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Chicken celebrity is chicken celebrity. Eagle Celebrity is also Eagle Celebrity.

To try to force Eagles to become chicken celebrities is to kill them alive on the altar of chicken self-illusion.

All because, Eagle Celebrity for Eagles is the creation of Eagle Stars, Eagle Super-Stars, Eagle Legends, Eagle Heroes and Eagle Celebrities who are Eagle - based, Eagle - oriented and Eagle - directed in words, thoughts and deeds.

Eagle Celebrity for Eagles is not chicken but Eagle products who live not for chicken but Eagles Culture and Values.

Eagle Celebrity for Eagle is not chicken money-based-and-created celebrities who live and die as chicken hostages and chicken prisoners of their chicken fame. It is not slaves of chicken material possessions. It is not chicken movie and chicken television-created and based super stars.

Eagle Celebrity for Eagles is not chicken sports-based-and-created super-heroes. It is not chicken-comedy-created and based celebrities. It is not chicken singing-based-and-oriented stars and super-stars. Eagle Celebrity for Eagles is not the Celebrity of the few by the few and for the few. It is not short-lived, partial, fleeting and fragile celebrities that are All today but zero tomorrow.

Eagle Celebrity for Eagles is first and foremost Eagle - centric Political Geniuses who offer all Eagles, the limitless Eagle Political Power and Benefits of one mighty Eagle Political Kingdom and Paradise to enjoy for life in freedom and dignity.

Eagle Celebrity for Eagles is the Eagle - centric Economic Geniuses who offer all Eagles the limitless Eagle Economic Power and Benefits of one mighty Eagle Economic Kingdom and Paradise to enjoy for life. Eagle Celebrity for Eagles is also the Eagle - centric Social Geniuses who offer all Eagles, the limitless Eagle social Power and Benefits of one mighty Eagle Social Kingdom and Paradise to enjoy for life.

Eagle Celebrity is the Celebrity of Eagle - centric Inventors, Discovers, Thinkers, Creators, Designers, Visionaries, Dreamers, Builders, Doers, Achievers, Movers, Farmers, Shapers, Healers, Seers, Spiritualists, Moralists, Developers, Manufacturers, and Marketers.

Eagle Celebrity for Eagles is the Eagle Inner Means that enable all Eagle Stars and Eagle Super-Stars to know that they are not individually owners but custodians of all the Eagle Wealth, Riches, Prosperity, Fame, Star and Super - Stardom, Legend, Institution, Heroes and Success they are blessed with.

Far from becoming slaves, dependencies and hostages of their limited chicken successes which they fear so much to lose, Eagle Celebrity for Eagles empowers all Eagles to multiply, share, have and enjoy forever with the world their limitless Eagle - based-and-oriented Success that is always total, fresh, nourishing and giving.

That is why, the chicken Farmer leaves no stones unturned in cutting his Eagles from the Eagle concept, definition, notion, perspective and practice of Eagle Celebrity and Success.

In this way, he is able to get his Eagles to live and die for chicken concepts and practices of chicken celebrities and successes that turn them into photocopies, clowns and caricatures of others. Chicken celebrity for Eagles are therefore a waste of precious Eagle life, time, and resources on crumbs of life rather than on loaves of life.

Chicken celebrities for Eagles are death for Eagles and guaranteed limitless profit for chicken celebrities and success makers and controllers.

And the more Eagles prefer chicken celebrity status to Eagle Celebrity status, the more lost, dependent, powerless and vulnerable preys they become to the guaranteed control and exploitation of those who make and unmake them for their loss in their fleeting, fake, hollow and empty chicken paradise of their chicken self-illusion and death.

Hence, only Eagle Celebrity of all Eagles, by all Eagles and for all Eagles can have the Eagle Power, Freedom, and Moral gust to spearhead the Eagle Fight for Total Eagle Salvation from the genocide of turning and keeping full-blooded Eagles into chicken yes-master stars and super-star clowns as pitiful living-dead Eagles.

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