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How AFRIKAEAGLES are de-Eaglenized or Chickenized for Easy Control

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By (c) 2011 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat; Doctorat d'Etat (PhD); DESS (M.Phil); M.Sc.; DIPLOME de l'IIAP, (Post-Grad.Dipl ;); BA Double HONS etc, [email protected]

Five hundred seasons ago, a chicken Farmer finds two Eagle eggs in a forest. He takes them home and shows them to his family. “Let's cook and eat them,” says the Farmer's wife. “Why?”, Asks the Farmer. “Because Eagle eggs are very delicious. They will bring good luck to those who eat them,” replies the Farmer's wife. “To eat them is to lose them. Why not rather allow them to hatch into Eagles for us?” Suggests their daughter Ama. “Eagles among our chickens? You must be kidding. It will mean total destruction of all our chickens which will mean loss of our wealth, riches, money, power, domination and control over all our chickens,” reminds Amata, their son.

“You are right, my son. But we can still have Eagles that cannot cause any harm either to our chickens or to our supremacy over them,” says the Farmer. They all laugh, look into each other's faces and think their daddy is going out of his mind.

“But Daddy, how can you talk of harmless Eagles?” Asks Amata.

“It is very easy, my children. All we need to do is to find ways and means of turning our Eagles and their children into chickens that we can own, sell, buy, use, name after us, mis-educate, mis-inform, under-develop, impoverish, assimilate and integrate into our ways of life so as to dominate, control and exploit them for our guaranteed wealth and prosperity for life,” says the Farmer.

“But, Daddy,” cuts in Ama, “there are no Eagles that cannot fly. And how on earth can we control flying Eagles when we cannot fly ourselves?”

“Yes, Ama,” replies the Farmer. “We can make our Eagles become what we want them to become for our good. We can domesticate, tame, program and condition them into what they are not, chickens for life.”

“But Darling, why bother to have Eagles in addition to all the sea of chickens, cocks and hens that exist for our good?” asks the Farmer's wife.

“Eagles are stronger than chickens. They will do all the harder works our chickens cannot do for our profit. Eagles will save us a lot of money, increase our riches and make us more and more powerful. As long as we keep them under our control, all will be well,” the Farmer assures his family. After hours of endless discussions, the chicken Farmer succeeds in convincing his family of the need and urgency to add Eagles to their properties. They all agree to work together no matter what, for the realization of their dream of turning their Eagles into tamed and domesticated chickens for their benefits for life.

So, for five hundred seasons, the chicken Farmer and his children consider it their sacred duty to de-Eaglenize and chickenize their newly created Eagles and to perpetually keep them chickenized no matter the cost.

They all agree that it is to the utmost interest of their past, present and future generation to work together to forever conquer, dominate, control, use and exploit their politically, economically and socially tamed, domesticated, castrated, assimilated and integrated Eagles. For five hundred seasons, the chicken Farmer and his generations, one after the other, hold and keep absolute power and control over the minds, hearts and souls of their chickenized Eagles.

For five hundred seasons, they succeed in programming, conditioning, brainwashing, and mis-educating their tamed and domesticated Eagles to accept, love and live the lie that they are not Eagles but chickens.

After five hundred seasons of turning Eagles they cannot control into chickens they can control, full-blooded Eagles no longer need the sticks and carrots of the master to reject everything 'Eagle' as evil and to accept and adore everything 'chicken' as good, civilization, modernization, development, progress, freedom and salvation for them in their chicken worlds they are programmed to call their “independent and sovereign homes, countries, lands, nations or paradise” which they are ready to die to have and protect for life. Any Eagle Truth Preacher, Teacher, Crusader or Savior who dares to break the law and order of their chicken worlds is quickly bought or destroyed if he or she cannot be bought.

However, the more the Truth of the Eagleness of chickenized Eagles is suppressed, destroyed, ridiculed, denied, covered or hidden from them, the more it surfaces in the hearts, minds and spirits of the few brave, un-bought, unsold, uncontaminated, and uncompromising Eagle Truth Leaders, Scholars, Preachers, Teachers, Students and Public. Generously, they manufacture from their chicken educational factories more and more anti-Eagle Truth or chicken political, economic and social leaders, chicken Ph.D.s, chicken professors, chicken scholars, chicken elite, chicken super-stars, chicken money, men and women, chicken preachers, chicken activists and chicken revolutionaries to oppose, destroy, disprove, ridicule, tear into pieces and prevent at all cost, the spread of the Eagle Truth of Eagle Self-knowledge.

Millions and millions of dollars are quickly made available to all chickenized Eagle researchers willing and capable of proving to their own de-Eaglenized people the truthfulness and the enormous benefits of their chicken worlds, the reality of their chicken identities, the wonders of their chicken powers and the sweetness of their chicken successes and the lie or falsehood of the Eagle Truth of their Eagle Sky-bound and Sky-based Eagle Paradise, Eagle Identity, Eagle Power and Success.

