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THE WORLD'S FIRST FALL FROM OUR AFRIKAPARADISE , c) 2011 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat; Doctorat d'Etat (PhD); DESS (M.Phil); M.Sc.; DIPLOME de l'IIAP, (Post-Grad.Dipl ;); BA Double HONS etc, Founder, AFRIKAMAWU MIRACLE MISSION, AMI INC; [email protected],

1. Without being told or reminded by her Mother and sisters, the world's first Rebel, ENYEKO knows to say No to Heaven is to say a big yes to hell.

2. To close her door to the Positive Divine Source and Power within her is to welcome into her inner chamber of life the world's first negative, evil, sinful and criminal worlds and beings.

3. She also knows, whether she likes it or not, Continental Afrika, as the Holy Land of Divine, Spirit and Perfect Human Beings has no place, no room or no interest in harbouring in her Holy and Sacred Bosom of Perfection, any of her children who decides to become disjointed, disconnected, and uprooted from and out of tune to what she knows to be right, good, perfect and beneficial to her and all Creation.

4. ENYEK0, in all consciousness, also knows her Divine and Spiritual Break from the Holy Source of her Perfection in AFRIKAMAWU will also turn her into an outcast or unwanted Being to the rest of her Holy Sisters and Creation.

5. Just as darkness cannot dwell in the Kingdom of Light, in the same way, it is clear to all Beings in the Holy Garden of AFRIKAMAWU that any of them who decides to be negative instead of Positive, imperfect instead of Perfect and sinful instead of Holy and so on, can only do so not inside but outside the Holy Walls of Continental Afrikan Paradise.

6. In this way, ENYEKO has to decide, on her own and on her own alone, whether not to stay tuned to the Positive Power of her Creator AFRIKAMAWU within her in Heaven in Continental Afrika or stay out of tune to her Positive Forces within her in hell outside Continental Afrika.

7. So, her Creator AFRIKAMAWU, her Virgin Continental Afrika Mother, her Holy Saint AFRIKANYI and her uncle AFRIKADZI together with all their holy worlds and holy children as well as all her Sacred Sisters wait patiently and with a great understanding for one of their own to make the right decision that will benefit all Creation as Holy Members of One Big Universal Divine Family.

8. Coupled with the fateful decision that will make or unmake her, ENYEKO, also knows if she says no to her Heaven in Continental Afrika she will have to move herself out to hell outside Continental Afrika, to live with her new-found negative, sinful, evil, criminal and imperfect Beings who are pushing her to break away.

9. This means, her present countless million season-old Peace of Mind, Perfect Harmony, and Holiness will be replaced with a negative, sinful, evil and criminal state of thought and being.

10. Besides, she also knows if she chooses to go and live with negative forces rather than with the Positive Ones, she alone will be blamed for the negative consequences of her act.

11. She knows perfectly well the Divine Law of Cause and Effect or Reaping What One Sows in Life which she has perfectly kept and amply benefited from for the past countless million seasons in the Sacred Continental Afrika.

12. Even though she allows negative forces to succeed in conquering, invading, overpowering, overwhelming, dominating, and controlling her that makes her fall from Grace to grass, ENYEKO knows her new negative friends could not touch her without her conscious or unconscious permission to them to do so.

13. This means, if ENYEKO cannot prevent Birds from flying over her head, she can and must prevent Birds from making their nests in her sacred and holy Hair.

14. By allowing Birds to make their nests in her hitherto Virgin Hair, ENYEKO alone becomes the cause of her Fall and the harvester of the consequences of her negative No to her Positive Yes in Life.

15. Besides, ENYEKO also knows, for every Positive Act, there is a Positive Reaction and for every negative action there is a negative reaction.

16. Hence, she knows the punishment for her rebellion against the world's first Heaven on Earth will come from within rather than from outside her.

17. For, a negative rebellion against her Positivity is a negative act that can only yield her a negative result or consequence.

18. But to ENYEKO and her new-found negative friends, nothing matters any more.

19. The essential thing is that she is fed up with being perfect all the times without the right or chance to fall and rise as she chooses.

20. As far as she is concerned, Continental Afrika is hell and everything and anything outside her is heaven.

21. She dreams of the outer worlds outside the control and rigidity of the Holy Continental Afrikan Garden of MAMAAFRIKA which she calls the "real heaven" to discover, control and exploit for her sole interests.

22. She sees herself as the Supreme Creator, Owner, Controller and sole Beneficiary of the outer worlds outside Continental Afrika where she will be free to be, do and say anything she wants with her new negative friends.

