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*Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *, Emails: [email protected];

1. Continental/Diaspora Afrikans/Islanders, where is your Afrikacentric Continental AfrikaDemocracy which is the World's First, Oldest and Ancient human Democracy on Earth and Mother of all today's World's Human Democracies and without which there would be no WESTERN STYLES DEMOCRACIES for you to be preferring today to your Continental AfrikaDemocracy of which you have been kept Ignorant and Uprooted from in your Today's Invisible Hell of Self-Ignorance , de-Afrikanization, Westernization, Christianization, Materialization, Arabanization and Islamization ?

2. Where is the Throne of your Continental AfrikaDemocracy at the Table of today's World Conference of World Democracies which Count in the world today ?

3. When are you going to know once and for all that all your various WESTERN STYLES DEMOCRACIES you have been programmed to hail, die and live for as your Democracies ARE NOT your DEMOCRACIES but Western/Arab/Jewish created and controlled Democracies imposed on you to keep you perpetually SELF-IGNORANT, FRAGMENTED, DEPENDENT , IMPOVERISHED, POWERLESS , NEEDY AND EASY TO BE DOMINATED, CONTROLLED, INFLUENCED AND EXPLOITED FOR THE PROFIT OF your FOREIGN CREATORS AND CONTROLLERS AND FOR THE GUARANTEED LOSS AND SUFFERING OF THE BULK OF your CONTINENTAL/DIASPORA AFRIKAMASSES ?

4. When are you going to know once and for all that, Afrikacentric Continental AfrikaDemocracy for all Continental/Diaspora Afrikans is your Continental AfrikaRight to claim, fight for, protect, defend and die to live for, for life in dignity and prosperity and happiness for all ?

5. Have you ever seen British Leaders and People practising Democracy in French or French People or Leaders practising Democracy in German or English or White USA Leaders and People practising Democracy in Spanish or Portuguese or Chinese Leaders and People practising Democracy in English or Japanese People and Leaders practising Democracy in French and vice versa?

6. If No, then, why do you continue to allow the French to destroy you with their lie that Democracy for your Continental/Diaspora AfrikaWorld can only be a French style Democracy when the French whose forms of democracy some of you have become slaves to will never accept to talk or think of let alone practise Democracy only in their French language and French Way?

7. Why then do you continue to hang yourselves alive with the Rope of the Genocide of British style Democracy which you have been programmed into accepting and preferring to your own Continental AfrikaStyle Democracy when you know Democracy to the British can only mean one and one thing only—British Way of Democracy which can only be done in their own British language that is spoken by all the British People?

8. Why continue to drown yourselves one after another in the Ocean of White American style Democracy when you now the White Supremacist Style USA Democracy which some of you have become so addicted to, exists to rob you of the Limitless Right and Power of our Continental AfrikaDemocracy done and practised in your own created Continental AfrikaLanguage that is spoken and understood by all Continental Afrikans, Nationals and Citizens of your One and Only Indivisible Future Continental AfrikaNation, State and Government to serve the Needs of all Continental/Diaspora Afrikans at Home and Abroad?

9. If Democracy to the French can only mean French Style Democracy, if Democracy to the British can only mean British Style Democracy and if Democracy to White Americans can only mean Democracy the White American Way and so on, it stands to reason that, whether you like it or not, Democracy to you all my Continental/Diaspora Afrikans can only mean Afrikan Style Democracy that is Ancient Continental Afrikan in Origin, Continental Afrikan in Scope and Continental Afrikan language-based and oriented in Objective.

5) Hence, to continue to accept the Hell of French style democracy in and for Afrika is to rob yourselves of the Heaven of your Continental AfrikaDemocracy.

10. To allow yourselves to be roasted alive in the eternally burning Oven of British style democracy in and for Afrika is to lose the Limitless Power and Ability of your Continental AfrikaStyle Democracy to unify, empower, liberate, develop, enrich, guide, protect and defend you against the Genocide of preferring alien forms of Democracy to your own Continental AfrikaDemocracy.

11. To continue to allow USA style democracy to hang you to death one by one on its Tree of perpetual Lies, is to turn yourselves into doormats for the Feet of those whose democracies you have sold your soul to.

12. French leaders, past and present, are leaving no stones unturned in offering you their French style democracy not because it will serve the needs of your Continental AfrikaMasses but because they know you can only use it to keep your Continent under perpetual French rule, domination, control, influence and exploitation.

13. Your today's French style democracy you are perpetually kneeling down to France for is nothing but French neo-colonial Rope around your neck to effectively and purposely prevent you from breaking away from the Genocide of permanent French presence and control of your Continent.

14. British Powers, past and present, are rushing to offer you British style Democracy not because it will save you from the Hell of their British created and sustained agents in charge of the Continent for them, but because they know that it is the only Way to keep you under their perpetual British neo-colonial control, rule, domination, influence and exploitation.

15. British style democracy which you are now conditioned to think you cannot do without it, is nothing but British neo-colonial Trap to uproot you from the Power, Right and Benefit of your Continental AfrikaDemocracy which is alone is capable of empowering and liberating you from the Genocide of your today's British style democracy.

16. USA Powers, past and present, are also luring you to prefer their Western style democracy not because it will guarantee law and order, Justice, Peace and Equality to all your Continental AfrikaCitizens, but because they know the poison of their USA style democracy gift to you will guarantee them the Invisible Means to Americanize or Westernize you for total satisfaction of their USA neo-colonial needs and interests in Continental Afrika.

17. Western style democracy, be it French, British or USA can only satisfy and promote their Western/neo-colonial interests of keeping Continental Afrika under their perpetual Western domination, rule, control, influence and exploitation without your least knowledge of it.

18. To continue to beg and die for Western style democracies for Afrika in any form, shape or color is to condemn your Continent into Western “backyards” of permanent political, economic and social chaos, confusion, lawlessness, tyranny, violence, suffering, death and lack in the midst of so much Abundance which you are kept ignorant of.

19. The more Faith you show and have in Western style democracies to “democratize” Afrika, the more lost and dead you my Continental/Diaspora Afrikans will become in today's rough sea of their Western style democracies.

20. Turning yourselves into slaves of the Genocide of Western style democracies in Afrika is to proclaim loud and clear to yourselves and the world that you my Continental/Diaspora Afrikans are not intelligent enough to think, create, invent, design and manage effectively and continentally your own AfrikaStyle Democracy which alone is capable of democratizing your Continent, your Continental AfrikaWay and for the benefit of all Continental Afrikans.

21. Preferring the insults and the Hell of Western style democracies for Afrika to the Heaven, Pride, Glory and Dignity of your own Continental AfrikaDemocracy or AfrikaPeoplecracy which alone shall save your Continent from the Curse of their alien democracies is to fool nobody but yourselves for believing and accepting the Western colonial and neo-colonial lies that Democracy for Afrika is Democracy only when it is French, British, USA, Western, Foreign or Alien-based and oriented.

22. Western/Foreign style democracies for Afrika can never be called Democracy let alone Afrika Style Democracy because they exist solely and purposely to perpetually keep your Continent dependent on those whose democracies you are conditioned to copy and to prevent you my Continental/Diaspora Afrikans from having the Guts, the Power and the Right to break away and set yourselves free from the Genocide of preferring dependent alien democracies to our One and Only created Self-reliant, Self-supporting, Independent, Sovereign, Authentic, Positive and Afrikacentric Continental AfrikaStyle Democracy/Peoplecracy for the benefit of all Continental Afrikans.

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