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My name is Mrs Kofo Layiwola. I live around Agege Area of Lagos State. I served as a copper in one of the ministries. I was traveling about three years ago when l had an accident and this got my legs broken. It was in the region of my thigh and the doctors operated on it for me, but for the past three years I've been in pains and my bones are disjointed in such  a way that l walk with difficulties. My husband watched the Man of God on television in relation to a crusade he wants to do in Lagos and told me we should go.

To the glory of God, I was prayed for and the broken bone in the region of the thigh got joined together and since then the pain disappeared, and the Lord restored back my smooth mobility.

Praise the Lord
Kofo, Lagos.
Brain problem
I am a police Officer serving in one of the States in Nigeria. But I will appreciate if my name is kept secret. I was attached to one of the top government personality and because of this my man loves me and open up to me window of opportunities. To the extent that I was allowed to travel out of the country. This got some of my co-workers jealous and as a result I was spiritually attacked. The first sign I noticed was that of blood stains at the entrance of my door. We decided to wash it away but as my wife was doing this something came on me and I lost my mind. I was told I ran mad and no one could control me any longer. I was taken to different places from medical to traditional but I still was not normal. A family mechanic advised my family to take me to Lesekese family Church. When we got there, the church Pastors prayed for me and to the glory of God I regained back my mind and I was healed.

Praise the Lord.
Epilepsy cum paralysis healed
I like to testify about the healing of my 12year old boy who got restored by an act of God's mercy. My name is Mr. Oye Sogbesan; I am from Remo area of Ogun ?State. My son went to school as usual but I was later told that while at the assembly hall in the morning for no reason he just collapsed and began to have epileptic fits. By the time he came back, he could not control his hand, neck and leg. So from that point we carry him from point A to B. Doctors say he has a neurological problem. On top of this he cries all the time because of the pain. Someone told us of Lesekese Family Church and we traveled down to see the man of God. My son was prayed for and to the glory of God the neck came back to normal and both limbs were restored. Today my son is walking and he's back to normal. Praise the Lord.

Mr. Oye Remo
Miracle job
My name is Mr Toyin Makinde. I am a chartered accountant by profession and I live around Joyce B area of Ibadan. I used to be employed but I had a problem with my Job and I was disengaged. That was about two years ago in Lagos. I tried all I could to get a new Job but my efforts proved abortive. When I began to have difficulties financially, I had to forgo my house in Lagos and I moved back to my father's house at Ibadan. Everyday I wake up hopelessly doing nothing. I believe one of our tenants noticed this and decided to invite me to their church. I obliged and on getting there I told them about my predicaments, I was prayed for and was told to expect a miracle. The miracle eventually came because I was invited through a text message on my phone to attend.