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One ContAfrikaLanguage for all Cont/Diaspora Afrikans is a MUST and Our RIGHT

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© 2011 Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat,
* PhD; Doctorat d'Etat, PhD; MSC.; DESS ( French M.Phil ); Diplome de l'IIAP, ( French Post Grad Dipl); BA Double Hons etc* [email protected]

Can White/Anglo/Western controlled USA, JAPAN, China, Germany, Russia , Britain, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Indonesia and others whose languages today's Afrikans have become so dependent on , addicted to and enslaved by, be today at the Pinnacle of World Material Power and Prosperity without common National Languages of their own making to Unify, Empower and Bind them together as members of One Nation with a Common Land, Past, Present and Future Destiny to be Proud of, Protect, Defend and Promote at all times and no matter the cost?

Can we talk of, let alone have, a USA Super Power-ness, a Russian Power, a Chinese Nation, a Japanese Wonder, a German Miracle, a British Might, a French Revolution, a Portuguese Supremacy, a Spanish Conquest or an Indonesia Boom and so on, without their respective National Languages that are spoken and understood by the majority, if not all, their Nationals and Citizens which allows and guarantees all the People, a big SAY and PARTICIPATION in the PROCESS of Governance of their countries for the Good of all the People.

No! No! and a Big NO can only be the obvious answers to the above questions because Leaders and People of the above Powers that count today in our world, know, believe and accept three hundred percent the fact that without a common National Language of their own Creation or Making, there will not be today a Strong, Powerful and Prosperous USA, Japan, China, the Soviet Union, Germany, Britain, France, Portugal, Spain or Indonesia to Boast and be Proud of.

Without a common National Language or Lingua Franca which is Used, Spoken and Understood by all or the bulk of their People, there can never be a USA Democracy, Japanese Miracle, Chinese Development, German Reunification, British Influence, French Revolution, Spanish Conquest, Portuguese Supremacy or Indonesia Boom to Brag about.

That is why, None of them, in Life or Death, will Ever think of, let alone Commit the Suicide of Accepting, Exchanging, Trading or Preferring Foreign or Alien Languages to their own Created and Developed National Languages for which they will die to preserve, defend, protect, enrich and Promote Nationally and Internationally for Life no matter the cost or risk to them .

All because, they know today's USA, Japan, China, Germany, the Soviet Union, Britain, France, Italy, Indonesia, Spain, Portuguese and others will be Politically, Economically and Socially Zero without a common National Language of their own to Glue, Cement or Hold them together as One Nation and without which the Hell of Perpetual Chaos in Disunity and Dependence can only be their Daily Poison to Drink Daily for their Deaths.

That is why Continental Afrika as the Cradle of Humanity in Ancient Afrikan Ethiopia, Nubia and Egypt thought it wise and crucial to invent, develop and create for their use and benefit the world's first Language on Earth which enables her to become the One and Only proud Mother of the entire Human Race and the Heart or Center of the entire Universe in Ancient Continental Afrika for Three Million Years in Ancient Terms and ten thousand years in modern terms.

That is why our ancient continental Afrikan Ancestors could not but flourish and prosper in peace and harmony with themselves and the rest of creation because they had and were blessed with a common national Afrikan Ethiopian language, a common national Afrikan Nubian language, and a common national Egyptian language which became fragmented into today's major and minor pre-slavery and pre- colonial Afrikan languages after the fall of Egypt and the mass exodus of our ancestors from Egypt to where they are continentally today.

This means while our continental Afrikan ancestors were busy inventing the world's first concept and practice of one family, nation, kingdom, empire, science and technology, and so on, there were no today's USA, no Japan, no China, no Germany, no Arabs, no Portuguese, no Spanish, no Britain and no France on earth to force or encourage Afrikans to replace their sacred and precious Afrikan languages with Arab, French, British, Portuguese and Spanish languages as we have them today and which we are programmed to consider as better, more superior to, more useful and more modern than our various national Afrikan languages that gave birth to the slave/colonial languages we have become addicted to for our doom.

