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The story of Nigeria crime hunters is a sorry situation for those youths that are going to inherit an empty Country. There is no other way to explain a den of rats that are so fat, even the big cats back off. If it was the absence of cats that rats are taking advantages of, some of us can understand. This is a far worse situation in a country called Nigeria.

Where else do politicians, bankers and their cronies steal until loots start drooling from their mouth, even red-handed and they still go scot-free in the land of milk and honey? Oh, it gets worse my friends. If they get a slap on the wrist with the help of Senior Advocates of Nigeria and spend their little time in some cottage hospital, they throw a big party with the blessing of the Church and Mosque for how much money they have been able to retain.

Something has gone rotten in the land of African warriors that swear by the new forms of religion bestowed on us that looters can be forgiven for destroying the comfort and happiness of their fellow countrymen and women. Before we blame religion, the charity starts from our homes that have chosen looters as heroes of the day. Our children worship them and they help themselves to whatever they want amongst us. No questions asked.

We saw Bode George of Lagos State celebrate his home coming and lately Yekini Amoda Ogunlere alia Tinubu vowing to get even with the Federal Government by trying him unsuccessfully for violation of ethics for some foreign accounts opened while he was governor of Lagos State. Haba! How many times are they going to clear Tinubu again and again?

Tinubu has more money than God and everyone knows how he made the money but he has challenged anyone to prove that he stole a kobo! After all, he was cleared by Nuhu Ribadu that had claimed his looting was of international proportion. As soon as Ribadu became a politician, he backed off. Not only did he back off, he gave Tinubu a clean bill of health in exchange for a run as a presidential candidate of ACN. Abi, no be so?

In order to turn the sensitive stomach of those of us that can only catch small rat on the street that is unfortunate to be so poor and had to steal to feed a hungry belly, the fat rat that dares the big cat rode into Lagos in an open car with people singing his praise and congratulating him for his success at the Federal court since: they can't touch this!

Oh heavens, where is Boko Haram when we them most. These unguarded youths and cleaner of rut have been distracted to become religious zealots instead of cleaning up the mess in our society. The fact that anyone, no matter how fat a rat; can loot above and beyond their heads, and come out, to celebrate is the beginning of Sodom and Gomorrah. Where is our conscience, our decency and pride as a Nation?

Nigeria is falling and tearing into pieces, not because we cannot unite as some people will like to fool us into believing; it is the injustice to steal the Country blind and get away with it that hails us ladies and gentlemen. We are imploding by the amount of resources we loot and give away to foreigners that help looters transact foreign exchange we can never have enough of.

The most patriotic Nigerians are the common people on the street that have given up on any services but have decided to labor on their own to provide for their family. The more they work, the harder it is to make ends meet. The politicians beg them to wait a little longer and in a very short time the people will live in paradise. They know they are liars buying time to loot some more. Even those that had their chances only to run the Country down wondering why it still survives want another chance.

They know that no matter how many times they make it back and whatever they loot, Nigerians will never punish them. Indeed, Nigerians will celebrate with them. There are no deterrents in our dear Country. The more you steal the greater the chances of getting away with it. Just as every dog has its day, every financial crime hunter has its price for now.

Watch, just watch cronies come out smoking defending their gods for pittance knowing their bag of rice will only last a month. For each of these ass lickers are others, asking how they can join them before they starve to death. Politicians have studied them and never give them enough to live on so that they can always come back for more.

Nigerians will turn anything to their advantage, like the rule of law to stay out of jail and civilized way of life to spend the loot on while stepping into gutter from their mansions. We have been fooled with increase in minimum wage as if it will buy us what we need to keep body and soul together. So if they pay us a minimum wage of 18,000 naira or even more, it can never buy us adequate food or shelter. The difference in income gap between the lowest and the highest ten percent is worst in developing countries. In Nigeria, it could be worse than 50 to 1 they have in Brazil while American youths Occupy Wall Street for 14 to 1.

Why? Nigeria is a developing poor Country, though with great potentials fretted away. The cost of food, goods and services increase with wage increase as if we live in a developed country. The cost of living is so high, even those developed countries will rather open factories in Asia where the cost of living is low and they can pay comparatively higher wages than the locals. So we have Europeans and Americans patronizing Indian and Singapore factories, hospitals and hotels as in tourism where their money goes further.

Our politicians do the same and more because they have money they do not work for and they are ready to spend it in Japan where cost of living is high or Arab countries where everything is subsidized. The problem is foreigners will tell you there is a lot of money to be made in Nigeria as long as you can hold your nose. They are welcomed by our politicians since the only projects they delve into are those with foreign exchange.

Tinubu is a typical example of what is wrong with our dear Country. The filthy rich can pay our high prices but ordinary Nigerians cannot. When was the last time friends join together to kill a cow or the last time ordinary people kill a ram for festival?

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