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By :
© 2011 Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat,
* PhD; Doctorat d'Etat, PhD; MSC.; DESS ( French M.Phil ); Diplome de l'IIAP, ( French Post Grad Dipl); BA Double Hons etc*, [email protected]

What is Total Positive Continental AfrikaGospel For Total Happiness Now and Always for all Continental Afrikans in particular and to all Beings in general ?

How is it different from Western/Alien concepts and practices of partial or fleeting happiness in our today's unhappy world?

Is it possible for all Beings on Earth to be Totally and Permanently Happy on Earth?

And if so, why so many of our today's Afrikans, rich and poor, religious and spiritual etc. are so unhappy in life?

And what shall we do personally and collectively as Reborn Continental Afrikans to rediscover, master, use and benefit from the limitless Power of Total Positive Happiness Now and Always?

AfrikaCentric Concept of Happiness is not Euro-Centric Concept of Happiness or Arab-centric Concept of Happiness or Jewish-centric Concept of Happiness or Christian-centric Concepts of Happiness or Islam-centric Concept of Happiness to which most of our today's Foreignized Continental/Diaspora Afrikans have become dependent on, enslaved by and addicted .

AFRIKACENTRIC Afrikan Concept of Total Happiness means our newly rediscovered Ancient Traditional Continental Afrikan Science, Technology and Art of knowing and practicing our Secret Continental Afrikan Truth and Total Positive Happiness for all Continental Afrikans which is not only possible but also the Birthright of all lives on Earth.

This AFRIKACENTRIC Afrikan Concept of Total Happiness Now and Always also teaches us that Total Happiness is WITHIN US ALL and IS NOT BASED ON OUTSIDE THINGS or Whether we are rich or poor or what we have or do not have in life.

It also means our Inner Knowing and Ability to be totally and permanently happy in life and hereafter with or without money or material possession even in this today's excessively plagued, enslaved and addicted materialistic world.

To know and practice this Truth of our Ancient Continental Afrikan Concept of Total Happiness is to be free from the havoc and misery of the colonialism of alien concepts and practices of limited and partial happiness based on trying to chase or find fleeting or partial happiness outside ourselves rather than turning within ourselves for a true everlasting and ever-present Total Happiness that lies within us all for our acknowledgment, claim and use for our benefit and the benefit of all lives on earth.

For, nothing outside us CAN MAKE US HAPPY EXCEPT OURSELVES. Not even the Supreme Being or Satan, Heaven or Hell, People or Situation outside us can make us happy or unhappy in life without our consent.

All because, we alone are the Source or Key to our own positive Happiness or unhappiness on Earth.

To be happy we need to learn and know the secret of letting go our unhappiness.

In other words, today's alien/western concepts and practices of happiness that condition today's Afrikans that happiness is how much money or material possessions one has is not only anti-Afrikan concept and practice of happiness.

It is also anti- happiness itself designed to keep today's Afrikans perpetually unhappy, miserable and restless in the midst of so much Happiness. For, money or material possessions alone cannot make us happy.

If they could, the Western Worlds and People who are presently saturated with money and material possessions on Earth should have been the happiest people on earth.

But they are not because the more money or material possessions they have, the more they want them again and again and the more unhappy they become in life for spending 99 percent of their lives trying to make more money, increase it, or protect it.

Besides, our Positive Ancient Continental Afrikan concept of Total Happiness with or without money or material possessions is within rather than outside us and is also different from false alien religious concepts of happiness that teaches today's Afrikans to suffer here and be happy later in heaven.

"Blessed are those who suffer, for they shall be comforted," is one of the biggest lies we are presented as the truth to swallow for our misery.

For, we are happy or unhappy in life by what we do rather than what we have, or do not have or where we are.

Meaning Happiness is Not only the INNATE RIGHT we are all Born with or Capable of .

It is also a State of Mind which enables us to Create, Develop, Enjoy, Share what I call, TOTAL POSITIVE HAPPINESS CONSCIOUSNESS which in turn , helps us ATTRACT TO US THE INNER-BASED HAPPINESS OUR AWARENESS CAN CONFER ON US .

In other words, to sow happiness is to reap Happiness and vice versa, and no matter where we are Heaven or Earth.

In the same way, positive Ancient Continental Afrikan Concept of Total Happiness For All has nothing to do with the erroneous belief in the lie that someone, or something outside us can make us happy or unhappy without our consent.

Not what others do or do not do to us that makes us happy or unhappy but bow we react to what happens to us is what makes us happy or unhappy.

Consequently, so many Afrikans are unhappy in life today because they are totally ignorant of their positive ancient Continental Afrikan concept and practice of Total Happiness Now and Always.

Their practice of alien concepts of happiness has kept them out of tune to the Kingdom of Total Positive Happiness within them which they vainly search outside themselves for only a partial, fleeting or false happiness that makes them more unhappy than happy.

That is why, only a very few Afrikans in our world today know how to make themselves happy at all times and with or without external possessions.

This positive ancient Afrikan Secret Key to Total Happiness is available to all lives on Earth.

It is the Secret Ancient Continental Afrikan Science, Technology and Art that can be learned, mastered and used daily for our benefit and that of others.

To know that Total Happiness is within you is to perpetually stop chasing/struggling/waging war or surviving in life for what belongs to all lives by right.

The rediscovery of our positive ancient Afrikan concept and practice of Total Happiness makes us live a Balanced and Relaxed life free from perpetual fear, anxiety, worry, restlessness, competition, stress, heart attack, and all kinds of sickness.

This means, for us to recover the key to our Ancient Continental Afrikan concept and practice of Total Happiness is to live perpetually in tune to Ourselves, to our Environment and to have inner Peace of Mind that passes all understanding as Masters of our life and world.

And in this way, we shall be free, once and for all , from the genocide of our today's man-made hell of unhappiness, misery, sadness and suffering which have been the lot of the Bulk of our Continental Afrikan Masses for being cut away from the Power and Blessings of our own Continental Afrikan Concept and Practice of Total Happiness for all Lives on Earth. To know this is to be happy forever.

By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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