We took no kobo from Tinubu – Ondo LP

Source: pointblanknews.com

The Labour Party in Ondo State has denied ever taking any kobo as financial assistance from the ACN leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

A statement yesterday by the party's Director of Publicity and Research, Prince Koye Odigiyon said the allegation of collecting N1.2billion by Dr. Olaiya On, an ACN chieftain, is nothing but sheer propaganda and should be discountenanced by sane people.

"The allegation of financial support is to say the least specious and fallacious. Either before or after the election of 2007, there was no exchange of funds between the former governor of  Lagos, the LP in Ondo State  and the man who by the Grace of God and the wise and conscious decision of the electorates is now the governor of Ondo State. The allegation is but one of the silly antics of those who want to shore up their political ratings and confuse the public at the same time.

“Governor Tinubu cannot say he gave either the LP or Mimiko a dime. He definitely knows that such an allegation is totally false."

Odogiyon who in the statement said Mimiko has refrained from joining issues with the hirelings of the ACN because he is a responsible politician and a disciplined Yoruba person who will still not resort to the well known antics of the capture Ondo State at all cost crowd and throw decorum to the winds, added that the LP will not allow the deceit to continue.

"We hold one thing dear and that is the believe that Ondo State people are too politically alive, too socially aware and too discerning and sound to be swayed by politically-motivated allegations and illogic.

"Our words to those who peddle beer parlour discussions as facts are that they should be mindful of what such could inflict on what is left of their integrity. If an old man chooses to dance naked in broad daylight, he should be ready to stomach attendant ridicule," Odogiyon said.

Saying it has become necessary to clear the air on the allegation of betrayal and support, the LP spokesperson said the argument of betrayal has been repeated too often that there is tendency for sober minds to believe.

"Two people are involved here, Tinubu and Mimiko, the former has not said that he gave the latter a penny, those who go about bandying allegations are merely speculating all in the bid to portray themselves as saying something. On our part, the story is constant: Mimiko took no kobo from Tinubu." he said.

A weekend paper had rehashed a report in which Dr. Olaiya Oni, an ACN chieftain, alleged that Mimiko took N1.2billion from Tinubu.

Odogiyon said the party will soon request the former chairman to account for the said some if he was the one who collected it on its behalf adding that such may have happened as Oni did so much without letting other members know while he was chair.