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Population Control in ContAfrika is a GENOCIDE To Free ourselves from

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© 2011 Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, * PhD; Doctorat d'Etat, PhD; MSC.; DESS ( French M.Phil ); Diplome de l'IIAP, ( French Post Grad Dipl); BA Double Hons etc* [email protected]

In our previous article on the above topic published in the Spectator, we established the fact that

(1) Continental Afrika is never and can never be overpopulated but under-populated and in dire need of more population for our blessing and

not curse.
(2) That, there is no overpopulation crisis in continental Afrika which is still suffering from the loss of fifty million Afrikans from Arab Slave Trade and one hundred million Afrikans from Western Slave Trade.

(3) That, Western Powers are currently busy promoting and financing false population control programs and artificial devices not because they love us and want to help us but because it benefits them to do so. And also because they are afraid of total physical extension from the surface of the earth. Foreign powers led by USA and their Western Institutions we erroneously call "International" are back in Afrika with all kinds of population control packages not because they will unify, empower, liberate, develop, protect and make life better for the bulk of our fragmented Continental Afrikans.

Their population control packages for their yes-master leaders in Afrika to implement for them are nothing but more jobs, more business, more profits and more politics for them in Afrika and for their better control and more exploitation of Afrika.

But above all, foreign powers are in Afrika with their free, cheap and outmoded population control package and devices because of ANGER, FEAR, and JEALOUSY.

They are angry at Afrikans for being the most fertile human beings on earth while their sixty years of population control practices have reduced them into the most sexually infertile, the most impotent, the most sterile and the most unproductive human beings on earth.

They are angry at seeing Afrikans producing more and more children which most of them have stopped or incapable of giving birth to.

They are angry to see Continental Afrika's population Growing more and more, Younger and Younger, stronger and stronger, while theirs grows fewer and fewer, older and older into death and extinction.

That is not all. Foreign Powers are leaving no stone unturned in getting leaders in Afrika to implement their population control packages also because of fear.

They are terrified to death by Afrika's higher and high fertility rate which they have totally or partially lost and for which they greatly envy Afrika.

They are terribly afraid of continental Afrika's higher and higher population growth they know they cannot stop with their money no matter what. Because population or life is not matter but Spirit-created and Spirit-centered, Spirit-directed and Spirit-controlled-life.

That is why, they are so much afraid of losing control of Afrika's more and more population because it is easier and simpler to dominate, control and exploit fewer people than more

and more people.
They are also afraid of continental Afrika's dynamic population because more and more of their men can no more rise up let alone impregnate most of their women whose FERTILITY has been destroyed by so many years of using expensive artificial family killing devices.

And above all, they are afraid of "too many "Afrikans migrating to "invade" them, "Drown", "Steal", "Kill or Rob" them of their worlds, jobs, and luxuries. so, to them, it is a matter of life and death that they CONTROL, CONTAIN AND STOP AFRIKA'S POPULATION NOT TO THE SIZE WE NEED AND WANT BUT THE SIZE that will benefit or profit them.

All because, they know with money they will always get some Afrikans to dig their own graves for them. Hence, Afrika's growing population to them is a war against them that they cannot afford to lose.

That is why Western Powers have all the money and people they need and want to stop, control, sterilize and destroy life in Continental Afrika but have no money and people to help unify, empower, liberate, develop the continent into one continental Afrika Government as a better and surer Afrikan means of solving Afrikan's many crisis the Afrikan way which they know none of their artificial population control packages can help Afrika solve.

That is why, they have all the money they need and want to give their more and more barren and infertile white women to try to give their more and more and more aged and dying industrialized societies more and more babies while they bribe our more and more fertile women to have fewer and fewer children that the Western World desperately needs, wants and envies Afrika for.

While the materialistic - minded Afrikans and their external financiers talk of Afrikan population in terms of "crisis", "too many", "unwanted", "burden", and as the "root" of all the crisis on the Continent (none of which is true), ancient, traditional and AFRIKACENTRIC Continental Afrikans see and know Continental Afrikan population can never be too many no matter what.

For, population, to us, is life and life is spirit and spirit is sacred, self-created, self reliant, self-supporting, self-sufficient, self-controlling and self-regulatory.

This means, High Afrikan fertility is a blessing not a curse to us awakened Afrikans. High Afrikan population growth is not anti-development but the capital and foundation for total Afrikan self-reliant development.

More and more Afrikan children are not burden but opportunity, challenge and divine means for greater Afrikan prosperity.

Population is not the issue in Continental Afrika - Continental and Diaspora Afrikans are not suffering the World over because they are too many, or less intelligent or incapable of solving their problems.

Most Afrikans are EXPERIENCING Humanity's worse GENOCIDE crises on earth because they woefully lack the continental Afrikan Government, Power, Democracy, Language, Leadership, Vision , and Development Agenda and Strategy that alone can empower us to know accept, glorify, honour, educate, train, motivate, protect, organize and equip all of our continental Afrikan population no matter the size for prompt and effective AFRIKACENTRIC solutions to all Afrikan problems as master partners and cornerstone of Afrika's Development, prosperity and freedom from foreign Domination, control and exploitation.

No Foreign-initiated, financed and controlled agendas, programs and solutions can empower, save, liberate and develop Continental Afrikans at Home and Abroad or solve their problems.

They can only keep continental Afrikans more divided, more dependent, and more powerless at solving their daily problems.

Only the urgent establishment of one continental Afrikan government will offer all Afrikans all the means they need and want to solve all of their today's crisis no matter the size of their highly educated, trained, motivated, organized, and protected Afrikan population.

Finally, our Westernized "City" men and women and girls who are now busy practising and promoting western-designed and controlled artificial population control programs, should know they are simply killing themselves and our future for the benefit of the Western World.

All because, in thirty years from now, more and more of our today's potent men in the World who are now on Western Artificial population programs, will cease to be more and more potent and become more and more sterilized, more and more impotent and more and more incapable of rising up and more and more incapable of impregnating their Afrikan women as we see it today in the industrialized world.

In the same way, in thirty years from now, more and more of our today's fertile women on earth who are now on Western Afrikan artificial population control programs will also cease to be more and more fertile and become more and more sterilized, more and more impotent, less and less pregnant and more and more incapable of having more and more children who they must now desperately but vainly look for like pin in the sand.

This means only Natural Afrikan and never Western Artificial population control programs can stop and save us from the Genocide of our today's Western Artificial population killing programs and devices.

That is why for the past ten years, out of the blue moon , their Man-made AIDS Plague has become the invisible Birth Control Weapon of Silent Genocide in the hands of those who have been moving heaven in the past to destroy the Continent's highest Fertility rate and Population Growth .

Now, we are told the Continent, which, just 20 Years ago, has never heard of or known about AIDS as the World Number Killer Plague, is now the world's AIDS- plagued and destroyed Place on Earth especially in areas where Foreigners abound and pervasive like South Africa , Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda , Botswana , Ivory Coast , Gambia etc

While North Africa and the Traditional Areas of the Continent where the Foreign contamination is rare or few, we have no AIDS PLAGUE Problem which is now robbing the Continent of at least 30Million dead or sick or finished a year .

But whether they like it or not, the Continent will never die or be crippled no matter what .

By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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