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How to Reclaim the Riches of the World's Richest Continent on Earth for the BENEFITS of all Cont/Diaspora Afrikans

by :
© 2011 Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat,
* PhD; Doctorat d'Etat, PhD; MSC.; DESS ( French M.Phil ); Diplome de l'IIAP, ( French Post Grad Dipl); BA Double Hons etc* [email protected]

Our Dearest Mother Continental Afrika is on sale not by Foreign Wolves to other Foreign Wolves but by her own Sold-out and Bought-out Flesh and Blood leaders in power today

Your Sacred and Holy Continental Afrika is on sale to those who never have enough of Continental Afrika's Sweet and Eternal Flesh Meat, Blood and Sweat,

Our Glorious Continental Afrika is on sale in North Afrika turned into photocopies and caricatures of Arab lands and Arab republics which they are not ,

Our Continental Afrikan Home is on sale in our forgotten Proud Republic of Azania transformed into modern white man's plantations for our Honorable Revolutionary Brothers turned into Honorable White man's Paradise Gatekeepers to watch over for them while the Majority of their Soweto or Azania Masses continue to Lack and Suffer in a Half Trillion Dollar Economy

Our Precious Continental Afrikan Motherland is on sale in East Afrika turned into Foreign Safari Toys of Relaxation for the Few and Eternal Tears and Blood for the Many,

Our One and Only Continental Afrikan Mother is on sale in Central Afrika turned into French/Belgium backyards for them to urinate and spit on as they choose,

Our One and Only Continental Afrika is on sale in West Afrika transformed into the World Bank/IMF's wonder Boyism of yes-master Leaders who will do anything to keep and perpetuate themselves in power by pleasing at all cost their Foreign Creators and Financiers while the Bulk of their Population bears the Scars of their Tragic sold-out politics of Heaven for the Few and Hell for the Many no matter what,

Yes, our Holy Continental Afrikan Motherland is for sale everywhere and to any Foreign Crumbs her today's desperate leaders can get no matter the price to their People,

Our One and Indivisible Continental Afrikan Homeland is seriously on sale for foreign political, economic and social Crumbs we are programmed to hail, die and live for as our Loaf,

Our Beloved AFRIKAMAMAGA , the world's Proud Cradle of Humanity and Mother of today's world Civilizations is for sale here and there to a USA-Led White Supremacist Power-based and oriented Governments/Leaders and their faithful and loyal Stooges and Gatekeepers in power for them all over the Continent to reign supreme over the Carcasses of the Bulk of our People

The world's most deadly invisible free-for-all USA/Western/Foreign Takeover , Recolonization, Penetrations, Looting and Control of our Precious and Sacred Continental Afrika's Womb is now in full gear with the full support of those who should have been protecting Afrika against all forms of External and Internal Contamination.

And yet, only the Chosen Few still with AFRIKACENTRIC Continental Afrikan Eyes can see it happening,

Only the Few still left with AFRIKACENTRIC Continental Afrikan Ears can hear it coming.

Only the Few still left with AFRIKACENTRIC Continental Afrikan Mind can now know and believe the gravity of our 2,000 season-old Hell of Humanity's worst Genocide that has ever been unleashed against any Human Group on Earth with our Full Blessing,

Only the Unbought Few, the Unsold Few and the Uncorrupted Few Continental AFRIKADZATAs and the AFRIKAPHARAOHs and the AFRIKAFIAGAs or the AFRIKADELAs among us dare bell the CAT of neocolonialism that is destroying us,

Only the Few who are still the AFRIKACENTRIC Continental Afrikan Products of their AFRIKACENTRIC Continental Afrikan People , Culture, Education and Training can understand and relate to the urgency in Saving our Beloved Home on fire which their Euro-centric "African" Elite in power for them are thoroughly programmed to call "progress, development, growth, prosperity, change or a success story from the hell of their structural adjustment, "

The Arab-centric "African" elite/leaders kept in power at all cost by their Oil Rich Arab Creators and Financiers, are given all the Arab Crumbs they need to Arabanize or turn the Continent into a religious colony of Allah of the Arab religion they call Islam,

The Jewish-centric "African" elite/leaders in power at all cost by their "Christian" Powers and Brothers are also given all the Christian Leftovers they need to Christianize/Westernize or turn the Continent into a religious colony of a Jewish Holy Man they call Jesus,

The Euro-centric "African" elite/leaders kept in power at all cost by their Western Creators and Financiers are also given all the White man's Surpluses they need to oversee and perpetuate a White Supremacist World Order and Status quo-based and controlled Afrika that guarantees heaven for the Few and Hell for the Many no matter how hard and long they shed their tears, sweat and blood for a Better Life on Earth,

