1. The world's first idea, concept and practice of Education originates from Ancient Continental Afrika.

2. As the world's oldest Human Beings on Earth, with the innate desire and means to learn, know and understand themselves as Perfect Divine Manifestation of AFRIKAMAWU on Earth, it is natural and logical for Children of MAMAAFRIKA to invent and perfect the world's first Education on the soil of the world's oldest Land and Universe of Continental Afrika.

3. Hence, to Children of the Sun living in the Holy Garden of Mother Continental Afrika, the true Education begins with Self-Knowledge.

4. For, Education without the knowledge of Self is not education, but miseducation.

5. To know everything about others and little or nothing about yourselves as Continental Afrikans cannot be Education but miseducation or ignorance no matter how hard you learn or how many foreign degrees you can boast of.

6. The True Ancient and Traditional Continental Afrikan Education as Self-Knowledge means the teaching, learning, mastering and practice of all there is to know, love and appreciate about themselves as Awakened Continental AFRIKANS with Glorious Continental Afrikan Past, Present and Future Strength, Vision, Joy, Pride, Dignity and Values they individually and collectively treasure most and their commitment to promote, defend and live their CONTINENTAL AFRIKANESS OF AFRIKAN-CENTRICITY to the fullest.

7. Without this basic information and knowledge about themselves as One Continental Afrikan People, Sacred Children of AFRIKAMAWU know, they cannot claim to be educated Afrikan-Centrically.

8. Hence, for Education to be Total, Whole and Afrikacentric Continental Afrikan in origin, goal and objectives, Children of MAMAAFRIKA always make sure it is Continental Afrikan-based, Continental Afrikan-created, Continental Afrikan-directed and Continental Afrikan-controlled.

9. As the Product of all the People of Continental Afrika by all the People of Continental Afrika and for all the People of Continental Afrika, Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikan Education exists uniquely to serve the needs and wants of all Children of Mother Continental Afrika.

10. Slave, colonial and neo-colonial based and controlled education can only serve not Continental Afrikan but foreign needs in Continental Afrika and which our Ancient avoid at all cost.

11. That is why they prefer their own created and controlled Afrikacentric Continental Afrikan Education to give them the Power to Learn and Master all the Positive Information and Knowledge not only about themselves as Continental Afrikans, but also about their Family, Community, People, their likes and dislikes, their strengths and weaknesses, their Past, Present and Future Glories and how useful each can be in the promotion of the Betterment of Life for all within their given Continental Afrikan Society.

12. Besides, the Afrikacentric Continental Afrikan Education of Children of MAMAAFRIKA also includes knowing about Life or Creation as a whole and her Divine Principles and how to unearth, master, understand and apply them positively or correctly at all time for the benefits of all.

13. So, to Children of Mother Continental Afrika, Education is more than education for education's sake or accumulation of knowledge or information that they cannot use to improve upon their lot in life.

14. Education is also more than learning by heart or reciting names, things or events that are not relevant to their personal and collective usefulness and practical functioning within their global Continental Afrikan Community or Family.

15. That is why, Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikan Education is Practical and Useful to all.

16. Whatever they are taught in their School of Life has immediate practical use that will benefit all.

17. Education or knowledge in today's neo-colonial Continental Afrika that exists to serve foreign rather than Continental Afrikan Needs of all Continental Afrika is no education but death, drink not its poisoned water.

18. Slave, colonial and neo-colonial-based, oriented and controlled educational systems, institutions, Policies, Programs and leaders in today's neo-colonial Continental Afrika cannot be Afrikacentric Continental Afrikan Educational Institutions but foreign educational factories falsely kept alive by foreign "aids"/support to manufacture pro-Western, pro-Jewish, pro-Arabs and neo-colonial elite, leaders, allies, yes-master-partners, pawns and agents to serve not Continental Afrikan but foreign interests, needs and wants in today's neo-colonial Continental Afrika avoid them like plague.

