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BY: (c) 2011 Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, Ph.D. DOCTORAT d'Etat ; DESS: ( French MPhil); M.SC. ; DIPLOME de l' IIAP: (Post-Grad. Dipl) ; B.A.DOUBLE HONS etc. , [email protected]

These days, our televisions, radios, and newspapers throughout today's Continental Afrikan world are full of alarming news of mounting Continental Afrikan total external debt. estimated at $350 billion in 2002 and $400B in 2005 and $800B in 2011 and which takes about $30 billion a year to service .

Consequently, we see and hear all kinds of self-appointed messiahs and apostles of Continental Afrika's foreign debts, crusading or begging Western governments and their institutions we call the "International Monetary Fund," "World Bank," or "United Nations" and the likes for "Debt Forgiveness," "Debt Relief," or "Debt Cancellation" and others for Continental Afrika as the solution to the continent's growing crisis.

Recently, leaders of a whole Afrikan continent of soon-to-be One Billion Continental Afrikans met, not to cancel collectively their foreign debts, but to beg like babies, the Western world for forgiveness of its debt to them.

Who Really Owes Whom?
And the AFRIKACENTRIC Trillion dollar question we may dare ask is who really owes whom? The West or Continental Afrika? Is it really true that Continental Afrika owes the Western world more money or debt than the Western world owes it? Who should be talking of debt forgiveness or cancellation now? The Western world or Continental Afrikan world?

To the neo-colonial or Euro-centric or Pro-foreign Afrikan leaders currently in charge of the continent and their yes-master elite, there is no doubt that it is Continental Afrika and not the West that needs debt relief for owing the West about $800 billion in debt and about $30 billion a year in debt servicing.

But, to the mentally awakened and liberated Afrikan with Afrikacentric Continental Afrikan mind and perspective, it is not true that the Continental Afrikan world owes more money or debt to the Western world than West owes her.

All because, contrary to what most of us are programmed to know, believe, accept and think, the West owes Afrika countless trillions of USA dollars more than Continental Afrika owes the West .

As shocking as this highly kept secret might be to the uninitiated of the Continental Afrikan Truth of Afrikacentricity, it is the plain truth which many weak- hearted run away from, let alone accept.

In fact. Continental Afrika's total external debt of about $800 billion over which today's leaders make so much fuss is nothing or is a mere drop of water in the ocean of Western/Arab debts to Continental and Diaspora Afrikan world and her people.

This means it should be the Western world and not Continental Afrikan world who

should be kneeling down to Continental/Diaspora Afrika for debt relief for the 500 years of Western/Arab atrocities, holocaust and genocide perpetuated against the Continental/Diaspora Afrikan people the world over which we cannot even qualify or quantify in monetary terms, let alone ask for adequate compensation, atonement or reparations.

The Arab Debt to Afrika
Consequently, the first evidence to prove our thesis that the Western world (including the Arab world) owes Continental Afrika trillions of USA dollars is what we call The Arab Debt to Afrika.

This debt, which we know very little or nothing about, let alone openly talk about for fear of offending our "Arab" Brothers and Sisters in Islam" , takes the form of the Fifty Million Continental Afrikans lost to thirteen centuries of Arab Slave Trade and Religious wars of conquest against Continental Afrikans that lasted from the 7th to the 20th Centuries.

Children of the few Afrikans who managed to survive the holocaust of the Arab Slave Trade in Continental Afrika can be seen everywhere today throughout the Arab world. Without their Afrikan sweat and sacrifice, today's Arab world would be zero.

To the millions of Afrikans who perished at the hands of the Arab Slave Trade and their religious wars of conquest that imposed their Arab Religion on Afrika which we are programmed to hail as " Islam" , no amount of Arab money called reparations or atonement can adequately compensate Mother Continental Afrika for the loss of her Fifty Million able Afrikan bodies and minds to the Arab Slave Trade that we know so little about.

To try to quantify in monetary terms the cost of the Fifty Million Afrikans lost to the Arab Slave Trade is to insult the sacred and precious memory of our Fifty Million Continental Afrikan Ancestors who were burnt alive in the Hell of Arab slave trade and atrocities in and against all Continental/Diaspora Afrikans, past, present and future.

Western Debt to Afrika
Beside the Arab Slave Debt, we can also talk of the Western Slave Debt to Continental Afrika which also runs into trillions of USA dollars and which the West can never pay us back.

The Western world owes trillions of dollars to Continental Afrika for robbing us of about one Hundred Million Continental Afrikans lost to the Western Slave Trade in Afrika.

As Greeks, Romans, British, Germans, French, Spanish and Portuguese - the Western world has enormously enriched itself with cheap Continental Afrikan slave labor for over five hundred years.

