THE WORLD'S FIRST FARMERS ARE AFRIKANS or HOW MAMAAFRIKA TAUGHT THE WORLD HOW TO FARM FOR FOOD , c) 2011 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat; Doctorat d'Etat (PhD); DESS (M.Phil); M.Sc.; DIPLOME de l'IIAP, (Post-Grad.Dipl ;); BA Double HONS etc, Founder, AFRIKAMAWU MIRACLE MISSION, AMI INC; [email protected],

1. The total transformation of Children of MAMAAFRIKA in the holy, peaceful and harmonious Garden of AFRIKAMAWU in Continental Afrika from Spirithood to Fleshhood is the world's first Miracle of the Invisible becoming Visible.

2. Their daily Positive Self-Attunement to AFRIKAMAWU enables all Children of MAMAAFRIKA to prefer Heaven to hell, Perfection to sinfulness, Sharing to hoarding and Happiness to unhappiness in life.

3. For, three million seasons ago, the Spirit of their Continental Afrikaness learns and masters the Limitless Power of the Science and Art of becoming human without losing her Spirity.

4. And for three solid million seasons, Spirits turned into Flesh experience and master the world's first Miracle of Birth giving, Lying down, Sitting down, Crawling, Standing, and Walking Upright, Eating, Sleeping, Gathering of Food, Hunting, Living in shelters as the world's first Developed, Modernized and Prosperous Family, Clan, Community, Nationhood, Government, Democracy and Civilization without becoming out of tune to their Divine Source AFRIKAMAWU.

5. The more they learn to express and manifest their Divinity on Earth by remaining constantly in tune to their Spirity, the more attuned, stronger, more peaceful, confident, serene and totally fulfilled they become in Life.

6. As the world's first Food Hunters and Gatherers, Children of MAMAAFRIKA soon learn that it is easier, better and surer to grow Food rather than chase her. Even though Food is everywhere in their Holy Garden of Abundance in Continental Afrika, it dawns upon them from within that, it is not enough for them to know and trust in the limitless Abundance and Multiplicity of all kinds of Food Beings at their disposal. That, growing Food is also Creativity.

7. While Food Gathering or Plucking also requires the Innate Ability to know, select and gather or pluck what is edible and what is not, what is ready and willing to serve their needs and what is not, what is healthy to them and what is harmful or poisonous and so on, Children of MAMAAFRIKA know it is also very rewarding to plant, water, nurse, protect and watch their seedlings grow from one stage to another until they become the Life of the Limitless Empowering Food they choose to be for the benefits of all Creation.

8. Continuity of Life in all her riches and diversity will amount to nothing without the existence of Spirits willing to be born as Food and as guaranteed Divine Food Solution to Hunger on Earth.

9. For every Thirst there is Water in Limitless Abundance. For every Nose, there is Air in limitless abundance. For every Feet, there is Earth in limitless Abundance. For every Eyes, there is limitless beauty to contemplate and enjoy. For every Ears, there are limitless sounds to enjoy. For every Hands, there are limitless joys to hold and caress for life in Dignity, Peace and Love.

10. By consulting the Spirits of the various Food Beings in the Holy Garden of AFRIKAMAWU, Children of MAMAAFRIKA acquire all the agricultural knowledge and techniques they need and want as the world's first Farmers.

11. Each Spirit of all the Food they grow in the Garden of Continental Afrikan Abundance is able to communicate directly with Children of MAMAAFRIKA about how she wants to be grown, where, when and why.

12. This means, coming face to face with the Spirit of the world's first Technology, Science and Art of Positive Food Growing and Harvesting which today's mortals call Agriculture as the world's first Agricultural Expert and Teacher who is always ready to guide Children of MAMAAFRIKA to fulfill their Mission on Earth as Humanity's first Agriculturists or Farmers.

13. In this way, they discover the Secret of Planting as the Basis, Foundation and Source of the Food they want to plant. This means, without their ability to identify, plant and nurse the world's first Technology, Science and Art of Farming, today's world will still be without the blessings of Farming or Agriculture as a Divine Act for Divine Mission on Earth.

14. With their inner knowledge of how to till the land for successful Planting, it becomes another challenge for Children of MAMAAFRIKA to become not only the world's first Agricultural Experts but also the world's first Successful Land Tillers or Cultivators.

