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Death is Going Back Home in the Heaven of my Loved Ones

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Why there is no Death To be Afraid of, Shun or Weep Over

By ©2011 Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; [email protected]

There is no Death but only Traveling from one Sphere of Life to another

There is no Death So I cannot die but live forever from one plane of Existence to Another

As Immortal Being and Divine Spirit in Human Flesh I cannot Die but live forever in the Heart, Mind and Spirit of those I love and those who love me while on Holidays here on Earth

Long Before I came here on my own Volition To Experience Physical Life as Human,

I was an Eternal Divine Spirit in the Heaven of our Creator AFRIKAMAWU

Long before my Spirit became Flesh on Earth as Divine Spirit in Human Flesh, I was Eternal Divine Spirit in the Warm and Sacred Bosom of my Continental AfrikaSaints

Long before I assume the Physical Form on Earth to Have and Enjoy the Physical Aspect of Life, I was the Eternal Divine Power Spirit Being in my Non-Physical World of Heaven

AfrikaHeaven I came from and AfrikaHeaven I shall go back to after my Work here is Done

I was brought here by My Path or Mission and will be taken back home to Heaven when I am done

I am here for a purpose and once my Mission on earth is done, I shall move on to the Next Phase of my Life which is never Ending and is deathless in origin and purpose in life

What your Ignorance calls Death my Enlightenment hails as a Friend to take me back home on

What you so much fear in your Self-ignorance, my Self-Knowledge sees as the Means to my Eternity

Those you call Dead are not Dead and can never die as Eternal Spirit who live with you always

They are with your Spirit to cheer you up anytime you are down

They are in the Air you breathe to keep you alive
They are in the Water you drink to keep your Life Flowing as a River back to its Source

They are in the Food you enjoy to sustain you for life in dignity

They are the Light that shines your Path in life
They are the Fire that Consumes your Enemies and Protects you against all Dark Forces in life

Through Death, I live forever in my AfrikaHeaven of AFRIKAMAWU within me

Through Death, I travel back to see and live Forever in the Heaven of my Departed Mother, Father, Sister, Bro and all my Loved Ones on earth

My AfrikaHeaven I am going back to is free from the Lie of a Jewish tyrannical God sending people to Heaven or Hell as he pleases

The AfrikaHeaven I am going back to is free from the Lie of a Jewish Savior saving People when he could not save himself on The Cross of Men

The AfrikaHeaven I am bound to is free from the Lie of Arab God rewarding his Believers with Twelve Virgins for killing in the name of Allah

The AfrikaHeaven I am going back to when my Work on Earth is done does not and can never have a master- servant relation between me and my Creator AFRIKAMAWU of whom I am Part

The AfrikaHeaven I am bound to does not and cannot treat me as a perpetual Sinner to be saved or forgiven by a Jewish God or Savior or Arab Prophet in whose names Billions have been massacred

The Heaven I am going back to can never be a Jewish or Arab Heaven but AfrikaHeaven full of all my Loved Ones who love me and are part of me

The Heaven I am going back to is full of my AfrikaDivine Mother, AFRIKAMAWU who looks like me and who warmly Receives me back to her Divine Heaven like Mother Ocean receives back its Rivers

I came from Heaven to the Earth to do things I could not do in my Original Home in Heaven

I came here to Earth from Heaven to learn to be Human

I came here from Heaven Without any Preconditions and Back Home to Heaven I shall go without any Preconditions

Earth is not Heaven but a playground to Unwind ourselves and Experience what We cannot Experience in our Original Home in Heaven Earth is not Good or Bad, it is what we make of it

Trying to turn Earth into Heaven is like trying to turn a Super Market Store into your Home

After living in Heaven as Perfect Beings of Eternity ,the Pleasures of the Flesh of Mother Earth Beckons us with a Welcome Relief or Change from the Monotony of living the perfect Life in Heaven

Life in a White House is not and can never be the same as Life on Vacation outside the White House

Trying to turn your Vacation into a White House Ways of Life and Being and Vice-Versa is to Miss the Pleasures of Both which are not and can never be the Same

Trying to turn a Divine Creation that you are on Earth into the LIE of perpetual Sinner is Ignorance to free yourself from because AFRIKAMAWU, your Creator cannot Create Junks or Sinners.

Yes, I am going back home to my Divine Origin of Heaven not in the Sky but Everywhere and Anywhere the Spirit of My Divine AfrikaMother, Saints and Loved Ones Reside and welcome me back to with opened Arms

Once I am tired of being Naughty here in the Ways of the Flesh, I will call Death to Take me Back to my AfrikaHeavenly Home Where Perfection is a Way of Life to Enjoy in Eternity

And When I am tired of being Perfect or Holy in the Heaven of my Spirit, Ancestors and AFRIKAMAWU, I will once again be Back here on Earth To Enjoy the Pleasures of the Flesh as Human or a Tree or a Bird or a Fish etc

By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD;

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