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1. Continental/Diaspora Afrikans/Islanders, where is your Authentic, Natural, Original , Prosperous, Self-Reliant, Self-Sustaining , Self-Supporting Pre-Slavery and Pre-Colonial Self-Reliant and Self-Supporting Continental AfrikaDevelopment which is the World's First, Oldest and Ancient human Development on Earth and Mother of all today's World's Human Developments and without which there would be no WESTERN, ARAB, JEWISH, CHRISTIAN AND ISLAM STYLES DEVELOPMENTS for you to be preferring today to your Continental AfrikaDevelopment of which you have been kept Ignorant and Uprooted from in your Today's Invisible Hell of Self-Ignorance , de-Afrikanization, Westernization, Christianization, Materialization, Arabanization and Islamization ?

2. Where is the Throne of your Self-Sustaining Continental AfrikaDevelopment at the Table of today's World Conference of World Developments which Count in the world today ?

3. When are you going to know once and for all that all your various DEPENDENT, OUTSIDE-BASED DEVELOPMENT OF your GUARANTEED MAN-MADE UNDERDEVELOPMENT, IMPOVERISHENT ,MISERY AND LACK ON THE RICHEST CONTINENT ON EARTH and which you have been programmed to hail, die and live for as your Development ARE NOT your Development but Western/Arab/Jewish created and controlled Development of your Guaranteed Underdevelopment and Misery imposed on you to keep you perpetually SELF-IGNORANT, FRAGMENTED, DEPENDENT , IMPOVERISHED, POWERLESS , NEEDY AND EASY TO BE DOMINATED, CONTROLLED, INFLUENCED AND EXPLOITED FOR THE PROFIT OF our FOREIGN CREATORS AND CONTROLLERS AND FOR THE GUARANTEED LOSS AND SUFFERING OF THE BULK OF your CONTINENTAL/DIASPORA AFRIKAMASSES ?

4. So when are you going to know once and for all that, your Self-Reliant, Self-Sufficient and Self-Sustaining Continental AfrikaDevelopment and Prosperity for all Continental/Diaspora Afrikans is your Continental AfrikaRight to claim, fight for, protect, defend and die to live for, for life in dignity and prosperity and happiness for all ?

5. Have you ever seen a Leopard going to the Tiger to teach him/her how to develop himself/herself as a Tiger the Tiger Way and vice-versa?

6. Can you imagine the Elephant inviting or allowing the Lion to teach him/her how to develop himself/herself as an elephant the Elephant Way and vice versa?

7. What about the French, can you imagine them begging the White Americans, the British, the Chinese, the Japanese and so on to come and teach them how to be developed as French People and in the French Way and vice-versa?

8. If the Elephant knows only an Elephant can develop an Elephant the Elephant Way and by not by the Lion, the Tiger, the Gazelle, the Fish or the Bird Ways and vice-versa , why then do you, today's Continental/Diaspora Afrikans continue to destroy yourselves with the poison of their slave/colonial/neocolonial lie that Western/Arab/Jewish slave, colonial and neo-colonial Powers are in Continental Afrika to develop you or to teach you how to develop yourselves as Free, Strong, Modernized and Happy Continental Afrikans?

9. If the Lion, the Tiger, the Wolf, the Leopard, the Elephant, the Earth, and Ocean and all other Forms of Life know they all have the Inner Ability and Capability to develop themselves as who and what they are in life and on Earth, why is it taking you today's Continental/Diaspora Afrikans , Two Thousand years to know, accept, think and believe in the Divine Truth that you too are naturally, divinely, spiritually and mentally ENDOWED with all the LIMITLESS INNER POWER, WILL, COURAGE, DETERMINATION and CAPITAL YOU WILL EVER NEED AND WANT TO CONTINENTALLY DEVELOP, MODERNIZE and INDUSTRIALIZE YOURSELVES as Free, United, Prosperous and Happy Continental/Diaspora Afrikans in Thoughts, Words and Deeds ?

10. If the French have the common sense to know that only the French can develop the French the French way for the benefit of all French People in the world, why can't you my today's Frenchified or Francophone " Afrikans " also use your common sense to know that your today's suicidal reliance on the French to come and develop you the French Way or teach you how to be developed like the French People can only rob you of the Blessings of your own Continental AfrikaDevelopment and Prosperity which the French do not have to give or transfer to you.

11. French Powers, past and present, are eager to offer you their French concepts and practices of development not because it will develop you continentally but because it will keep you forever dependent on the French.