23. She will no more be obliged to be Holy, Perfect, Divine and Spiritual in words, thoughts and deeds.

24. She will be free to give birth not only to female children but to male children too, of any colour, any height, any size and as many as she can decree any time and any day for her glory.

25. She sees herself the sole Head and Paramount owner of the world's first material-based-and-controlled New World, which she intends to discover, own, exploit, tame and proclaim independent and sovereign world from AFRIKAMAWU and her Holy Sisters.

26. To ENYEKO, her new found negative counselors, guides, teachers, masters and controllers are "friends" "allies” and "partners" of "growth", "liberation", "development", "progress".

27. She calls her new Dream land and Paradise outside Continental Afrika, ENYEKODU or ENYEKOLAND, based on her new I-Me-Myself philosophy of Life and Being.

28. As far as ENYEKO is concerned, her ENYEKO-LAND and People are leaving Continental Afrika to give birth to a Fresh-Materialism-based and controlled-world in which Money and Money only shall reign supreme over all.

29. ENYEKO dreams of a new Material-created-and-oriented heaven that will be a real paradise with the freedom to do, say or think anything she wants, any time, any day without any fear of any super-natural Being to owe allegiance to.

30. She sees herself the supreme being of her soon-to-be-created worldly paradise that shall be Money-created, Money-based, Money-oriented and Money-controlled and in which Material possessions shall become the new law and deity to work for, worship, honour, adore, live and die for life.

31. A new world of selfishness, greed and ignorance where moral and spiritual values will no longer count, a I-Me-Myself world where struggling and survival of the fittest will be the law of the land.

32. ENYEKO can see herself commanding, conquering, and controlling with her children and followers the entire ENYEKODU or Universe as the prize and reward for her rebellion in the world's first Heaven on Earth.

33. As far as she is concerned, the Holy Continental Afrikan Garden of AFRIKAMAWU that has been her Holy Land for millions of seasons is no more holy but hell to escape from, to avoid, reject and spit on.

34. She can only pity her thousands of sisters and other millions of Beings "locked" up in the prisons of holiness and perfection in the Holy Garden of Continental Afrika.

35. To her, the choice to be Holy and be Holy only in the Holy Continental Afrikan Garden of MAMAAFRIKA is no choice but a forced pre-destined and pre-fated way of life that makes Children of MAMAAFRIKA to conform collectively to the Only Positive, Divine, Spirit and Holy Way of Life they know and revere by choice.

36. Whether they consciously choose all the time to be Perfect over being imperfect or not, ENYEKO thinks to break away from Continental Afrika is to be saved.

37. Simply because, in her new-found kingdom of ENYEKODU, she sees no need or justification to continue being perpetual slave to any Supreme Being no matter what he or she is or called.

38. She will no more adore, worship or acknowledge any Supernatural Power, Spirit, Energy, Deity or Being inside or outside of herself.

39. In her new land, she will make herself the centre of her universe.

40. She and her children and followers will be their own Boss, without a Creator, their own heaven, their own Earth, their own free Paradise to discover, own, claim, conquer, dominate, exploit and loot for their own benefits.

41. So, she calls the Holy Continental Afrikan Garden of Mother Continental Afrika, AFRIKABU, meaning, the lost Continental Afrika.

42. She considers it a total waste of precious life, time, energy and expertise for her "chained" Sisters to lead a Perfect Holy life in Heaven on Earth as perpetually Attuned Positive Beings to the Positive Holy Power, Spirit, and Energy of AFRIKAMAWU within them.

43. She will, therefore, prefer to spend her life, time, energy and expertise on fulfilling her material rather than Spirit and Divine needs as the world's first materialist on Earth.

44. To her, the only thing that matters and the only thing that exists is the Material, the Flesh, the Logic, the Demonstrable, what she can physically see, hear, touch, feel and smell. Anything outside her material world does not exist.

45. Living for herself and herself alone becomes the only way of life that is worth fighting for, anything outside this is zero.

46. With this kind of daily I-Me-Myself reasoning going on inside ENYEKO with her negative Friends, Teachers and Counselors, the world's first fall from Heaven in Continental Afrika to hell outside Continental Afrika is born not as a sin, evil or crime against our Creator AFRIKAMAWU, but as the world's first negative consequence of the world's first negative choice of the world's first negative decision of the world's first negative human being ENYEKO.

Source : Extract from the world's First AFRIKAHOLYBIBLE, Chapter 45, 1-46 which you can purchase online for the Whole AfrikaMiracle Story of How Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikans Performed the World's First Unthinkable and Unheard of MIRACLES upon Miracles when they lived in Tune to the Limitless Power of their Mind, Spirit, Ancestral and Divine Power of AFRIKAMAWU within them . Email us for more details :

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