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Friday November 25, 2011
The story of joy and the BMW series, especially X family, is a tale of how cars are engineered and built to satisfy those who seek pleasure and happiness in automobiles. It is the story, as told and updated by the President of the Coscharis Group, Dr Cosmas Maduka, which entered a new episode when the BMW X3 was born a few years ago.

Last week at the ultra-modern Coscharis Plaza in Abuja, Maduka declared that the 'on-going' 'story of Joy' had entered a new chapter with the launch of the latest version of the X3, a vehicle he describe as the perfect car for absolutely any occasion. 'We celebrate the ongoing 'story of Joy' by welcoming the new BMW X3. The new BMW X3 delivers the ultimate versatility to suit every lifestyle'.

Infact, he was so confident of the X3's unique endowments and its ability to continue with the tradition of 'spreading' joy, that he boasted that no competitor currently offers more features and functions, saying that the X3 is active, sporty, flexible and agile – which means 'joy and empowerment for all BMW X3 drivers'.

It was a brief, but interesting ceremony, which once again, helped to draw attention to the edifice called Coscharis Plaza, and drew some important guests, including the Head of Mission, Romanian embassy in Nigeria, Nicloae Moldoveanu. Introducing the X3 in a speech on behalf of Maduka, the Group Managing Director of the Coscharis Group, Mr Josaiah Samuel, said it is a vehicle that meets the demands of an active, modern lifestyle, stressing also that with the state-of-the-art technologies, it delivers a level of driving dynamics that makes every trip a pure pleasure.

Part of the presentation read: 'As the best in class in efficiency and dynamics, the new BMW X3 promises full driving fun as well as environmental responsibility. The synthesis of elegance and sportiness of the new BMW X3 expresses its striking design in a perfect way.'This event is a celebration of versatility, technology and ultimately joy of the new BMW X3. It's day of exploration and activity. You are invited to interact with the BMW kinetic application, learn more about BMW EfficientDynamics, film yourself in a BMW X3 and participate in our Contest of Joy.'

To be able to deliver increased versatility and advanced driving dynamics, the new BMW X3 is imbued with features and functions, according to the Group Managing Director.

Here is an example: 'BMW EfficientDynamics makes driving an even greater joy. Improved driving dynamics are tuned to deliver lower fuel consumption and minimize the use of resources. BMW EfficientDynamics has made driving pleasure fit for the future and environmentally responsible.'

Featuring a spacious interior for up to five passengers - or highly-flexible loading options - the new BMW X3 was described as being as versatile as any driver would wish for. This, the guests were told, makes it the most flexible in its class.

'The intelligent storage concept (40:20:40-split rear seat backrest) includes numerous open and closed storage areas, large side compartments in the door trims and cup holders in the centre console.

'Thanks to its low loading sill, the largest luggage compartment capacity (550 litres) and loading width in its class, along with numerous intelligent equipment features. Its maximum capacity - with the rear seat backrest folded down - is 1,600 litres. No competitor currently offers more.

'The new BMW X3 immediately is recognizable as a member of the X family. Its athletic agility is highlighted by striking modern contours. Its external dimensions have grown noticeably larger - meaning greater comfort in the roomy interior.' For the new X3 and other members of the X family (which includes X6, X5, and X3), the warranty of 60, 000 kilometres or two years continues.

Coscharis Motors, which is the division that directly incharge of the auto brands in the Coscharis stable, said the network is sufficiently equipped to back-up the latest X3, even as the management assured the guests that the after-sales network was being expanded to bring auto care closer to its customers in various parts of the country.