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The Ford Focus Relay Challenge has kicked off in Lagos with weekly contests among four teams comprising a driver and co-driver. Each team also has an on-air personality who serves as team captain and are on hand to add rivalry and drama to the competition.

IK of Ryhthm FM heads the Green Team and Toolz of Beat FM leads the White Team. The Yellow Team is headed by Cool FM's Mannie while Tosyn Bucknor of Top Radio, leads the Red Team. The pit crew supporting each team also add excitement by cheering their teams, thus making the challenge very colorful and exciting.

For the Week One challenge, titled, 'Find Your Focus,' the contestants were made to find their car in a crowded parking lot exhibiting the keyless entry feature of the car, after which they embarked on an obstacle course at the National Stadium, Surulere. This was aimed at testing their driving skills as well as showcasing the pure pleasure of driving a Ford Focus. Afterwards, they competed on the active park assist function, which allows the car to park itself.

The Week Two challenge was titled 'Charity Challenge.' To win points, the contestants were required to get pit crew members and the general public to drop off various items at any of the two Ford dealer designated drop points – BriscoeFord on the Mainland and Coscharis on the Island. The contestants were then required to properly pack all donated items into their Ford Focus cars and take them to designated charities.

The winning team for this challenge would be the team with the highest number of donated items. This challenge highlighted the cargo space feature of the Ford Focus.

For the Week Three challenge, which came up on Saturday, December 3, contestants took their friends on drives, shuttling between Get Arena and the Palms, Lekki in the new Ford Focus 2012. With the winner being the team with the highest number of friends shuttled. Caught in the competitive spirit, each team cajoled their fans, family and friends to come out to support them with the backing of their celebrity on-air-personalities.

The Grand Finale comes up on Saturday, December 10, with the teams competing in the 'Lagos Road Rally' Challenge. The star prize of a Ford Focus car goes to each of the two team members that receive the highest cumulative points all through the four weeks of the challenge. The Teams are judged weekly by a team of four, which includes representatives from the two major Ford dealers in Nigeria as well as LTC-JWT, brand communication agency for Ford.

To join a pit crew and stand a chance of winning fantastic prizes including the grand prize of $8,000, register on Videos and pictures of the weekly challenges are available.