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Politics and violence in Nigeria

By Muktar Yakubu
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Honestly speaking; the mess that drenched Nigeria political system is very unfortunate, violence is considered the most effective campaign tactics in demonstrating strength or supremacy mostly by ruling parties. Democracy as defined; is Government of the people; by the people for the people, this enshrined total control of power by the masses but very unfortunates in Nigeria candidates are select by crock and hook method. The wind of charge and intimidation that groaned Arabian countries is a warning to Nigerian psychopaths, whose principle concern is their castle, luxury cars and family members neglecting the right of every citizen in order to achieve their egocentric goal due to aggrandizement. Revolution is good if it brings positive change to the revolutionists very worse if it brings calamity and violence, the Tunisia, Egypt and Libya had witnessed political change with resulted to death and molestation of many innocent citizens, my fear is will these changes yield the expectations of the citizens. There is a lot of insinuation of what the future of Arabian countries will be. I am not a pessimist neither a soothsayer but I know Arabian world as I used to calls them will enter a new dimension of uncertainty. It was Egypt, Tunisia and Libya who knows which and which will be the next, the Libyans shouldn't have been the people that resulted to such massacre considering the infrastructure and comfort the people had at their disposal, I so much imagined if the Libyans were the ones passing through the pain we are in Nigeria, they would have resulted to indefinite war against their leaders or dictators as they call it.

Religious and political violence have become the most effective way in stealing people mandate, the elites succeeded in this by the harm they inflicted upon the society. Corruption a mother board to atrocities has

Being erected in every sector of the economic, putting fear for investment; lower investment has put the nation to cracks of insecurity.

The issue of Boko-Haram, Niger Delta Militant and Roads Arm- Robbers which constitutes menace to the nation and have also spoiled the nation's integrity, militancy has become an unsolvable problem in the eyes of the public. The elder Statesmen of our political regions are busy meeting in nooks and crannies to fish out ways and theology to bring chaos to the society in order to achieve the selfish goals. If the leaders are ready to make Nigeria great they can do so by eliminating greed and be just in all their dealings such is a simple way to solve Nigerian problems

I bring this to the fore not to intimidate any person or country but to exercise my civic right of speech. Long live Nigeria, long live Africa.

Muktar Yakubu

Illela L/G.A, Sokoto State.

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