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THE WORLD'S FIRST EXODUS FROM OUR AFRIKAPARADISE, c) 2011 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat; Doctorat d'Etat (PhD); DESS (M.Phil); M.Sc.; DIPLOME de l'IIAP, (Post-Grad.Dipl ;); BA Double HONS etc, Founder, AFRIKAMAWU MIRACLE MISSION, AMI INC; [email protected],

1. Left alone to chart her own destiny as she wants, ENYEKO, the world's first Rebel Mother against the world's first Heavenly Order in Continental Afrika, leaves gladly her one time Continental Afrika and Paradise for what she sees as her New World or her Promise land.

2. Even though she sees herself as ENYEKO committed to starting a new world outside continental Afrika based on what she calls I-Me-Myself philosophy, part of her lost self is still Continental Afrikan.

3. Her millions of seasons of living in tune to her Spirity, first as a Spirit Being and then as a Human Being cannot be erased over-night for her new Flesh-based ways of life.

4. Soon, she discovers that until she settles in her new Paradise which she is committed building outside Continental Afrika, she will need to use her left-over Continental Afrikan Powers within her to get to her new Promised land outside Continental Afrika.

5. By going within her, she discovers once again the Power to fly in search of a new land outside Continental Afrika she will call her own.

6. Hence, like a confused Bird, she takes off from Continental Afrika and off she flies from one point to another in search of her new paradise.

7. The more she flies, the more shocked she becomes in discovering the painful fact that Continental Afrika is the only habitable Land anywhere in the entire Universe.

8. She cannot believe herself.
9. She cannot believe her eyes.
10. Everywhere outside the HEAVEN of CONTINENTAL AFRIKA is darkness.

11. Everywhere outside the HEAVEN of MAMAAFRIKA is desolation.

12. Everything outside her one-time UNIVERSAL HEAVEN in CONTINENTAL AFRIKA is lifeless and death.

13. Her new found land is no land as she knows her to be in Continental Afrika.

14. Her entire Land outside Continental Afrika is only recovering from the shock of living buried under the mountain of snow or iceberg for one hundred and fifty million seasons.

15. The loving, warm, caring and perpetually shining Land of Continental Afrika is no more and is replaced here by a perpetual suffering, weeping, suffocating and dying land desperately in need of Total Redemption.

16. The more she flies around in search of a better new world, the more surprised she becomes to note that land for her to conquer and exploit means no land, no light, no air, no river, no ocean, no lake, no forest, no tree, no herb, no stone, no animal to keep her company let alone eat.

17. She is also surprised to discover that the Sky is no Sky either.

18. His beautiful face is covered with clouds of all kinds making her New World look like a thick blanket of total darkness.

19. Besides, there is no Sun to save her New-found Earth, Sky and Universe from the reign of total darkness.

20. Her Sun, Moon and Stars are also buried under the thick blanket of clouds of total darkness.

21. No birds to adore the Sky with their beautiful melodies.

22. No Rain. No Wind. No Fresh Air, No Earth to admire. No vegetation to enjoy.

23. There is no Ground or Soil to walk on, to touch, to feel, to lie on, to smell or to be at one with.

24. From North to South, East to West, there is nothing except total void or emptiness for Enyeko to accept or reject.

25. The more she flies over her new empty universe, the more disappointed she becomes.

26. Part of her says it is better for her to go back to her Source in Continental Afrika and give up her impossible mission of finding and creating heaven out of the nothingness of hell.

27. Another part of her says it is a matter of do or die. No retreat.

28. All because she cannot bear being laughed at by her Sisters back home if she fails.

29. Hence, continue she must no matter what.
30. And the more she hovers around from one end to another, the more water she sees everywhere. But still, no land to save her or settle on.

31. After days of endless efforts, she decides to go once again to her Inner Holy Continental Afrikan Kingdom for part of her remaining Holy Continental Afrikan Power with which she commands the spirits of the waters and cold to give her part of the land they are harbouring in their Bosoms.

32. And lo and behold, the waters before her begin to gradually split and withdraw into themselves while Enyeko looks on proudly suspended in the air like a Bird while the surface of her land begins to appear bigger and bigger.