This explains why, since the advent of the Arab and western conquerors on the continent of Afrika, everything was and is still being done by them and their faithful, loyal and well-rewarded agents in power for them, to prevent, stop, and discourage at all costs, today's Afrikans from knowing, claiming and affirming their divine right, power and benefit of speaking to each other and governing themselves not in alien languages but in the continental Afrikan language of their own making and which alone can free them from the hell of the linguistic colonialism of Arab, French, British, Portuguese and Spanish languages to which we have become so addicted and enslaved by .

Hence, Arab and western powers will move heaven and earth to make sure today's Afrikans use only their colonial languages, not because they will do us good or save us as they constantly claim, but because they will deprive us of and make us forget our own continental Afrikan language, so as to guarantee their perpetual Arab/Western domination, control, influence and exploitation of us.

These very Arab and western powers who will prefer death to speaking to each other and governing themselves in foreign/alien languages which they will never call or refer to as "progress," "change," "civilization," "development," but "suicide," see nothing wrong in their perpetual secret genocide efforts/plans/agendas in programming today's Afrikans to accept, believe and die for their Arab/Western slave, colonial and neo-colonial lies.

This means, it is not true that it is only they who are intelligent enough to conceive, create, develop and have their own created British, French, Arab, Portuguese and Spanish languages for today's Afrikans to embrace for their doom and the profits of those whose languages they have become prisoners of .

That is why, to many, the issue of one continental Afrikan language for all continental Afrikans at home and abroad does not even exist, let alone accepted as feasible to achieve for the benefit of all continental Afrikans.

Likewise, it is not also true that it is only their Arab, French, British, Portuguese and Spanish languages can confer on us "internationally accepted and recognized independent and sovereign African nations status ".

That is why no national Afrikan nation of pre-slavery and pre-colonial continental Afrika is accepted or recognized as an independent and Sovereign nation worth preserving by the Arab/Western conquerors.

That is why, all our major and minor pre-slavery and pre-colonial Afrikan nation states, kingdoms and empires, which were in some cases, more national, bigger, and larger than our today's colonially created and neo-colonially/artificially preserved Arab and western states without nations in their Neo-colonial Afrika, were and are still being systematically destroyed and denied their divine right to continue to exist and flourish as independent and sovereign Afrikan nations and to govern themselves in their own national Afrikan languages as Arab and western nations do.

In addition, it is is not also true that it is only their slave, colonial and neo-colonial languages of Arabic, French, English, Spanish and Portuguese can unify, develop, modernize, industrialize, save or hold together today's Afrikans as "nations" and not the Afrikan languages of their one thousand year- old pre-slavery and pre-colonial Afrikan nation-states and governments we are programmed to dismiss, reject and look down upon as "tribal, divisive, archaic, anti-modem, anti-change and anti- progress."

That is why, only five out of today's fifty-five colonial states in neo-colonial continental Afrika and her islands have the courage and audacity to have their own Afrikan languages as their official and national lingua franca over and above colonial languages while the rest of them consider it "progress," "change," "development" and "modem" to prefer colonial languages which are used and understood by only a tiny minority to their own created national Afrikan languages used and understood by all or the bulk of their people.

Hence, it is a BIG LIE that continental Afrika has more than 1,000 , 3,000, 5,000 or even 10,000 languages as those who don't want Afrika to unite under her own Continental Afrikan Lingua Franca, continue to fool us and condition us into accepting as the surest way of making impossible if not suicidal any attempts or desire on the part of today's Afrikans to think, let alone create, from the existing major pre-slavery and pre-colonial Afrikan languages, their Own One mighty continental Afrikan language and lingua franca for all continental Afrikans to learn, know, master, use and benefit from as members of one continental Afrikan Family or Nation with one common sacred continental Afrikan Homeland and a glorious Past to recover as the AFRIKACENTRIC Key to their recovery, knowledge, understanding and solution to our today's Afrikan world genocide of preferring the hell of alien languages to the Heaven of our own Made-In-Continental Afrika Lingua Franca for all Continental Afrikans to use and benefit from.