12. French style development for Afrika can never be Afrikacentric, self-reliant and self-supporting Continental AfrikaDevelopment/Prosperity for all Continental/Diaspora Afrikans but “development” for the Few and underdevelopment for the Many.

13. Likewise, you my Britinized or Anglophone "Afrikans" whose Blind Faith, Trust, Respect and Confidence in the lie that British Leaders and People can develop Continental Afrika for you , can only turn you into photocopies of the British People and their Ways of life you call " progress or development "

14. British concepts and practices of Development is not and can never be your Continental AfrikaConcept and Practice of Development for the enjoyment and benefit of all Continental Afrikans

15. A concept and practice of Development for Afrika that is outside Powers-initiated, outside Powers-financed and outside Powers-directed and controlled can never be your AfrikaDevelopment but the development of the underdevelopment of Continental Afrika.

16. Like the French, British Powers, past and present, are not in Continental Afrika to develop or teach you how to develop yourselves continentally as Continental/Diaspora Afrikans but to keep you forever under their British domination, control, influence and exploitation.

17. Likewise, White USA Development Crumbs, Leftovers and Surplus Aids Gifts to you Are nothing but another BIG LIE that USA governments, past and present, are also in Continental Afrika to develop or teach her how to develop continentally but to guarantee USA its perceived share of Mother Continental Afrika's sweet Meat.

18. In the same way, Arab Powers are also not in Continental Afrika to develop her but to Arabanize her as much as possible for their permanent Arab domination, control and exploitation.

19. All the other Non-Western Foreign Governments like China and Japan who are rushing to put all kinds of pressure on your Continent of Afrika to accept or prefer their concepts and practices of development to your own Afrikacentric Concept and Practice of Development, do so, not because they are interested, concerned and eager to develop Continental/Diaspora Afrikans but because they serve as their guaranteed Means to dominate, control, influence and exploit the richest Continent on Earth.

20. That is why we see all over your Continent , all kinds of Foreign political, economic and social Institutions of all sizes and goals are being dispatched by their various Foreign Governments under which they hide to invade and destroy all parts of your ContinentalAfrikaLand with their colonial and neo-colonial Genocide concept and mission of paradise for the Few and Hell for the Many.

21. Those calling themselves non-profit and non-governmental development organizations are also guaranteed all the Crumbs Foreign Money and Means they need from their respective Foreign Governments and Institutions to make your chains more and more comfortable with their pro-colonial and neo-colonial status quo-based and oriented solutions that treat the symptoms rather than the cause of your today's Continental Afrika's Genocide Crisis which can only be solved Afrikacentrically and continentally rather than Euro-centrically, Arab-centrically, Jewish-centrically or neo-colonially.

22. In the name of dependent "development" to secretly drown Afrika in their Ocean of Lies and Greed , Foreign Governments and their financed and controlled public and private organizations and people arrogate to themselves the right to conquer, dominate, rule, influence and exploit any part of your Continent with the total approval from their various loyal, faithful and trustworthy, PRO-STATUS QUO YES-MASTER AGENTS in power for them all over your Continent.

23. In the name of false concepts and practices of development for Afrika, Foreign Powers and their financially controlled institutions which they condition you to call and treat as the “World Bank, the International Money Fund, the United Nations " and the likes, are daily begged or invited by their agents in power for them to come and impose and dictate to a whole Continent how fast an best to under-develop itself for the benefit of outside forces and their well-paid and well-protected agents in power for them while the Bulk of their Continental AfrikaMasses rot in Misery, Suffering and Lack on the Richest Continent on Earth .

24. But, sooner or later, in the name of your new Afrikacentric Continental AfrikaConcept and Practice of AFRIKASELF-RELIANT, SELF-SUPPORTING AND SELF-SUSTAINING Continental AfrikaDevelopment and Prosperity for all Continental Afrikans, your Continent and its People too SHALL SOON BE FREE FROM THEIR TODAY'S INVISIBLE HELL of Western/Arab/Jewish/Foreign Genocide of Westernizing, Arabanizing and Jewinizing the Bulk of your Continental/Diaspora AfrikaWorld and People in the name of their alien concepts and practices of GUARANTEED DEPENDENT DEVELOPMENT OF UNDERDEVELOPMENT OF THE BULK OF your CONTINENTAL/DIASPORA AFRIKAPEOPLE AND FOR GUARANTEED PROFIT AND ENJOYMENT FOR THE FEW .

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