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Why All Today's Continental/Diaspora Afrikans are AFRIKANS

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(c) 2011By PROF. AFRIKADZATA DEKU, [email protected]

*We are all Continental Afrikans is the only Continental AfrikaTruth and Power that can

set us free from the poison of our present slave/colonial identities.

*One Indivisible Continental AfrikaMother and Ancestral Land and People

*One Continental AfrikaIdentity
*One Continental AfrikaNationality
*One Continental AfrikaCitizenship
*One Continental AfrikaNation and Government Now for the Salvation of all Today's One Billion Continental/Diaspora Afrikans is our Divine Destiny to Create for all to Honor and Die to Live for In Dignity

*One Continental AfrikaRoot we acknowledge in Unity and Strength

*One Continental AfrikaPersonality we pledge to and honor forever

*Ours is one and indivisible Continental AfrikaSuper Power Nation-State and Home of love and Justice for all

*Pan-Continental Afrikanism is our AfrikaIdeology to recover

*AfrikaCentricity is our Continental AfrikaDoctrine to live by

*Ours is One and Indivisible Continental AfrikaVision of Hope eternal

*Ours is One and only Continental AfrikaPerspective that knows no defeat

*One Continental AfrikaManifesto is our redeemed Dignity

*One for All and All for one is our Continental AfrikaPhilosophy to enjoy for Life

* Afrikanity is our Newly Recovered Ancient/Traditional Continental AfrikaReligion to

set us free from the Genocide of today's alien religions that exist to keep us ignorant of and separated from the Limitless Power and Blessings of our Ancient/Traditional Continental

AfrikaAncestral Concept and Practice of our CREATOR AFRIKAMAWU Within Us and in All Creation

*Our Continental AfrikaMental Freedom and Salvation is the Freedom and Salvation of the Parts of our Continental AfrikaBody of Self-Knowledge

*To think Continental Afrikan at all TIME is to become AFRIKACENTIRC Continental Afrikan in Thoughts, Words and Deeds no matter What .

*To live as Continental Afrikans from Head to Toe is to be forever free from all today's invisible slave/colonial/neocolonial chains that keep us separated from one another.

*To eat Continental Afrikan is to eat Natural in total Glory and Peace

*To eat with our golden Continental AfrikaFingers is to honour our Sacred natural Food as Holy for life.

*To dress Continental Afrikan is to announce our Continental AfrikaRoyal Presence with grace.

*To bear Continental Afrikaholy names is to be free forever from the tyranny of today's Foreign names over our AfrikaNames

*One free Continental AfrikaPerspective is ours to see the Continental AfrikaTruth as Reborn and Awakened Continental Afrikans for Life in Dignity

*To develop and speak our own Continental AfrikaLanguage as our Lingua Franca is to set free our Continental AfrikaTongue and Mind from colonial languages.

*Ours must be a natural Continental AfrikaSkin to accept with pride and honour in dignity

*Ours must be a natural Continental AfrikaHair to nurse naturally in harmony with the Heaven in us.

*No more slave/colonial /neocolonial Mentalities to keep us in Chains of man-made lack and suffering in the midst of so much abundance.

*No more Genocide of Continental Afrikans in the fire of assimilation

*No more Suicide of Continental Afrikans on the Altar of integration.

*A Tree is a Tree no matter where
*A Lion does hot become a Stone or a Bird or a Mango anywhere in the world

*Gold is Gold even if she is invaded by dirt
*A Log in water for five hundred years is still a log , no matter what

*Continental/Diaspora Afrikans are Continental Afrikans because Continental Afrika is our One and Only Home and Motherland for all to KNOW

*All the present One Billion Continental/Diaspora Afrikans are All Continental Afrikans, Nationals and Citizens of our Continental AfrikaNation and Republic

* We are Continental Afrikans because We Now Know, Believe, Accept, Think, Breathe and Feel

Continental Afrikan.
*We are Continental Afrikans because our mighty Continental AfrikaTree can only have One and indivisible sacred Continental Afrikan Root to stay alive in dignity and security for life.

* Before slavery and colonialism We were the holy Cradle of Humanity and Sacred Mother of all world civilizations on earth.

*In Unity and Power as Continental Afrikans we will do again what we did yesterday as free

Continental AfrikaNation, Empire and Pyramid Builders.

*No matter how long our present darkness of Hell of Self-ignorance, Fragmentation and Dependency might be Our Continental AfrikaRedemption Day is sure to come

*No one can prevent our Continental AfrikaSun from rising and shining in freedom and love too.

*In tune FOREVER to our Creator AFRIKAMAWU through our

Continental AfrikaSaints working in total Peace and Harmony with

Our Continental AfrikaHoly Spirit within us All , Our Continental AfrikaConsciousness for All is Opening her

Mighty Continental Afrika Wings to
FLY once more as Continental AfrikaEAGLE and
ROAR once more as the Continental Afrikalion And Owners and Beneficiaries of

the RICHES of the Richest Continent on Earth as our Home to recover for our Benefit

Strength and Power in
Continental AfrikaOneness in Togetherness.
live to be free forever.
Continental AfrikaSuper Power of AfrikaCentricity in

Pan-Continental Afrikanism Is
must be for our Now to become the Now of
total Continental AfrikaSalvation Now for
our Now to
the Now of
AfrikaFuture Now for
By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD;

*Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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