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DISCOVER THE POWER OF YOUR AFRIKAMAWUISM, c) 2011 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat; Doctorat d'Etat (PhD); DESS (M.Phil); M.Sc.; DIPLOME de l'IIAP, (Post-Grad.Dipl ;); BA Double HONS etc, Founder, AFRIKAMAWU MIRACLE MISSION, AMI INC; [email protected],

1. In the beginning of all beginnings, there is no beginning but the beginning of AFRIKAMAWUISM as the Supreme Universal Being, Creator, Energy, Spirit and Power our Ancient Continental Afrikans called Mama EZI (Isis), which my Ewe Children call “Mawu”, my Akan Children refer to as “Nyame”, my French Children call "Dieu", my British children call "God", my Arab Children call "Allah", my Jewish Children call "Adonai, Jehovah or Yahweh" and so on and who all the present one billion Continental/Diaspora AfrikaChildren of MAMAAFRIKA or AFRIKADIVENMAMA in Continental/Diaspora Afrikan World are challenged to rediscover and experience as AFRIKAMAWU in thoughts, words and deeds.

2. In the beginning of all beginnings is AFRIKAMAWU the ETERNAL Creator of all Creators, the SACRED Spirit of all Spirits, the DIVINE Energy of all Energies, the Perfect Power of all Powers, the Holy Divine Mother-Father of the Universe and the Divine Source, Root, Essence and Foundation of all lives.

3. Before AFRIKAMAWU, there was nothing except AFRIKAMAWU.

4. Wherever AFRIKAMAWU is, there you will find Heaven or Creation seated majestically on the Golden Divine Throne of Peace Eternal.

5. Outside AFRIKAMAWU, all else is hell. With AFRIKAMAWU, everything is Heaven.

6. AFRIKAMAWU is Positively Self-Created, Self Directed, Self-Controlled, Self-Protected, Self-Renewing and Self-Sustaining, Self-Duplicating and Self-Multiplying.

7. In tune to the limitless Power of AFRIKAMAWU within us, everything becomes possible. Without AFRIKAMAWU, everything else is nothing.

8. To know, accept and honor yourself as a reborn CONTINENTAL AFRIKAN is to know AFRIKAMAWU. And to know AFRIKAMAWU as your One and Only Creator in life is to perpetually live in tune to your Divinity in Heaven on Earth.

9. To live out of tune to the Limitless Power of AFRIKAMAWU within you and in all Creation is to live a life of perpetual struggle and restlessness in hell on Earth.

10. As the Omnipresent Spirit of all spirits, AFRIKAMAWU dwells and animates all lives, past, present and future.

11. The Divine and Eternal Presence of AFRIKAMAWU within you and in all lives around you makes all lives including yours sacred, immortal, divine, special, holy, perfect, and unique to revere, honor, adore and respect for life.

12. All positive Creation is therefore fashioned and sustained in the Holy and Perfect Image of AFRIKAMAWU as the divine and perfect expression, manifestation, protection, translation and interpretation of the in-dwelling Divine Power in all Creation.

13. AFRIKAMAWU is to all our soon-to-be reborn Continental Afrikans, Nationals and Citizens at Home and Abroad, what “Dieu” is to all French People, what “God” is to all British People, what “Allah” is to all Arabs and what “Adonai”, “Jehovah” or “God of Israel, God of Abraham, God of Jacob” and so on is to all Jews the world over.

14. As the Omniscient Energy of all Energies, AFRIKAMAWU is also the Knower of all your innermost needs and wants that you are sometimes not even aware of let alone know how to satisfy them on your own.

15. To trust your Supreme Universal Creator AFRIKAMAWU for all the guaranteed satisfaction of your positive daily needs and wants in life is to become a Sage in the land of ignorant experts and slaves of greed and selfishness.

16. To pray, worry, fear, trouble, beg, shout, order, or demand your AFRIKAMAWU within you for answer to any of your problems in life is to betray your lack of knowledge and faith in your All-knowing Creator AFRIKAMAWU'S ability, desire and promise to guarantee you the best of the Universe in the same way your nose is guaranteed all the limitless abundance of fresh Air he needs and wants to keep you alive as long as you keep him open for AFRIKAMAWU'S daily miracles of Air to filter through him for your benefits.

17. As the Omnipotent Power of all Powers there is, AFRIKAMAWU is the Doer of all Doers, the Achiever of all Achievers, the Mighty of all Mighties, the Supplier of all Suppliers, the Provider of all Providers, the Caretaker of all Caretakers and the Source of all your needs and wants in life.

18. There is nothing above or below, near or far, big or small that your own Divine Mother-Father AFRIKAMAWU cannot manifest through you when you keep yourself in tune to her limitless bounties within you and in all Creation around you.

19. All your past, present and future positive needs and wants in life exist to be satisfied or filled as long as you learn to constantly live in tune to your One and Only Supreme Creator AFRIKAMAWU within you and in all lives around you.

20. As the Eternal Spirit, Power and Energy, AFRIKAMAWU is the Holy and Sacred Continental Afrikan Name which is revealed for use by all awakened Continental Afrikans for their Continental Afrikan Salvation.

21. Addressing your Creator as AFRIKAMAWU is to endow yourself with the divine Power and spiritual Telephone Line or Key you need to personalize, communicate and tap into the limitless Divine Ocean of the Divine Spirit, Energy and Power within you and in all Creation. Remember, you and your Creator AFRIKAMAWU are one, one as Spirit, one as Energy and one as Power to know, discover, master, use, control and benefit from.

