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Eagle Philosophy for Eagles is as indispensable and important to all Eagles as chicken philosophies for chickens. None is better or more superior to the other.

Hence, to try to impose chicken philosophies on Eagles is simply to bury them alive. All because, Eagle Philosophy for Eagles is Eagle - created, Eagle - based, Eagle - oriented and Eagle - directed Philosophy that exists to promote not chicken but Eagle concept and practice of life. Eagle Philosophy for Eagles is about the Eagle Gospel of total Eagle Life, that is the positive way Eagles see, define, know, understand, share and appreciate the Sacredness, the Oneness, the Importance and Meaning of life -- past, present and future.

Eagle Philosophy for Eagles teaches and trains all Eagles to know, master, understand, respect and live in tune to all the divine principles, or natural laws that govern the Universe and Life.

Eagle Philosophy for Eagles enables all Eagles to know what the true Eagle life is all about, why they are Eagles, where they come from, why they are here and where they will go from here not as chickens but as Eagles. Eagle Philosophy for Eagles makes all Eagles to see themselves as part and parcel of Life or Creation for which they live to protect and honor for life.

Eagle Philosophy for Eagles makes life more meaningful, more livable, more precious and more enriching for all Eagles to accept and live as free Eagle Kings and Queens of their Eagle Sky Paradise World of freedom, limitless abundance and power. Eagle Philosophy for Eagles makes all Eagles to know who and what they are, their place and role in life, how to live constantly in tune to the limitless power of their Eagleness as the manifestation of their creator AFRIKAMAWU on earth. Eagle Philosophy for Eagles therefore means living in total harmony and peace with all forms of Creation as free, independent, sovereign, proud and sacred Eagle Beings for life.

But to the chicken Farmer, allowing his Eagles to develop, have and keep their Eagle Philosophy of life for life is to become independent of him. So, he tries everything in his power to replace their Eagle Philosophy with all kinds of chicken philosophies that make Eagles see and experience life like chickens.

This means, chicken philosophies for Eagles make them crawl for crumbs in life rather than go for the sky of their Eagle World and Dream.

Chicken philosophies for Eagles is total death to Eagle Philosophy of life. Chicken philosophies offer Eagles, negative rather than positive life, money-based and controlled life instead of Spirit-based and directed life.

Chicken philosophies offer all Eagles a material-based and controlled life which programs them to perpetually survive in life rather than live, struggle for and accumulate wealth rather than share it, compete against each other instead of cooperating with one another and to constantly see and prefer life as hell to life as heaven on earth.

And the more Eagles allow themselves to become enslaved by and addicted to all kinds of chicken Philosophies of life, the more politically, economically and socially crippled they will become for the benefits of the chicken Farmer and others.

This means, only the urgent recovery, development and daily use of their forgotten Eagle Philosophy in all its totality, purity, might and glory can put an end once and for all to the genocide of today's chicken philosophies that turn Eagles into anti - Eagle Philosophy and pro-chicken philosophies.

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