By Alonge Michael

In the fast-rising Nigeria entertainment industry, a lot of talented artistes have churned out songs that have added class and panache to the industry amongst those artistes is Tunde Obajehun simply referred to as 2unde in the industry.

This contemporary artiste whose 2-single release, Naija Lawa and Mobolanle have become every DJ's choice in Lagos and her environ is an embodiment of talent as he's versed and knowledgeable in all aspects of music from A-Z.

The music industry, with the entrance of this easy-does-it- dude, no doubt, is set to witness a revolution going by his artistic work which has been tested and thumbed up by veterans of music in Nigeria most especially the hottest female singer in called Asa. Though, the pentatonic scale artiste, Asa, according to some of her aides, admitted that the guy is really threading on a right part owing to the kind of niche he has carved for himself as a contemporary artiste who is dedicated and skillful in the production aspect of music.

The Kogi born multi-talented artiste, song writer, producer and director has produced so many artistes within and outside the shores of the country. His diverse talent is what stands him out amongst his contemporaries as he sings R&B, Jazz, Soul, Dancehall, Hip-Hop to mention but a few. His music video, Naija Lawa, which has taken over the entire TV stations, is a testament to his artistic prowess.

Though, 2unde's sojourn into the industry a couple of years was only by a mere display of passion, what he took as a passion then, today has formed his bedrock of relevance as he has established a high-tech audio/visual studio-De Kings Sounds, tucked inside one of the suites at Gateway Hotel, Ota, Lagos/Abeokuta Express Way, Ogun State. Having a acquired a degree in auto mobile engineering from a citadel of higher learning in Germany called Konberg Academy, 2unde is now pursuing a career in Music at the Lagos State University

At present Babatunde Obajehun, the very reserved and highly religious fellow is waiting to excel. He's been working very well to prove to the world that there are still quality artistes in Nigeria who are aiming at the Grammies within a short period of time. How far can he go? “As far as I can fly, as far as my wings can take me to, I will not relent until i achieve this.” He enthused. Only time, they say, will tell.