19. By making their Education Continental Afrikan-Self-based, Continental Afrikan-Self-directed and Continental Afrikan-Self controlled, Children of the Sun guarantee themselves the true Afrikacentric Continental Afrikan Education that can only Awaken, Unify, Empower, Liberate, Develop, Enrich and make them totally happy and fulfilled in life rather than destroy, replace or distort the Truth and Knowledge about themselves as Continental AFRIKANS.

20. Knowledge for knowledge's sake, degrees for degree's sake, education for education's sake cannot be Education but miseducation.

21. That is why, Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikan Education always seeks, gets and maintains a Balance between theory and practice of their Afrikan - centric Education because to our Ancient, theory without practice is ignorance and practice without theory is death.

22. This means, the True Continental Afrikan Education practiced by our Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikans is always partly theory and partly practical.

23. They are not only given the opportunity to know themselves as Afrikacentric Continental Afrikans and the rest of Creation; they are also given the chance to put into practice what they know and can do for the benefits of all.

24. In this way, in the Holy Garden of Mother Continental Afrika, every knowledge or information received by our Ancient comes with and contains the opportunity to put it into practice as a way of testing its Validity, Truthfulness, Usefulness and Practicality to all.

25. Hence, to Children of Mother Continental Afrika, Education must benefit not only the few but all the people of a given society.

26. Education that fragmentizes and isolates people into the privileged few and the disinherited many is no education but a curse to society.

27. As a tool and key for the development and promotion of Total Continental Afrikan Rebirth, Awareness, Knowledge, Empowerment, Liberation, Development, Prosperity, Dignity, Peace of mind, Happiness, Fulfillment, and Freedom for all lives, Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikan Education makes sure its Positive Continental Afrikan educational Truth and Benefits are available for all Children of MAMAAFRIKA to enjoy for life.

28. Any Education that teaches any form of Life or Creation, lies in the name of Truth, ignorance in the name of Education, dependency in the name of Independence, mental enslavement in the name of Liberation, assimilation/integration in the name of Emancipation, negativity in the name of Positivity, limitations and lack in the name of Progress, Change, Civilization or Modernization is totally unknown and unheard in the Divine Garden of Continental Afrika.

29. In the same way, our Ancient in their infinite wisdom and perfection, know the true Education they need and want for their interests and benefits is the Inner rather than outer-based and directed Education.

30. By constantly living in tune to the Positive Spirit of Positive Education within them, they guarantee themselves eternal flow of the Purest, the most Divine, and Holy Water of Inner-information, knowledge and wisdom for the solutions of their daily problems in Life.

31. From within them, they discover the Divine Source of all sources of all the greatest books ever written on Earth by great Divinely Attuned Minds.

32. From within them, they discover and gladly attend and graduate from the world's first Inner Eternal Schools, Colleges and Universities with the world's First Inner Immortal Books with Inner Universal Truth, Laws and Principles that never change and upon which their divine Continental Afrikan Society is built and sustained for millions of seasons.

33. From within them, they also discover and have direct access to all the Divine, Inner Spiritual Teachers, Professors, Trainers, Guides, Counselors, and so on whom they need to teach them all that they need and want to know for their personal and collective Initiation, Illumination, Enlightenment, Upliftment, Betterment, Usefulness, Happiness and Fulfillment in Life.

34. Hence, the more Children of the Sun go inside themselves on a daily regular basis, the more and better Educated, the more and better Trained, the more and better Enlightened, the more and better Satisfied, the more at Peace and the more Whole and Complete they become inside and outside.

35. And the more they positively stay tuned to their Inner, Divine, Spiritual and Mental Professors and Books, the more and better Learned, Confident, Authoritative, Committed, Brave, Courageous and Selfless they become in knowing and fulfilling their Inner Divine Spiritual Mission on Earth.

36. This explains why to our Ancient Continental Afrikans, Education is not outside-based, but rather, it is based on their Positive Inner books, Positive Inner Professors and their Positive Inner Secret and Sacred Teachings and Trainings that require a lot of Self-discipline, Hard work, Constant Training and a lot of Inner Expertise to receive, learn, master, interpret, use, benefit from and share with others and the rest of Creation.

