The Third Forum for the Focal Points in Charge of BADEA's Operations in Sub-Saharan African Countries

By Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA)

KHARTOUM, Sudan, November 30, 2011/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA), will organize the Third Forum for the Focal Points in Charge of BADEA's Operations in Sub-Saharan African Countries. The Forum will be held in Algiers in coordination with the Ministry of Finance of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria during the period 11-13 December 2011.

The Forum, which will be attended by representatives of 40 African countries, beneficiaries of BADEA's assistance, is intended to provide information on the Bank's activities, facilities, rules of procedures for disbursements and for the procurements of goods and services financed by BADEA. The Forum will review BADEA's processes for projects appraisal and follow-up, and discuss the role of the Focal Points in monitoring BADEA's funded operations and in addressing related legal issues.

The Forum also aims at increasing the effectiveness of BADEA's missions and promoting discussions about the implementation of BADEA's projects and technical assistance operations and on how to overcome the problems facing the implementation of these projects. The Forum is also expected to provide opportunities for networking and for the exchange views among the Focal Points of various groups (ie., English-speaking and French-speaking). The interaction between the Focal Points is expected to enhance the relations between the African beneficiary countries and encourage the Focal Points to increase projects follow-up activities which will lead to successful Bank's interventions.

The Forum will also provide an opportunity for discussing African development issues, such as food security, energy, water supply, sanitation and regional projects.

It is to be recalled, that the first such Forum was held for the Focal Points from the English-Speaking countries during 1-5 June 2008. Participants from 10 Anglophone counties attended the Forum. The second Forum was held for the French–speaking countries during 9-13 November 2008 with the participation of 13 representatives.