15. By living in tune to Mother Earth, they are told all they need and want to know concerning how, when and why to clear or prepare the Land for the Holy and Peaceful Marriage between the Spirit of Mother Earth and the Spirits of the Various Food Beings they want to plant.

16. As long as they know tilling of the Land, planting and harvesting all the Food they need and want are all spiritual exercises, their Land is always free from negative beings called weeds.

17. Their Seedlings are always guaranteed warm welcome and protection in the Womb of Mother Earth. They fear no rottenness or imprisonment within the claws of the Land.

18. By staying in tune to the Spirits of their Seedlings, they know which ones will co operate with them and which will not. In this way, they plant only the good seedlings and avoid the bad ones. This also makes their Crops free from any diseases. The Spirits of the Rain always tell them in advance when, why and how to water the Land, seedlings and crops in such a way as to guarantee their perfect growth and multiplication as perfect holy Spirits turned into Food for the continuity of Creation.

19. In the same way, the Spirit of Mother Weather also tells them in advance, when, how and why to send her Children such as sufficient Sunshine, sufficient Air, sufficient Wind, sufficient Breeze, sufficient Rain, and so on to strengthen and guarantee them the perfect growth of their Crops in the holy Garden of Mother Continental AFRIKA.

20. Besides, Farming as a Holy Divine Activity also implies the domestication of the world's first Seedlings, Crops, and Plants for the enjoyment of Humanity that gives birth to the world's first Agriculture in Continental AFRIKA. It also means, their total and perfect knowledge of the Weather that enables them to plant at the right time for the right harvest which also becomes the world's first Astronomy and Astrology. It also implies perfect knowledge of the Science and Technology of the world's first Irrigation that enables children of MAMAAFRIKA to know exactly when to water their crops to supplement and complement the celestial milk from Father Sky to Mother Earth and her Children.

21. Hence, as the world's first Farmers, Children of MAMAAFRIKA become also the world's first Human Settlers ten thousand seasons ago, after countless million seasons of roaming and moving about as Spirit Beings with no need for fixed physical Abode.

22. In this way, the revolutionary concept and practice of the world's first Farming on Earth in Continental Afrika, succeed in transforming Children of MAMAAFRIKA from the world's first Shepherds, Nomads, Pastoralists, Herders to the world's first Agriculturalists, Farmers, Settlers or Peasants in the world's first Settled World with the world's first Settled Way of Life and Being in Holy Continental Afrika of AFRIKAMAWU.

23. To enable them to concentrate their time, energy and expertise on Farming for the right Harvest they deserve, Children of MAMAAFRIKA learn from their daily Attunement to their Divinity that Farming Society means a Settled Society. This also means, learning to live as the world's first Settled Family, Clan, Community, Nation, Government, Democracy, Kingdom and Empire that bloom and flourish all over the Continent of Afrika under different names and at different times as one and the same Expression or Manifestation of one Mighty Continental AFRIKAN Limitless Power, Energy and Spirit.

24. In addition, the world's first Concept and Practice of Harvest in Continental Afrika by Children of MAMAAFRIKA also means their mastery of the world's first Science and Technology of Agriculture, Land Cultivation, Land Management and Maintenance, Seedling Expertise and Use, Weather Technology and Mastery, Crop Management and Harvesting with the right Agricultural Equipment and Know how as well as Food Storage, Food Preservation, and Food Eating and Digesting Technology that will benefit all lives on Earth.

25. The world's first Farmer in Continental Afrika is called Papa AGBLE whose Holy and Sanctified Spirit is always consulted by all those children of MAMAAFRIKA whose vocation in life is Farming before any form of Farming is done in Continental Afrika.

26. As the world's first Agricultural Deity, Papa AGBLE holds the secret key to Successful Farming and Harvesting that he makes available to all Farmers or Agriculturalists who constantly live in tune to his Spirit for Daily Divine Revelation and Guidance.

27. As long as the world's first Farmers in Continental Afrika know and practise how to live in tune to Papa AGBLE, Farming to them becomes A NOBLE DIVINE MISSION of a Limitless Success and Benefits to all Beings.

Source : Extract from the world's First AFRIKAHOLYBIBLE, Chapter 16, 1-27 which you can purchase online for the Whole AfrikaMiracle Story of How Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikans Performed the World's First Unthinkable and Unheard of MIRACLES upon Miracles when they lived in Tune to the Limitless Power of their Mind, Spirit, Ancestral and Divine Power of AFRIKAMAWU within them . Email us for more details :

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