Your 49 ABC AfrikaCentricity Test To Test Yourself on How AWAKENED AFRIKAN are you

or Is Your Afrikan Fruit Tree Bearing Afrikacentricity Afrikan Fruits or AfrikaCentricity Test on How Truly Conscious and Mentally Liberated Continental Afrikan are you or Your Seventy-Four Secret Afrikacentricity Continental Afrikan Ladders or Degrees for the Attainment and Mastery of Total Continental Afrikanhood :

*Answer Yes or No:
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1) Today's Continental/Diaspora Afrikans, Do you know you are First and Foremost a Continental Afrikan, National and Citizen of your One and Indivisible Continental Afrikan Home and Motherland?

2) Do you prefer your Continental Afrikan Identity to your present slave, colonial and neocolonial identities?

3) Do you claim your Continental Afrikan Nationality rather than your present slave, colonial and neocolonial nationalities?

4) Do you prefer your Continental Afrikan Citizenship to your present slave, colonial and neocolonial citizenships?

5) Do you believe and work for One Continental Afrikan Nation-State for all Continental/Diaspora Afrikans rather than your present slave, colonial/neocolonial created, based and oriented nations without states?

6) Do believe and work for One Continental Afrikan Government for the Salvation of all Continental Afrikans and not your slave/colonial/neocolonial/Foreign/Alien-based , oriented and controlled governments of the Few by the Few and for the Few?

7) Do you believe and work for One Continental Afrikan Democracy for all Continental Afrikans in our Own Created Continental Afrikan Language and National Afrikan Languages rather than Foreign/Alien-based, oriented, influence and controlled democracies in alien languages of the Few by the Few for the Few?

8) Do you think, have, use and benefit daily from the Power of your AfrikaCentric Continental Afrikan Mind and Mentality instead of thinking Euro-centrically, Arab-centrically, Jewish-centrically or Foreign-centrically with slave/colonial minds and mentalities and ways of crumbs thinking in life?

9) Do you have AfrikaCentric Perspective rather than Euro-centric, Arab-centric, Jewish-centric or Foreign/Alien perspectives in and of life?

10) Do you have Continental Afrikan Names in honor of your Afrikan Ancestors rather than slave, colonial, neocolonial, Foreign/Alien Names and Ancestors?

11) Do you speak/write/communicate with each other in your pre-slavery and pre-colonial National Afrikan Languages instead of slave, colonial/neo-colonial/neo-colonial/Foreign/Alien Languages?

12) Do you believe and work for One Continental Afrikan Language/Lingua Franca to bring together/empower all Continental/Diaspora Afrikans as One Continental Afrikan People with One Continental Afrika-based and oriented Paradise to create, protect, defend, promote for the benefit, pride and dignity of all Continental Afrikans, at home and abroad?

13) Do you live and prosper in the Heaven of the Self-knowledge of your Continental Afrikan Identity and Power or do you desperately survive in your man-made Hell of self-ignorance, fragmentation, dependency, hopelessness, despair, suffering, death and lack on the richest Continent on Earth?

14) Do you dress Continental Afrikan rather than Foreign?

15) Are you educated/trained the AfrikaCentric Way and not Foreign/Alien ways?

16) Do you practise Authentic Continental Afrikan Religion of Afrikanity of our Creator AFRIKAMAWU within you and in all Creation as your Divine, Ancestral and Spirit/Inner Salvation from the Hell, insult and death of preferring Arab, Western and Jewish-based, created, controlled or influenced religions to the world's First Afrikan Religion of your Holy and Sacred Continental Afrikan Saints you know little or nothing of?

17) Do you believe and claim your Right to Total Afrikan-centric/Self-reliant Continental Afrikan Development/Prosperity for all and not a dependent/Foreign/Outside initiated-based and controlled developments of our underdevelopment?

