By NBF News

It has observed that Imo State is now witnessing a new era with the wind of positive change blowing across the state. Chief Uche Edom, Chief Executive, Brightway Group of Companies, who made the observation in Owerri, the state capital, said it gladens one's heart that the state is fast wearing a new look:

'The impression is that Imo State has been trudging in hopelessness well accentuated by the crippling effects of corruption. It is on record before now that corruption took overy every facet and no assurance that democracy dividend would ever be seen in the state.

A wind of change is b Quite interesting as it were today that the story of Imo State is generally believed to be rough and oblique. It has always been punctuated with the tales of its failure for decades against the desire of her people and painfully sore in the heart of those heroes that stick their neck for the creation of the state.

No doubt that change is the only constant thing that can ever happen to humanity. It is only of late that a glimmer of hope is appearing in the horizon and coming strongly with the transformation agenda of the incumbent Governor, His Excellency, Owelle Rochas Okorocha and one can say vividly at moment, the transformation is swirling encouragingly among the 27 local government area of the state. It is glaring for all to acknowledge the ongoing work in terms of infrastructure on ground cutting across board in form of rehabilitation of existing road, new road network, construction work for rural and urban mass development, amazing structure of first class hospitals, construction of modern primary and secondary schools, just but to mention a few.

This goes with the saying of Bentham, that the quality of any leadership depends upon the blessing or punishment from God; when the Almighty is happy with the people, He gives them good leaders; and bad leaders when He is annoyed with the people. Today, God is happy with Imo State hence He gave us our present governor and we are not surprised with this mind blowing revolution because the governor made it clear in his agenda and stressed it during his campaign that he was going to serve and rescue Imo State as his primary mission.

This is one Governor that works with the agility of a typical reformer. He hardly creates time for leisure, given his desire to work round the clock with minute by minute attention he gives to piles of files on his table. Attending meetings and hosting different dignitaries of various interests both local and international. That tells you that he is not just learning to be a good leader. The attributes of leadership is long ingrained in him. You would remember before now, he had played significant role at the federal level of different government and had headed key position, leaving scintillating tales of high performances on his trail. Indeed, he is wonder performer, so we are not surprised.

Today, his hard work had brought to bear great vision, ideas and initiatives which are the catalysts that propel instant transformation of the state. It is not a gain saying, a visit around the state capital and all the local government areas, every nook and crannies of the state will convince you that indeed true democracy is the only antidote to freedom to the people from human slavery.

Brightway Group of Companies is proud to be associated with your amiable leadership as Imo State governor and ever willing to partnership with your government to continue the good work to accomplish your rescue mission desire for Imo State.