Chicken world prizes of all sizes are quickly conferred here and there on prominent chicken-centric Eagle leaders, scholars, preachers, activists, students and public for Distinguished Break-through Works and Meritorious Services in Honor of their chicken science, chicken technology and chicken arts and crafts. Chicken secret services of all might have all the visible and invisible limitless powers they need and want to prevent the Eagle Truth of Eagle Self-knowledge from being known, accepted, loved, protected, defended, taught, preached and practiced by their de-Eaglenized public.

But, the more they move heaven and earth to keep their chicken Eagles or Eagle chicken citizens and nationals perpetually ignorant of the Eagle Truth of their Eagle Power and Redemption, the more the Truth is proudly born like a baobab tree in the hearts, minds and spirits of all the few brave Eagle chickens who are ready and prepared to know, accept, live and share their Eagle Truth with the rest of their sleeping or living dead brothers and sisters.

And the more they individually and collectively discover, know, experience and taste the limitless power and glory of their forgotten Eagle Truth in all her totality and purity, the more free and freer they become from all lies of their chickenness.

And the more they are possessed and obsessed, led, guided and protected by the all empowering, all liberating and the all cleansing power of their Eagle Truth of Total Eagle Salvation, the more bold, determined, convincing, authoritative, fearless, unsold, unbought, uncontaminated, uncompromising, impregnable, invincible and unconquerable they become in awakening, unifying, empowering, developing, protecting and liberating themselves and others from the genocide and hell of their chickenness with the power of their recovered Eagle Truth.

Soon, they begin to know that they are not and can never be authentic chickens in their chicken worlds, even if they are programmed to think so. That, they can never be free, independent, sovereign, developed, rich and happy chickens as native chickens in their present prison chicken worlds no matter how hard they try to do so.

Hence, they stop calling themselves chickens and begin to refer to themselves as chicken Eagles or Eagle chickens which to them represents a big progress. So, little by little, and one by one, chickenized Eagles begin to boast of the glory and success of their new-found Eagle-chicken identities.

But soon, some of them begin to refuse to see and treat themselves as chicken Eagles or Eagle chickens.

Then, it finally dawns upon them that they are full-blooded Eagles in chicken clothes and chicken worlds.

They begin to invest all their lives, time, resources in learning, knowing and mastering the Eagle Technology, Eagle Science and Eagle Art of flying and living as free independent and self-reliant Eagles again.

But the more they try to fly away from their chickenness and their chicken worlds, the more they fail to fly.

And the more they fail, the more determined they become in getting back their forgotten Power of their Eagle Identity and Eagle World. And the more they are laughed at, ridiculed, arrested, bought, or killed for trying to fly away from their chickenness, the more they press on to their Eagle Victory they now consider inevitable.

But soon, they realize that it is not enough to reject and break away from their chickenness. It is not even enough to go as far as rejecting and breaking away from the illusion or mirage of their Eagle-chicken identity.

Further more, they discover the painful Eagle Truth that it is not even enough for them to proclaim on their chicken mountain tops their Eagle Salvation that they are no more chicken slaves or second-rate chickens or chicken Eagles or Eagle chickens or chickeno-Eagles or Eaglo-chickens or chickenized Eagles or de-Eaglenized Eagles but simply full-blooded Eagles for life in dignity and freedom from their chickenness.

Not half Eagles and half chickens. Not even Eagles in chicken worlds.

Not even Eagles outside but chickens inside.
But Eagles of the Eagle Sky Paradise. Eagles, the world's first Master Universe Builders and Conquerors. Eagles as the Cradle of Humanity and Mother of today's world civilizations.

This means, their recovery of the power and glory of their Eagleness is not going to be a tea party. It means hard work. It means sacrifice. It means rejecting their chickenness and chicken worlds and living and dying only for their Eagleness.

It means patience to nurse their clipped, sick, weak or dead Eagle Wings back to their full Eagle Wings again. It means, patience to learn, learn and learn, know, master and apply the Eagle Truth of who and what their Eagleness is.

It means, total belief in the Eagle Truth that the more they are willing and ready to practice how to fly and live as Eagles again, the more perfect they will become at it. It also means, total faith in the fact that flying from the ground of their chickenness to the Sky of their Eagleness is not only feasible and possible.

It is also inevitable and within the grasp and control of all who dare trust and open their hitherto sleeping Eagle Wings to carry them back to the limitless power, glory, dignity and freedom of their forgotten Eagle Sky Paradise and Power. They know it is easier for them to be chickens than Eagles.

They know it is easier to beg for crumbs from the tables of others than make their own Eagle Bread their own Eagle Way and for their Eagle Benefits, but press on to total Eagle Victory they must. They know fear has no power over them. They know their Eagle Time is here. They know the more the obstacles to conquer, the sweeter their Eagle Victory over their chicken worlds shall be.

So, by being willing to learn from their uncontaminated Eagles of the Eagle Sky World above them, they re-master one after another their forgotten secret of flying and living as Eagles.

As the few begin to fly away to where they truly belong, others one after another begin to join them. And very soon all of them have left the curse, the genocide and the hell of their false chickenness to the heaven of their Eagle Celestial Paradise for life in freedom, love, justice, happiness and dignity for all.

By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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