18) Do you believe and practise your Continental Afrikan Ideology of FIDODO or AFRIKAN-CENTRICITY and not slave, colonial/neo-colonial/Foreign/Alien ideologies of Euro-centricity, Arab-centricity, Jewish-centricity, Capitalism, Socialism or Communism?

19) Do you practise and benefit from your Continental Afrikan Philosophy of Sacredness and Oneness of all Life/Creation and not in slave/colonial/neo-colonial/Foreign/Alien-based and oriented philosophies of I-ME-MYSELF Ways of life?

20) Do you live and prosper in your Continental Afrikan-based and oriented Environment/World Order of Heaven for All rather than their slave, colonial, neocolonial, Foreign/Alien world orders of heaven for the Few and Hell for the Many?

21) Do you have authentic Continental Afrikan Hair Styles or chemical zed/Foreign/Alien hair styles?

22) Do you accept and honor with pride, your Golden Continental Afrikan Skin rather than bleaching it to turn you into what you are not?

23) Do you make or listen to Authentic Continental Afrikan Music or Foreign-Alien/Money based and controlled music?

24) Do you know Continental Afrika is the One and Only Mother and Home for all today's One Billion Continental/Diaspora Afrikans?

25) Do know all Continental/Diaspora Afrikans are Full-fledged Continental Afrikans, Nationals and Citizens of our Future Continental Afrikan Republic?

26) Do you know, believe, accept and have Faith in AFRIKAMAWU as your Creator, Protector and Savior in Life whose Perfect, Holy and Immortal Image you are made of as a Continental Afrikan?

27) Do you believe and accept the Divine Right of all Continental/Diaspora Afrikans to discover, know, experience and benefit from the Creator through one Sacred Continental Afrikan Name of AFRIKAMAWU in the same way as all the French experience the Creator as Dieu or all the British refer to her as God or all the Arabs call her as Allah, or all Jews go to her as ADONAI, Jehovah, God of Israel, God of Jacob and God of Abraham etc?

28) Do you recognize and affirm daily your Sacred Continental Afrikan SPIRITLY

as the Manifestation of AFRIKAMAWU on earth, the Micro of the MACRO, the Spirit/Divine in Human Flesh and not as mere Flesh, consumer, robot, materialistic, capitalist or slaves of things in life?

29) Do you believe and practise the AfrikaCentric Concept and Practice of Success in life and not Slave/colonial/neo-colonial/Foreign/Alien/Material-based and oriented concepts and practices of Success in life?

30) Do you believe and uphold your Positive Continental Afrikan Customs and Traditions as your legal Foundation on Earth rather than slave/colonial/neo-colonial/Foreign/Alien-created, based , controlled and influenced customs and traditions?

31) Do you believe and honor your Continental Afrikan Festivals and not slave/colonial/neo-colonial/Foreign/Alien-based and controlled festivals?

32) Do you respect and practise your Continental Afrikan Ceremonies/Rites and not slave/colonial/neocolonial/Foreign/Alien-based and controlled ceremonies/rites?

33) Do you believe in your Continental Afrikan Literature and not slave/colonial/neocolonial/Foreign/Alien-based and oriented and controlled literatures?

34) Do you engage only in AfrikaCentric Arts and Crafts Works and not slave, colonial/neocolonial/Foreign/Alien-based, oriented and controlled arts and crafts works?

35) Do you live in tune to your Mighty Continental Afrikan Root and not your slave, colonial/neocolonial/Foreign/Alien roots that you are programmed to call yours?

36) Do you believe, to know your Glorious Continental Afrikan Past is to understand the Cause of Afrika's Mess of today as your KEY to a better AfrikaCentric Continental Afrikan Future for the Salvation of all Continental Afrikans?

37) Do you have your Authentic Continental Afrikan Personality of which you are proud of and promote daily rather than slave/colonial/neocolonial/Foreign/Alien-based and oriented personalities?

