no need for them.

42. At the eve of their departure, the biggest fire in the world is set to consume all the people they left behind including bombs that demolish in seconds all the remaining buildings left behind to make sure nobody else can use them.

43. Satisfied at the wonders of their brains, the selected and privileged few children of Mother ENYEKO under the guidance of their supreme leader of the land, ENYEKOE and members of their families leave their desolate and destroyed land of ENYEKO for a better abode elsewhere.

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