33. And as soon as Enyeko is able to recover the land she wants from the Spirits of the waters and the excessive winter cold, she orders them to stop.

34. Happy, relieved and proud of her new exploits, Enyeko descends royally to claim, for the first time in the history of the universe, the sole ownership of the entire land of her new world.

35. Her new-found land, she calls ENYEKOLAND OR ENYEKODU as the world's first Material-created, Material-based, Material-oriented and Material-controlled world.

36. The next challenge she sees and needs to conquer is to multiply herself with as many human and non-human beings she needs and wants to keep her company and serve her.

37. She does not call them children because to her children are a burden and she does not need burdens to trouble her.

38. She only needs beings to serve her needs.
39. With her Continental Afrikan Inner Power, she orders into being the world's first male she calls ENYEKOE whom she marries with pride to bring forth a female baby they call ENYEKOSI.

40. They sleep with each other for more and more children of all races, colours, heights, weights and who in turn have sex with each other to give birth to more and more Flesh-created, Flesh-based, Flesh-oriented and Flesh-directed beings.

41. With time, they grow in numbers to form the world's first Material Kingdom dedicated to the rejection of the Spirit World and Spirit-based Way of Life and totally for the acceptance, deification and glorification of the Body, the Flesh and the Material world and ways of life and being.

42. With a battalion of human soldiers at her total command to deify her, Enyeko begins to see herself as the new Ruler of her Universe.

43. Extremely happy over her material creation, she knows her recovered Land and Earth need beautiful vegetation in the forms of Forests, Trees, Plants, Herbs, Stones, Plains, Valleys, Animals, Rivers, Oceans, and Fish to clothe and beautify her universe which she orders into being with the Continental Afrikan Power within her.

44. Next, she offers her people and universe the eternal light of the Sky World and beings like, the Sun, Moon and Stars and Fresh Air whose shining faces lie covered for ages by the clouds of darkness and cold.

45. Little by little, Flesh children of Mother Enyeko begin to notice that their Mother has access to special powers they do not have as Positively out-of-tune children.

46. All attempts to discover the secret of her Power by her children prove futile.

47. Enyeko will simply not talk about it.
48. To the various questions from her children as to where she comes from, why alone in this vast wilderness she calls home, and the many other questions, Enyeko will only give them lessons on the need and urgency of knowing who and what she calls people with the I-Me-Myself Personality, Mentality and Culture to defend and honour for life.

49. Their motto in life is "I exist for Myself" or “the survival of the Fittest”, and the likes.

50. Daily, she will teach them everything about material power and instant flesh gratification but nothing about their Spirit and Divine Worlds, Selves, Powers, Needs, Wants and Fulfillment to discover and use for their Collective Salvation.

51. To Enyeko, the only Power that is good for her children to discover and rely on is the power of the outside world, the physical power they can see and prove.

52. Any power that they cannot see or prove does not exist.

53. Constantly she will teach them, to live only for themselves is the only thing that matters in life.

54. To live for a Supernatural Being or others is to die forever in hell.

55. By now, her two Elder children ENYEKOE and ENYEKOSI are by now so well programmed, conditioned, and brain-washed in her new philosophy of life that Enyeko is sure they will continue her works after she is gone.

56. Since she has been forced by circumstances to drain herself dry of all the remaining Power of the very Continental Afrikan Divinity she has rejected, she feels her end is coming.

57. The more of the left-over of her Continental Afrikan Inner Power she uses to get her new world going, the more she feels drained physically and spiritually to death.

58. Like a car battery that is being constantly used without the power to recharge itself for more power to use, Enyeko's Continental Afrikan Spiritual Battery within her can only run down eventually as Eyecup's end.

59. This means, she can only use the Power she has stored in her while in Continental Afrika but cannot replace her after she is used and exhausted by her in her new world.

60. But, the more she secretly uses her left-over Continental Afrikan Power within her, the more, three of her curious children, Egblesi, (female), Egbletsu (male) and Megbletsu (male) are determined to find out the secret behind who their mother and her Power are.