It is this cheap forced labor of the brave few Afrikan slaves and their children's children who survived the genocide of the Western Slave Trade whose endless tears, blood and sweat on Western sugar and cotton plantations built and developed the Western world to the economic success the West enjoys today.

Without five hundred years of precious Continental Afrikan brain, heart and hand power in the free service of White Supremacy Power , past and present, there would be not Western world as we know it today.

Just as the Arab world cannot pay Continental Afrika back for robbing the continent of Fifty Million Continental Afrikans, in the same way, the Western world can never atone, compensate or pay back the debt it owes Continental/Diaspora Afrika for the One Hundred Million Continental Afrikans it stole from Continental Afrika for its own development and Prosperity.

White Debt to Diaspora Afrikans
In the same way, the Western world owes Continental/Diaspora Afrika, trillions of USA dollars for its continuous domination, control, use and exploitation of the present Two Hundred Million Diaspora Afrikans kept ignorant, fragmented, dependent, and needy in the belly of Babylon.

Solid Two Hundred Million children of Mother Continental Afrika who should have been free at home in Continental Afrika working for the progress and riches of their Continental Afrikan Motherland, are now far away from Continental Afrika, benefiting not the Continental Afrikan world who wants and needs her children

back in Continental Afrika, but instead, the Western world for the past Five Hundred years.

This means the West owes countless dollars to Mother Continental Afrika for the

trillions of USA dollars that the West cunningly acquired on the backs of Two Hundred Million Diaspora Afrikans kept away from their Continental Afrikan Homeland, Root, and

Heritage up until today.
In addition to the above White Debt owed to Diaspora and Continental Afrika, we also have Western Colonial Debt to Mother Continental Afrika which takes the form of One Hundred years of Western colonial domination, control, use and exploitation of the Continental Afrikan world, people and riches that have survived the atrocities of the

Arab/Western Slave Holocaust .
The cost of replacing the Continental Afrikan World Order with foreign world orders and the Continental Afrikan way of life with alien ways of life can only run into countless trillions of USA dollars which the West can never pay back to Continental Afrika.

Hence, the trillions of USA dollars harvested by the West from their highly profitable business of western colonialism belong not to the West but to Mother Continental Afrika.

Besides, we can also talk of Western Neo-Colonial Debt owed Continental Afrika by the Western world.

The cost to Afrika of the highly profitable Western business of profiting from colonialism turned into neocolonialism also runs into trillions of USA dollars that the West cannot pay back to Continental Afrika in monetary terms.

Trillions of USA dollars as profits are made yearly for the past Five Hundred years by the West from its highly lucrative business of neocolonialism that is now the supreme ruler of our today's continent. By turning and keeping the entire continent and its leaders into agents of western neocolonialism, the West is able to guarantee itself trillions of profits upon profits while the continent of Afrika sinks daily into the bottomless sea of Western neocolonialism and greed.

Likewise, we can also talk of Western debt to Continental Afrika in terms of Continental Afrikan Mineral Debt.

In the name of this debt, millions of tons of precious Continental Afrikan mineral resources of all kinds have been systematically stolen and are still being stolen to enrich the Western world for the past Two Thousand years.

Today, the walls, ceilings, and floors of the Vatican, the seat of the Roman Catholic Empire, glitter with tons of stolen gold from Continental Afrika.

All of today's Western banks will collapse one day without the millions of tons of stolen Continental Afrikan gold piled up within their banking walls to provide weight and security to their Western economics.

Today's Western currencies led by the USA dollar will be reduced to zero without their mountain of illegally acquired Continental Afrikan gold to back them up.

Today's Western world military might based on the atomic bomb power will come to zero without millions of tons of Afrika's uranium needed for their war factories.

This means all the trillions of USA dollars the West gets every year as profit from stealing or underpaying Continental Afrika for the use of her mineral resources belong not to the West but to Continental Afrika which the West owes Afrika as Continental Afrika Mineral Debt and which can never be paid back in monetary terms by the West to

Continental Afrika.
Additionally, the West also owes Continental Afrika what we call the Continental Afrikan Natural Resources Debt that runs into trillions of USA dollars.

For One Thousand years, the Western world has succeeded in looting and still continues to loot or underpay for millions of tons of Continental Afrikan Natural Resources like timber, "cash" crops, and the likes.

In this way, all the trillions of USA dollars made by the West from stolen Continental Afrikan Natural Resources belong, by right, to Continental Afrika and never to the Western world.

We also have Foreign "Aid" Debt owed to Continental Afrika by the West which also runs into trillions of USA dollars in profit every year for Two Thousand years.