This means, it is not also true that our continuous use, love for, trust, faith and reliance on their colonial Languages of Arabic, French, English, Portuguese and Spanish is "progress" for Afrika And Continental/Diaspora Afrikans who have become enslaved by them and who think they are zero without speaking to each other in Foreign languages instead of their own created Continental AfrikaLanguage or Lingua Franca we call AFRIKAGBE .

That is why they will move heaven and earth to condition us into accepting their linguistic lies that Afrika only needs their colonial languages and not her own Continental Afrikan Language to save her from her present genocide linguistic Mess .

That is why nobody or Few on our continent today, dares see the need to bell the cat of linguistic colonialism that has been feasting fat on the carcasses of our Continental and national Afrikan Languages for our freedom from their deadly colonial/neocolonial claws.

Hence, it is not true that it is humanly impossible for Afrikans to turn their thousands of languages into less than sixty major Afrikan national languages and governments with one Mighty Continental Afrikan Language/Lingua Franca to bring them together, unify, empower , liberate, develop and enrich all as one Free , Strong, Prosperous, , Developed, Modernized, Industrialized and Happy Billion Continental Afrikans/Islanders, Citizens and Nationals for life in dignity, security and Justice of all.

Consequently, the above six Arab/Western linguistic propagandas are nothing but big lies which none of our today's reborn and awakened continental Afrikans can no longer afford to accept, believe, promote, die for , honor and preserve as their truths because, it is simply not true that the Arab, French, British, Portuguese and Spanish languages which we have become enslaved to are better than our own Created Continental Afrikan Language .

It is also not true that they are more intelligent than Afrikans, that is why they alone must have the right to have and profit from their own created National Languages/Lingua Franca.

All because, if they can create and defend their own respective national languages for their own profit, it stands to reason that, Continental Afrikans too are intelligent and capable enough to conceive, create and develop their own Continental Lingua Franca with their own Sixty National Afrikan Languages to empower them as they had once successfully done in the past as inventors of the world's first human Language that became fragmented into all the various pre-slavery and pre-colonial Afrikan languages we have now on the Continent .

This linguistic Miracle will be possible for Afrika too because our today's colonial and alien languages which we are gladly, zealously and proudly following to our death and at the expense of our sacred continental Afrikan language and our national Afrikan languages did not create themselves or did they fall from the sky but are all man-made by people with the same brain power and intelligence like us Afrikans.

Hence , what they have created and preserved for their own good, we too, Awakened Continental Afrikans can create, develop and promote for our own Collective Good.

This means, we don't have to destroy ourselves with the poison of their colonial languages.

We too have the right and power to know , accept, believe in the Truth that it is perfectly legal and within the divine awakened continental right for Afrikans too to work together in love and peace for the reality and feasibility of their continental Afrikan language dream no matter how much and how long they have programmed us against it.

In other words, having our own created continental Afrikan language as our lingua franca, far from turning the Continent of Afrika into total chaos or hell as we have been lied to and believed in , can only be our Key to our total Continental Afrikan Rebirth, Awakening, Empowerment, Liberation, Prosperity and Happiness for all Continental Afrikans as Arabic, French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, etc have successfully done for their creators.

Hence, it means , all our major and minor pre-slavery and pre- Afrikan languages, nations and governments are not countless or too many as we have been lied to and conditioned to accept as our truths but can be legally, constitutionally and in peace and order, reconstituted or re-organized into less than Sixty major independent and sovereign Afrikan nations/governments which we shall bring together to form our Soon-to-proclaimed Continental Afrikan Republic of all Continental Afrikans by all Continental Afrikans and for All Continental Afrikans as our only Made-In- Continental Afrika Solution to and Salvation from our today's Hell of Continental Afrikans speaking to each other via colonial/alien Languages which can only be an insult to our intelligence and our right to our own Afrikan Languages as others have and will defend to death to preserve.

By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD;

*Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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