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Only recently Nigeria’s judicial system sentenced to three years in prison a confessed member of and spokesperson for the Boko Haram separatist group in Nigeria. And suddenly there are a lot of supposedly ignorant critics crying foul of the judgment. It’s pitiful enough but becomes very pathetic when these “critics” are from the southeast or the Lower Niger Delta (BiafraLand) area. In trying to comment on what jail term the convicted Boko Haram member should get remains quite irrelevant so long as we would not take time to understand what really constitutes criminality. The most important question here will be; when did fighting for one’s fundamental human rights constitute a crime?

The mission of the separatist group, Boko Haram Islamic State Movement of the north of Nigeria has always been clear. They want an independent Islamic state out of Nigeria where they can be free to govern themselves by the tenets of the Islamic sharia. What is wrong with that? Already, out of the 36 states that make up the current Nigeria 12 have adopted the sharia legal system, so why is anyone still trying to prevent what is. The so-called critics are just mere hypocrites or ignorant or worse still, insensitive self-centered base humans who do not care about the feelings and well-being of their neighbors. The critics are selfish beasts who are incapable of holding any kind of altruistic opinions and for whom it would be the most impossible thing to ask from them to fight or suffer or sacrifice for causes that are greater than them and directed toward the greater good. They live only for themselves and for the now, what a shame.

These critics had better get over their childish tantrums and face the reality of the fact that in the real world, Ali Sanda Umar Konduga does not deserve any jail term in the first place. And it becomes necessary also to state here that it is not right to hold Nigeria’s Senator Ali Ndume for the alleged “crime” of sponsoring the Boko Haram movement. The question here is when does it become a crime to believe in and actively work to advance a cause. These people are fighting a cause that is higher than themselves and should be commended rather than condemned. They are fighting for their people’s freedom, freedom from the senseless Nigerian state. Let those other spineless critics who neither believe in nor stand for something go on and criticize as much as they want but eventually faith and courage will always win over cowardly squeamishness and childish self-centered desire for immediate gratification and comfort hidden under the disgusting veneer of claiming to be “educated and civilized”.

There are several other separatist groups in Nigeria who equally want to get out of the Nigerian union. Such groups like Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, and Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, MEND, and a host of others are free to campaign for their freedom through whatever means they so desire. And some people will want to argue that Boko Haram uses violence in their fight for self actualization or Self Determination. How about that? In primitive and insensitive societies it has always proved that such bestial people that live in them can only be made to do the right thing through violence. Nigeria, its government and people are primitive and can only be considered to exist on the borderline of the beast and rational human beings and it appears they can only listen and do the right thing through real violence.

The only reasonable criticism that Konduga and Ndume should receive for whatever “crime” they are accused of is that Nigeria should split up right away and grant each agitating group their freedom and stop acting dumb to and ignorant of the needs and aspirations of the constituents of the so-called Nigerian country. One thing is certain though, it is only going to be a wasted effort trying to contain or browbeat into submission the various peoples who are forced into the unworkable Nigerian union who are genuinely trying to express and liberate themselves. Anyone can try all they can but in the end they will find out that eventually Nigeria can never work as it is presently constituted and will split. But the painful question is why the unnecessary and continued waste of the blood of children, women and men on a wish for a Nigeria that will never come true?

No one needs any crystal ball to know that Nigeria’s break up is both certain and imminent. All the indices are plain enough for even the most ignorant and careless person to see. Nigeria can no longer survive its current constitution.

The only problem now is the will for the people in place of leadership, for the first time, to embrace the truth and do the right thing. Presently they are still waiting for some people from abroad to tell them that it’s time to break up Nigeria along the various natural ethnic/cultural boundaries. The question is what positive step has the Black African leadership initiated and carried on to conclusion without a dictation and influence from the outside? We can answer this question and start from there to change that impression by taking steps to divide Nigeria today along the various national boundaries. And let us quickly add here by stating that the Northern leadership’s actions are commendable in regard to this court judgment because they have always stood on the side of the masses of their people and their national interest. The current support the people and leadership of northern Nigeria give to the Boko Haram separatist group is quite commendable and should serve as a lesson for the people from the other sections of Nigeria, especially the people from the Biafran area.

In conclusion, it may also be necessary to state here, at least for the benefit of some in the north of Nigeria who may still think that Jonathan, the current head of Nigeria’s government is the problem because of where he comes from. It’s not true. It will be a futile effort to continue to delude oneself into thinking that there will ever be another time when any part will lord it over the other parts again. Goodluck Jonathan will no doubt be the last person to head a one-Nigerian state. The most realistic thing to do right now is for all the component parts to part ways right away through whatever means they so wish because there has never been a time when Nigeria is one workable country and that day will never come. We can only prolong our sufferings and pains in vainly trying to hold together with perforated and serrated tapes very divergent and incongruent peoples whose world views are worlds apart. No animosity or hatred is intended: Break up Nigeria and let each ethnic/cultural group go their separate ways and work out their own salvation at their own pace. That is the only reasonable thing to do.

Written by Osita Ebiem.

Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of and do not necessarily reflect those of The Nigerian Voice. The Nigerian Voice will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article."

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