Continental Afrika's today's Sale by her own Bought and Sold out Flesh and Blood to the Outside Wolves did not start today,

The Sale of our Blessed Continent was not born today but 2000 years ago, when Few of our Continental Afrikan Elite in Ancient Egypt, against three million Year old Warning and Taboo Law, opened for the first time, to the Outside Wolves, the World's First Holy and Sacred Gate to the world's First and Most Ancient Holy and Sacred Womb of Humanity's first Heaven on Earth on the world's First Holy Land in Continental Afrika,

Today's tragic and fatal Sale of our Glorious Mother Continental Afrika's Wealth and Riches that started 2,000 seasons ago is now happily and proudly being carried out by well-rewarded and well-protected Foreign-created and controlled Agents or Puppets kept in power not by their Continental Afrikan People but their Foreign Creators to protect and defend not Continental Afrikan Cause, Interest and Needs of their People but the Slave, Colonial and Neocolonial Orders or Status Quo in Afrika that feed fat on the carcasses of their People,

That is why they gladly and zealously continue to perpetually lick Foreign Boots of all kinds for the recolonization of our Sacred Continental Afrikan Homeland,

That is why they shamelessly turn the world's Fist Continent on Earth into the world's most leaderless Continent on Earth,

In the name of Outside-based and controlled Growth without Development agendas and solutions , the richest Continent on Earth is being sold as Meat for the Few and Bones for the Many,

In the name of the development of the Underdevelopment of the world's first Developed Land, World and Place on Earth to guarantee us our present Hell of chronic Man-made Misery, the Many watch the Few sell their priceless Land to those who never have enough of Continental Afrika's Land and her precious Resources,

In the name of Security for the Few and insecurity for the Many, our Continent is now being invaded by voracious Western, Arab and Jewish Bees at the sole and express Invitation and Request of those who are supposed to protect us against the poison of their deadly claws and jaws

In the name of guaranteed heaven for the Few and guaranteed perpetual Hell for the many, the Bulk of our Continental Afrikan Masses are thrown one after another into the Abyss of chronic Man-made Lack on the richest Continent on Earth while their leaders enjoy the Good Life in the prisons of Stone-hearted Fortresses of their little Paris, London or New York in Afrika,

That is why their today's perpetually begging for Foreign political, economic and social Crumbs, Leftovers or Surpluses while they keep all the World's Loaf we make for them to themselves is no longer called our colonization but "Progress" for Afrika,

That is why our continuous carrying them on our Heads for them to urinate, spit and desiccate on us at will is no more called Arab and Western Slave Trades that rob us of 150 Million Continental Afrikans but Afrika's "progress" to live and die for no matter what,

That is why, our today's active Digging of our own Graves and Burying Ourselves Alive in the cemetery of our Self-ignorance and Fragmentation for today's World Enslavers and Wealth Looters to dance on is no more called neocolonialism but Honorable "World Bank, IMF, UN, Foreign Aid, Foreign Investments, Foreign Trade Development, Education, Religion, Science and Technology, Afrikan Leaders "

But sooner or later, whether they or our present sold-out agents in power like it or not, the long awaited Sun of our Glorious Continental Afrikan Power is soon to rise up again and set us free from our today's colonialism of our own Self-Recolonization and Self-De-Afrikanization in the name of which we zealously turn ourselves into Photocopies of others in our today's Surplus, Leftover and Crumbs Foreign suits, feet and wings.

NB; The author Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, holds the highest French PhD called Doctoral d'Etat in Afrikan/Pan-Afrikan Studies from Sorbonne, Paris ll, and is currently a Professor, Public, Guest and Keynote Speaker and International Consultant, Mediator, Arbitrator and Negotiator with a Spartanburg-based 501 (c) 3 Tax-exempt Afrikan Culture Institute and Author of Forty AFRIKACENTRIC Books on the Root CAUSES of the Continental/Diaspora Afrikan World Crisis and why only an URGENT CREATION OF WHAT HE CALLS AFRIKACENTRIC CONTINENTAL AFRIKAN GOVERNMENT AGENDA CAN SAVE AFRIKA FROM THE HELL OF ITS TODAY'S MAN-MADE HELL OF SELF-IGNORANCE, DEPENDENCY AND LACK ON THE RICHEST CONTINENT ON EARTH OF WHICH HE IS THE WORLD'S CHIEF EXPERT AND CHAMPION AS GARVEY-NKRUMAH REINCARNATED AND HEIR

By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD;

*Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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