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Chicken perspectives for chickens enables chickens to prosper and live in life as chickens. But chicken perspectives for Eagles are genocide to Eagles.

All because, Eagle Perspective for Eagles is the Eagle Power that enables Eagles to know and master their Eagle World Order, Eagle Universe and Eagle World Cosmos in all its totality, purity, might and glory.

Through Eagle Perspective for Eagles, Eagles are able to have a positive view, knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the Universe in general and their Eagle Universe or World in particular.

Eagle Perspective for Eagles is therefore the inner Eagle Key that enables Eagles to live constantly in tune to the limitless power of the Universe as part and parcel of Creation. Eagle Perspective for Eagles is to Eagles what a compass is to a sailor or ship.

Eagle Perspective for Eagles is thus the Eagle point of reference, the Eagle signature and the Eagle spot on the world map. It is the divine space that Eagles occupy in life.

In short, Eagle Perspective for Eagles is the Eagle Eyes with which Eagles see, define, interpret, experience, know, understand, appreciate, value, protect, promote and project the sacredness of their Eagle World, Eagle Life, Eagle Personality and Eagle Culture and Values for life.

This means, Eagles without Eagle Perspective is like the day without sunshine or the night without moonlight. The chicken Farmer knows this, hence, his tireless efforts to get his Eagles to see the world not with their Eagle Eyes but with chicken eyes.

This means, perpetual distortion of what his Eagles see. And the more distorted their world views become, the more confused, chaotic, enslaved, uprooted their Eagle Mind becomes.

Just as it is difficult, if not impossible, for chickens to experience the world with Eagle Eyes rather than with their own chicken eyes, getting Eagles to reject their Eagle Perspective of life for chicken perspectives of the world, can only mean total death to the Eagles.

For their chicken perspectives of the world can only limit their thinking and condition them to have and prefer negative chicken perspectives of life to a positive Eagle Perspective of life.

It also programs his Eagles to see the world or life as essentially hostile, unkind, uncaring, un-loving, poor, bad, evil, and criminal to fight, dominate, control, own, use, exploit and destroy instead of living in total peace and harmony with it. This makes them to live negatively rather than positively.

Chicken perspectives for Eagles can only limit the power, the belief and the faith they have in the world and in themselves as Eagles.

It makes them prefer the chaff of life to the grain of life. It makes them see their chicken enslavement as freedom, their chicken lies as truths, their chicken hell as heaven and their chicken loss as their salvation.

This is so, because their Eagle Power, Wealth, Riches, and Prosperity do not benefit them as Eagles but only the chicken Farmer.

In other words, only Eagle - centric Eagle Perspective for all Eagles can save today's chickenized Eagles from the genocide of looking at the world and life with chicken eyes instead of with their own Eagle Eyes.

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