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1) The crisis of imported cultures and values to keep us ignorant of the Power and Benefits of our own Continental Afrikan Culture and Value as the Mother of all Today's cultures we are sheepishly following today at the expense of our own Afrikan Culture and Values

2) The crisis of colonial/neo-colonial/slave/Arab/Jewish or foreign identities, citizenships and nationalities to prevent us from fortifying, empowering, liberating, protecting, defending, developing and enriching ourselves as Afrikan-centric Continental Afrikans, Nationals, Citizens, Owners and Beneficiaries of Our One and Indivisible Continental Afrikan Home and Ancestral Land for us to reclaim and enjoy as the Richest Continent on Earth

3) The crisis of colonial/slave/mentalities to keep us thinking like a slave, thinking colo, thinking neo-colo, thinking pro-status quo, thinking inside the box, thinking for their crumbs, thinking for their leftovers, thinking for their surpluses, thinking third world, thinking poor, thinking underdeveloped, thinking uncivilized, thinking black, thinking Euro-centrically, thinking Arab-centrically and thinking Jewish-centrically, thinking Foreign, thinking anti-Afrikan, thinking chicken instead of thinking Eagle, thinking Afrikan-centrically, thinking Continental Afrikan, thinking Continental Afrikan National, thinking Continental Afrikan Citizen, thinking Continental Afrikan Loaf, thinking as the world First Human Being, thinking as the Cradle of Humanity and Mother of world Civilizations, thinking the world's Richest Beings on Earth, thinking the world's First Developed Beings on Earth,

4) The crisis of colonial/slave perspectives to make us look at ourselves and the world from and with limited, short-lived and symptoms-based slave/colo/neo/colo/foreign/alien eyes and perspectives which prevent us from looking at ourselves, at life and the world from and with our Mighty Afrikan-centric Continental Afrikan Eyes and Perspectives as our freedom from the curse and shame of preferring their CHICKENITY to the Pride and Dignity of our own EAGLENITY OR CONTINENTAL AFRIKACENTRICITY

5) The crisis of colonial/slave personalities to reward us for turning ourselves into the perfect photocopies of the West, the Arab or the Jew which we are not and to prevent us from fighting and dying for the Pride and Security of our One and Only Afrikan-centric Continental Afrikan Personality, Presence, Well-Being and Life in Glory for all

The crisis of colonial/slave based education of miseducation to make us know everything about others but little or nothing about our AFRIKACENTRICITY or Continental Afrikaness

7) The crisis of imported schools and universities to teach us their Lies as our truths and make us reject, laugh at and be completely ignorant of our own Afrikan-centric Continental Afrikan Knowledge, Skills, Truth and Wisdom which once enabled us to build the world's First Mighty Pyramids at the time there were no White Man, no Arabs and no Jews for us to copy, imitate and become dependent upon

8) The crisis of imported religions of Western controlled Christianity to Westernize us and Arab controlled Islam to Arabanize us and rob us of the Power, Blessings and Pride of our Ancient/Traditional and Ancestral Concept and Practice of the Creator, Religion, Bible, Salvation, Heaven and Hell, Faith, Teaching, Doctrine and Church, to reward us for experiencing the Creator the Foreign ways instead of in our Sacred and Holy Ancient Continental Afrikan Way as well as to keep us totally ignorant and disconnected from our Secret, Sacred and Inner Continental Afrika-based Spiritology, Ancestrality and Divinity as the Sacred Manifestation of our Creator AFRIKAMAWU on earth

9) The crisis of imported churches, doctrines, bibles and forms of worship to disconnect us from the Power and Blessings of our Continental Afrikan Church, Shrine, Temple, Monastery and Nunnery to teach us the TRUTH of our Continental Afrikan Religion of AFRIKANITY as the mother of all today's foreign religions we are following today and to provide us with the INNER TOOLS we need to stay connected all the time to the Limitless Power and Protection of our Creator AFRIKAMAWU through our Holy Continental Afrikan Saints and in Harmony with your Sacred Afrikan Spirit within us and in all Creation of which we are part and parcel of .

10) The crisis of foreign names to insult the Sacred Memories of our Afrikan Ancestors, disconnect us from the Power and Blessings our Continental Afrikan Names that connect us to the Pride, Security and Dignity of our Three Million Year Old Glorious Continental Afrikan Pyramid Past, History, Root, Heritage, Culture, Values and Power of our Proud Continental Afrikan Ancestors whose worthy names we should be honoring ourselves with

11) The crisis of alien ways of dressing to turn us into perfect caricatures and photocopies of those whose dresses or fashions we have become addicted and to reward us for preferring Foreign Style of dressing to the Pride of honoring our Continental Afrikan Personality, Presence and Life with our own Continental Afrikan Fashion

12) The Crisis of foreign languages to turn us into the only People on Earth who have to speak to each other in Foreign languages instead of creating and enjoying our own Continental Afrikan Language and Lingua Franca to bring together, unify, empower, enrich and give pride and dignity to all our today's One Billion Continental/Diaspora Afrikans/Islanders.

13) The Crisis of preferring their Hell of Euro-centricity, Arab-centricity, Jewish-centricity or Foreign-centricity to the Pride and Dignity of the Heaven of our own AFRIKACENTRICITY that makes the Proud Owners and Beneficiaries of the Richest Continent on Earth

14) The Crisis of bleaching skin and faces and of changing of our Afrikan Noses and Hair into what they are not and to make us the laughing stock all over the world

15) The Crisis of alien ways of cooking and eating to keep us sick and sicker and easy to dominate and control instead of keeping ourselves healthy and sickness-free with Naturally grown, Fresh and cooked Continental Afrikan Foods and Cuisine which once made us the Cradle of Humanity and the Mother of world's Civilizations

16) The Crisis of ignorance of self, self-hatred and self-rejection which makes us to prefer, accept, love, respect, adore, imitate others to knowing, accepting, loving, respecting, trusting, adoring, promoting, defending and protecting who we are as Afrikan-centric Continental Afrikans, Nationals and Citizens of our one and only Indivisible Continental Afrikan Motherland and Ancestral Home for us all to reclaim, empower, liberate, develop, protect, defend and promote for our Benefit

By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P. (Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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