61. So, any time Enyeko starts to use secretly her Power, they will hide to see and hear all that their mother does and says for the miracle to happen.

62. Besides, any time their mother is drunk, they go to her secretly to question her on all that they know.

63. In this way, little by little, her three children begin to know a lot of secrets others do not know about their Continental Afrikan Origin and Power and how to use her.

64. Hence, instead of thinking materially like the rest of their brothers and sisters, they begin to think Spiritually.

65. Instead of believing the end of life is self, they believe in collectivism.

66. They know they are both spiritual and material beings with both spiritual and material needs to fulfill.

67. But the rest of their Divinely uprooted brothers and sisters will not entertain anything about Religion, Spirity or AFRIKAMAWU as their Divine Universal Creator.

68. So, to save their skin, they keep their secret knowledge and Power of their Mother secret to themselves together with some selected children of theirs.

69. From time to time, they too perform miracles to the surprise of their exhausted mother, brothers and sisters without telling anybody about the Source of their Continental Afrikan Power which all vow never to disclose to the uninitiated.

70. By and by, they become known as CONTINENTAL AFRIKAN TORCHBEARERS in the New World, the Oasis in the desert or the Light of Ancient Continental Afrikan Truth that nobody or nothing could totally destroy even in or by hell.

71. Hence, in the midst of the eternal battle for this or that, Egblesi, Megbletsu and Egbletsu refuse to be touched or destroyed by the craziness of excessive materialism but rather constitute themselves hidden in the Secret Continental Afrikan Power House, Temple and Monastery of Ancient Continental Afrikan Mysteries from which the Power of Continental Afrikan Salvation beams secretly out to sustain secretly their new World Order outside Continental Afrika.

72. At this point, Mother Enyeko sensing the nearness of her life, calls all her children together for her final words as follows:

73. “Free Children of Enyekoland or ENYEKODU, it is time for me to leave you.

74. You have everything you need to make this world of mine the first world of tomorrow.

75. Always remember, you live in a hostile world with limited resources.

76. Yours shall be a perpetual fight, perpetual waging of war, and perpetual struggling for whatever you can lay your hands on in this empty and barren land of ours.

77. You are here to conquer or be conquered, lead or be led, kill or be killed, eat or be eaten and survive as the fittest or die as the weakest of the land. No time to waste, No time to rest.

78. The more you get the more you must get.
79. Reject everything about religion, spirituality and the likes.

80. They can only enslave you.
81. Be your own Creator.
82. Be your own Saviour.
83. Be your own Guide.
84. There is nothing before you.
85. There is nothing after you.
86. You are the beginning and the end.
87. You are the centre of the world.
88. You alone matter.
89. Sooner or later, you will hear tales of heaven elsewhere, bigger, and better than yours.

90. Don't pay heed to any false heaven elsewhere.
91. The only heaven there is in the entire Universe of yours for you to discover, conquer, own, claim, use and benefit from is the one you give birth to.

92. Finally and above all, love those who love you and hate those who hate you”. (while her children clap for her, she closes her eyes and dies the world's first death outside Continental Afrikan Heaven.)

93. Not knowing what death is, children of ENYEKO, one by one, try to wake her up, thinking she has fallen asleep.

94. But the more they try to wake her up, the more frustrated they become.

95. Finally, they leave her and go back to their daily work as if nothing happens.

96. But on the third day, they discover she begins to rot and smell, so quickly, without even knowing why, they dig a hole to bury her in to stop her from smelling.

97. In this way, is born outside the Continental Afrikan Paradise, the world's first Physical Death as the Separation/Break/Resurrection of the Spirit Being from his/her physical Body or Tomb.

Source : Extract from the world's First AFRIKAHOLYBIBLE, Chapter 46, 1-97 which you can purchase online for the Whole AfrikaMiracle Story of How Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikans Performed the World's First Unthinkable and Unheard of MIRACLES upon Miracles when they lived in Tune to the Limitless Power of their Mind, Spirit, Ancestral and Divine Power of AFRIKAMAWU within them . Email us for more details :

By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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