22. Relating to and experiencing your Creator as AFRIKAMAWU is to affirm your divine right as the divine, sacred and holy child of AFRIKAMAWU with the power to connect yourself directly with One Universal Continental AFRIKAN Name as the Source of the infinite abundant blessings within you that anxiously awaits your daily acknowledgment, claim and use for your benefits and those of others around you.

23. To try desperately to relate, communicate or experience your Creator AFRIKAMAWU within you through alien names is like trying to see the sun with someone else's eyes or trying to have and enjoy electricity in your home without your own electrical poles and wires to bring you the light you need and want.

24. Name is Power when it takes its root from the heart of your Essence. The One Universal Continental AFRIKAN Holy Name you give your Creator that is understood, appreciated and used by the totality of your Continental Afrikan Being is your personalized Inner Eyes you need to see your Creator with. It is your own Spiritual Electrical Poles and Wires you are entitled to, to receive and to enjoy your Electrical Light at home with. It is also your Divine Stamp you need to stamp or sign to your Divine Source as your own to claim and enjoy without robbing others of their Divine Share of their Creator too.

25. Calling or referring to the Creator in and through the limitless Power of one mighty Continental Afrikan Name of AFRIKAMAWU by all Reborn Continental Afrikans at Home and Abroad is your limitless Continental Afrikan Capital you need to awaken, unify, empower, develop, enrich, protect and defend yourselves against the genocide of trying to open the holy door to the Creator with a Jewish or Arab key rather than with your own Sacred Divine Continental Afrikan Key of AFRIKAMAWU.

26. Just as to the French, the Creator can only be "Dieu", or "God" to the British, or "Allah" to the Arabs, or "Adonai" to the Jews and so on, in the same way, today Awakened Children of Mother Continental Afrika must be proud to stamp the Universal Creator with the stamp of one Continental Afrikan Name of AFRIKAMAWU.

27. Just as a mother is still a mother to all her children who refer each to her as "MY MOTHER", in the same way, AFRIKAMAWU remains the Universal Supreme Creator of all lives and beings even if she is known by all her Continental Afrikan children as AFRIKAMAWU their Creator.

28. "God" is "God" only to the British in the same way as AFRIKAMAWU is AFRIKAMAWU only to all the true conscious and mentally liberated Continental Afrikans at Home and Abroad.

29. Just as the Chinese, the Japanese, the Indians, the Russians, the Koreans or the Arabs have given themselves the right, duty and responsibility to relate to the Creator through only one common name or key, in the same way, all children of MAMAAFRIKA must learn, know and accept to affirm their right to relate to their Creator not through alien names or labels but through their one and only Mighty Continental Afrikan Name or Label of AFRIKAMAWU.

30. If the Jews, for example, can only worship their own Creator as “Adonai” or "Yahweh" or "God of Israel" or "God of Isaac", and so on, and never as "God of Afrika" or "God of GARVEY" or "God of YAA Asantewaa" or God of Nkrumah", and so on, it is perfectly right and indispensable for all of today's Continental /Diaspora Afrikans too to rediscover, know and experience the Creator with the limitless power of one mighty Continental Afrikan Name or Label of AFRIKAMAWU.

31. Just as to the French, their Creator is "Dieu" because "Dieu" can only be "Dieu to them, in the same way, the Creator can only be "God" to the British people as AFRIKAMAWU is to all conscious and mentally free Continental Afrikans at Home and Abroad.

32. The first original and authentic appearance ever made by your Creator AFRIKAMAWU to the world's first human beings on earth in the Holy and Sacred Continental Afrika is in the form of the Most Gorgeous, Majestic, Naturally and Elegantly beautiful Continental Afrikan Woman of all Holy and Virgin women with a virgin Continental Afrikan Baby in her hands and surrounded by all our Continental Afrikan Saints on her Queenly Throne of love and generosity.

33. For three million seasons, the first Creator of all creators in the world to be experienced by the first human beings on earth in Continental AFRIKA is not a Holy Father but a Holy Woman and A Virgin Mother who now comes revealed to all Continental Afrikans as your Creator AFRIKAMAWU.

34. Today's foreign concepts of the Creator as a Father contradicts with a three million seasons of the Ancient Continental Afrikan Practice of and Reference to the Creator as Humanity's Holy and Virgin Mother.

35. THE CREATOR cannot be a father but a Universal Mother without whom there can never be a FATHER.

36. For it is more logical and practical for a Supreme Universal Female Deity or Creator to give birth on her own to all the world's first forms of life including the male ones than for the male deity to give birth to life on his own.

37. To call the Creator "Father" rather than "Mother" can only mean ignorance of the basic divine Ancient Continental AFRIKAN Laws of Creation and Procreation and betrays the obsession of today's world male-dominated society to impose their chauvinistic views of the Creator and the world on the rest of Humanity.

38. To know, accept and practice this Divine Secret Continental Afrikan Revelation and Truth of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU as the Continental Afrikan Divine Mother-Father Figure for all Humanity is to prepare yourself for inevitable Inner, Spiritual, Divine Encounter with AFRIKAMAWU AS THE WORLD'S FIRST FEMALE-MALE SPIRIT, ENERGY AND POWER OF ALL THE UNIVERSE.

Source : Extract from the world's First AFRIKAHOLYBIBLE, Chapter 1, 1-38 which you can purchase online for the Whole AfrikaMiracle Story of How Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikans Performed the World's First Unthinkable and Unheard of MIRACLES upon Miracles when they lived in Tune to the Limitless Power of their Mind, Spirit, Ancestral and Divine Power of AFRIKAMAWU within them . Email us for more details :

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