38) Do you believe in the AfrikaCentric Continental Afrikan Science and Technology to solve all the Needs and Wants of all Continental Afrikans is freedom from the Hell of today's Western/Foreign-based, oriented and controlled science and technology?

39) Do you believe only an AfrikaCentric Continental Afrikan Solution can solve all our today's Afrikan World Mess for us and not today's slave, colonial/neocolonial/Foreign/Alien-based, oriented, controlled solutions that treat not the Cause but the symptoms of Afrika's Mess?

40) Do you know Foreign Aid to Afrika is not Aid but Foreign Baits to keep Continental Afrika under perpetual Foreign Domination, Control and Exploitation?

41) Do you know Foreign Investments in Afrika are Meat for them and Bones for Continental Afrika?

42) Do you know Foreign Trade between Afrika and the Western World is Profit for them and perpetual Loss for Afrika, the richest Continent of Afrika?

43) Do you uphold, practise and benefit daily from the Blessings of your Continental Afrikan Culture/Values rather than the curse of your slave/colonial/neocolonial/Foreign/Alien-based, controlled and influenced cultures and values you are conditioned to call and die of as your own?

45) Do you know those we call "African Leaders" are not the Products of their Continental Afrikan People but Foreign-created and controlled Elite in power for their Foreign Masters who keep them in power?

46) Do you believe there is nothing called "independent and sovereign African states, nations or governments" but Foreign-created and controlled prison states to keep Afrikans under Foreign Domination, Control and Exploitation?

47) Do you know Continental Afrikan Independence and Sovereignty for all Continental Afrikans can only be achieved under one Continental Afrikan Government of our own Creation?

48) Do you agree with the fact that Continental Afrika is not poor but the Richest Continent on Earth which is all she needs to be free from the Hell and insults of preferring Foreign political, economic and social Crumbs, Leftovers and Surpluses to the Paradise of our own Continental Afrikan Loaf of our own creation?

49) Do you know Total Continental Afrikan Security, Protection and Defense for all Continental Afrikans from all forms of Foreign Domination, Control, Influence, Exploitation and Abuses can only be achieved via our own Created Continental Afrikan Security Systems and Means but never through Afrika's reliance on Western's surplus, leftover and Outmoded Weapons and Ammunitions which can only kill Afrikans but never touch or stand their Top Secret Security Systems and Means they keep only for themselves?

The More Yes you get as your Answers to all the above 49 questions, the higher your Continental Afrikan Consciousness and Total Continental Afrikan Awakening and Empowerment are. The Fewer or Lesser your Yes, the More Work you need to do to catch up with your True Continental Afrikan Selfhood or Personality.

If you score 0 over 49 : You are a Completely Living Dead Continental/Diaspora African in need of Urgent Self-AfrikaResurrection

0 to 10 : You are a Living Dead Continental Afrikan in need of Self-Rebirth

10 to 20: You are Sleep Walking Continental Afrikan in need of Self-Awakening

20 to 23 : You are Self-Ignorant Continental Afrikan in need of Self-knowledge

23 to 30 : You are a Reborn Continental Afrikan in need of more Milk to grow further

30 to 33 : You are Awakened Continental Afrikan in need of more Fufu to grow further

33 to 40 : You are Mentally Free Continental Afrikan in the making

40 to 42 : You have achieved Oneness with your Continental Afrikan Selfhood

42 to 44: You have achieved Oneness with your Holy Afrikan Spirit within you

44 to 46: You have achieved Oneness with your Ancestral Afrikan Saints within you

46 to 48: You have achieved Oneness with the Divine Spirit of your Creator AFRIKAMAWU within you and in all Creation/Life of which you are part and Parcel of

48 to 49 or 49 over 49: You have achieved Total Mastery over your Flesh Self, your Spirit Self and your Ancestral and Divine Self as AfrikaCentric Continental Afrikan in Thoughts, Words and Deeds for life in Love, Justice, Peace, Harmony, Happiness and Fulfillment in your Heaven on Earth.

By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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