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Ojukwu, The Blessing Of Zion: Adieu! You Have Conquered In Our God

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Dearly beloved father, daddy, Chief, General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, the blessing of Zion, adieu! You have conquered in our God! You have run the race, set the pace, and finished your course. There remains for you a crown of victory in glory. We know you, daddy, and we know where you have gone to; we love you, and we rejoice with you. Thank you because you have ushered in a new generation from now, a generation that works above the spirit of time. Now that you know even as you are known, you can smile broadly because the vision is open to you. Biafra is! Those who hate you, those who defile Ndigbo are a curse to themselves. Our light has come, who can quench it? No one! We are not men that work in the dark while the light shines, we do not live anywhere except in the light of the times and his word. Ndigbo knew when God happened on the scene, we are all alert as the trumpet was blown, and we all echoed the voice of the spirit: It's time! Who can refute your ministry, who can deny the truths you have so freely shared-even in these times that men who need freedom the most live in self-induced darkness? Your transit is no death; it's the birth which must be. From up in glory, nothing is ever hidden. See! You have done a great job; you have shown the way-the way of prophecy. The journey which has led you through to your crown is the journey we all shall experience in fulfillment.

Who are those that cry, why do you weep? Where may woes be found, and why are there cries of hopelessness? Is Rachel ready to cry for her loss the second time? By all means, no! It's done, it's finished; the prices for Biafra have been paid. When men refuse to look beyond the flesh, hopelessness sets in; but freedom is the first message of God, and He brought it in love and sealed it with the blood of our savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. My brothers, Ndigbo, all men of truth: Rejoice! Sing songs of freedom! Rejoice and sing because daddy Dim is rejoicing and singing; be glad because a hero receives his crown! Who calls his transition “a dark time,” who works in ignorance? Look! It's the sun that is rising; it's the star of promise! Heaven rejoices when men of love consummate their works and return home; the earth should rejoice, or mourn over themselves-but not for the so-called dead. A great Iroko fell, but it's the Iroko of stagnation, depravity and chains. Our General did not fall, he never did; his is only a transition into a higher realm for a greater mission. I would that Ndigbo stand up, taller than ever, now that our General did not stop on the way. It was not an accident, it was never a sudden rush; he was called home in peace. And, yes, Ndigbo are standing in great zeal, strength, and wisdom.

There are those who have brought untold pains upon themselves; states have incurred the wrath of divinity by their hate and Genocide against Biafra. For those who stood silently, watching to see if there is a God who truly saves; heaven shall stand and watch through your pangs of pain. And let me make this clear enough: if you hate Biafra and those who champion it, then the word says that you are not among us-you were never with us. Then you have hated me from the start and we were never one, because if we were, you would want my freedom as much as you had always wanted yours. You sought yours with tears and pains but you never found it because your hate is your chain. You may have, through your hatred, delayed my journey, but you never stopped it. And you who gave yourself to be used against me, you shall perish in your self-inflicted pains. Though you think you have delayed your friend, have you moved beyond your own chains? Yet a time is when human wickedness shall be met with divine fury; that time is come upon us. You who claim that a free Biafra is your destruction: well, Biafra has gained freedom and you are still destroyed because it is a prophecy you have given yourself. You who fail to see, and to read the times, why should the spirit of time not overtake you in your wickedness? Tell me; also, tell it to the God of Justice! It is so because I am Biafran-from head to toe; a Biafran in spirit, soul, and body.

Biafra is beyond a name, it's a movement-it's an exodus. And this move is a continuous journey into eternity. It's a movement that will climax into eternity. Biafra was not because Ojukwu was, Ojukwu was because Biafra is. He came for a purpose, he fulfilled it, and he has returned to our God of great love and mercy. This is the true story of the children of Israel in the strange land, in the land of Egypt. To those who simply refuse the rhelma and cling to the logos and all the deceitfulness of the flesh, you would never understand the workings of the Almighty. You see, yet all you see is darkness and chains and pains. You see but your limitation limits you-your hatred for God consumes you. Biafra is a spirit, and he has come to stay; he has no pact with death. Even as a pillar of cloud by day and as a pillar of fire by night shall the Lord perfect His lead unto the land of the ever-shining glory. Before Nigeria was, Biafra is! Biafra is called from the division of the seas, called to a place where streams of life flow through. Egypt was truly stubborn, but was destroyed for it; Egypt was destroyed by its stubbornness. Shall the Pharaohs still prove stubborn and ask: “Who is that God that can rescue you from my hand?” Isn't it yet obvious that freedom is ordained from eternity to eternity for them that love the Lord-for those who have been called through a predestination and foreknowledge? Yet again, God's voice shall be heard. He spoke once but it shall be heard twice-all over the world. Look! The cloud and the fire have, once again, taken the lead; it's time to move on. Biafra is moving on, and frustration shall frustrate itself; obstruction shall obstruct itself, disunity shall disunite itself, and those who kill by the sword are now being killed by the sword. The angel of Biafra is mighty and valiant; he is strong and in the lead. Even as we follow, blessings follow us; and as we go to worship, forever, our God in the mountain of His holiness, Egypt shall experience the price of its pride-it shall utterly fall and drown…when we have crossed over.

Pharaoh, do you know your call; have you understood the reason you became? Or shall you be taught in pains again and again? Look! Even your firstborns are nothing to God when you seize His firstborn. God is saying to Pharaoh today: “Let my people go; let Israel go because he is my firstborn. If you will not, even your firstborn and that of all of Egypt shall I take away from amongst you.” For Israel, God will give up nations; He will crush kings and utterly remove kingdoms from their places. He's the God of His word. Biafra has been called out into freedom, who shall stop her? Nigeria must be forced to obey and compelled to confess. To those who fear the Lord and love themselves, salvation may still be found. But to those who say: “Who is that God,” you shall see Him, and you shall die for it. Biafra is going upward and forward and any nation or king that stands in the way of this word shall die in the sea of rebellion and pride against the most high. Let every created thing bear witness to this truth; let men be forced to hear-from the rising of the sun to its setting: Biafra is! Daddy Chukwuemeka, joyfully take your place amongst the elders. Your work lives by the streams of life; it's evergreen and fruitful. Ojukwu is, Biafra is! Adieu papa. Your victory is in God forever.

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu, [email protected]

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