37. Hence, to our Ancient, to be Afrikan-Centrically Educated means the Inner and outer Ability to remain constantly and Positively in tune, receptive and open to the Inner Divine Teachings, Inner Training, Inner Advice, Inner Guidance, Inner Orientation and Inner Direction of their Creator AFRIKAMAWU and her Continental Afrikan Saints as Sacred Angels, sent daily to help all who are Positively and Divinely receptive to them for their lives in Heaven on Earth.

38. This means, all the great Knowledge, Wisdom and Secret Mysteries, Skills and Feats that enable Ancient Continental AFRIKANS to bring into physical manifestations the world's first Spirit-based Continental Afrikan Pyramids and other world's First Countless Inventions and Discoveries in Ancient Continental Afrika, are all Inner-Created, Inner-Based and Inner-Directed and to which they can individually and collectively turn to for their daily Spiritual Guidelines and Directives for their daily Miracles on Earth.

39. That is why, it is still said, in Traditional Continental Afrika up till today, that, anytime an Elderly Continental Afrikan passes away, a whole library is gone with him or her.

40. That is also why it is rightly said that, the bulk of today's Afrikans are oral people.

41. Because they know that the Greatest and the Surest Source of all great Books and all Teachings is not outside, but within them.

42. Hence, they spend more of their time perfecting their Continental Afrikan Technology upon Technology on how best, fast, easy and safe to get to and stay with the Source of all the world's greatest Writings and Teachings of the entire Universe within them.

43. By doing more of Inner Listening, Inner Writings and Inner Readings and less and less of external writings and readings, Children of Mother Continental Afrika, are both Internally and externally Literate, Educated, Trained and Wise as their way of avoiding being only literate externally or physically but totally illiterate or ignorant spiritually.

44. So, to be Totally Educated the Afrikacentric Continental Afrikan Way, is to master the Inner and outer Ability to read and write not only physically or visually but spiritually too.

45. Rather than relying only on limited outside forces like Flesh-based books, teachers and professors and their limited and partial knowledge and teachings that cannot last forever, our Ancient rely on their Inner Forces that are Eternal and Accessible to every Being on Earth willing to seek and find the Required Key to open their Inner Door to their Inner Treasures of Inner and Outer Knowledge and Wisdom for their benefits for Life.

46. Outside-based education is therefore not the same as inner-based Education.

47. Outside-based education can only offer you limited, partial or distorted education, information and knowledge.

48. Inner-based Education, on the other hand, offers you everlasting, Total, Impartial and Correct Positive Education, Knowledge, Skills, Information, Rare Truth and Priceless Wisdom that are pertinent, useful and practical to all Life or Creation.

49. The outside-based education makes you perpetual dependencies, peripheries, slaves or photo-copies of outside or External Forces that we have little or no control over.

50. The Spirit or Inner-based Education on the other hand, is carried out by Inner Spiritual and Mental Forces that are always within our reach and control and always ready, willing, eager and capable of making and keeping us Positive, Infallible, Immortal, Clean, Perfect, Sacred, All-empowering, All-liberating and All-fulfilling as the Divine Manifestation of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU here and after.

51. This means, to have, therefore the Spirit or Inner-based Education is to have the outside-based education.

52. But to have only the outside-based education is to miss the ninety per cent of the Spirit-based Education that most of our today's mis-educated and mis-informed in the name of mis-education are not even aware of, let alone know for their Total Continental Afrikan Liberation from the colonialism of alien forms or systems of education which can only de-Afrikanize and dehumanize you.

53. To be free from their hell is to recover the Heaven of your Afrikan - centric Continental Afrikan Education for Life in Dignity.

Source : Extract from the world's First AFRIKAHOLYBIBLE, Chapter 30, 1-53 which you can purchase online for the Whole AfrikaMiracle Story of How Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikans Performed the World's First Unthinkable and Unheard of MIRACLES upon Miracles when they lived in Tune to the Limitless Power of their Mind, Spirit, Ancestral and Divine Power of AFRIKAMAWU within them . Email us for more details :

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