While foreign investments in Continental Afrika mean plenty of meat for the Western world and a lot of bones to Continental Afrika to perpetually fight over and die for , foreign "aids" to the Continental Afrikan world are also nothing but plenty loaves of bread for the West and a lot of Western political, economic and social crumbs, leftovers and surpluses for the Bulk of our today's Continental/Diaspora Afrikan World and People.

This is so because for every one cent "given" to any part of colonial or neo-colonial Continental Afrika by Western governments, their institutions and companies, they are automatically guaranteed ten cents in return as profit.

In this way, the West owes the Continental Afrikan world, trillions of USA dollars in profits that belong not to the West but to Mother Continental Afrika by right

We can also talk of the Continental Afrikan Cultural Debt which is owed Continental Afrika by the West and runs into trillions of USA dollars in profit annually.

For Two Thousand years, Western cultural genocide against Continental Afrika characterized by chronic self-ignorance, mental enslavement, identity crisis, de-Afrikanization, Westernization , assimilation, uprootment, fragmentation, domination, control and exploitation of our Continental Afrikan World, Culture, Values, Personality and Well-Being are debts the Western world owes Mother Continental Afrika that no amount of Western money or atonement can adequately compensate us for.

We also have what we call Human Resource Debt owed to Continental Afrika by the West.

This debt is characterized by Continental Afrikan Brain Drain or Exodus through which the West is able to systematically drain/rob the Continental Afrikan world of all the best of her Brains, Minds, Personalities and Leaders.

Today, the top best of all Continental Afrikan scientists, doctors, engineers, lawyers, professors, scholars, leaders, students, inventors, creators and discoverers etc who should have been working for the empowerment, liberation, prosperity, salvation, security and happiness of their Continental Afrikan Homeland, are bought with all the Western money one can think of to work, not for Continental Afrika's benefits, but for the profit of Western governments, institutions, companies and agents in power for them.

This Human Resource or Brain Drain Debt owed Continental Afrika by the West also runs into trillions of USA dollars which the West makes with each year of Afrikan Brains working for them while their Continent sinks deeper and deeper into oblivion.

We can also talk of the Unequal Foreign Trade Debt owed Continental Afrika by the West.

This debt takes the form of trillions of USA dollars of profit made and accumulated every year by the West from its unequal trade with the Continental Afrikan world for the past Two Thousand years.

In the name of one-sided Western-controlled trade with Continental Afrikan products which the West buys at the price it wants, the West is able and still continues to make trillions of USA dollars in profit every year on Continental Afrika which belongs not to the West but to Continental Afrika, by right .

Besides, the West owes Continental Afrika trillions of dollars as profits from its one-sided and Western-controlled investments in colonial and neo-colonial Continental Afrika.

Through this Western or Foreign Investment Debt Owed to Continental Afrika, the West is able to guarantee meat for itself and bones for Continental Afrika.

This is so because for every one cent that Western governments, their institutions or companies "invest" in any part of Continental Afrika, past and present, they are guaranteed ten cents in return.

This means, the above mentioned countless trillions and trillions of USA dollars owed Continental Afrika by the West are trillion times more than the peanut $800 billion dollars today's Continental Afrikan world owes the West as external debt

Hence, if the heavily indebted Western world to Continental Afrika is not worried and totally silent over its trillions of USA dollars debt to Continental Afrika, why should the Continental Afrikan world of today be panicking over its present peanut debt to the West?

If Western governments which owe us more money than we owe them are not begging us, their creditor, for debt relief, debt forgiveness or debt cancellation, why should leaders in today's Continental Afrika be fooled into believing the colonial/neo-colonial lie that what they need from the Western governments today is more and more foreign trade instead of more and more Inter Continental Afrikan Trade or more and more foreign investments instead of more and more Inter Continental Afrikan Investments or more and more Foreign aids instead of more and more Continental Afrikan Self-reliance and self-sufficiency or more and more foreign debts forgiveness instead of more and more payment to Continental Afrika by the West , the Arab and Jewish , the enormous Debts they each owe all past and present Continental/Diaspora Afrikans .

This means, Western governments, their institutions and private companies can never be Continental Afrikan world's creditors" or "donors" but its world's first debtors.

This is all because, each year, and for the past Five Hundred years, for every ten cents that are legally or officially stolen from Continental Afrika by the West to develop the Western world, only one cent is returned to Continental Afrika as Western or foreign "aids" , "investments." or " trade" .

This means, our today's neo-colonial Continental Afrika as modern western plantations, spheres or zones of Western influence, generates every year and for the past Five Hundred years for the Western world's profits, trillion times of money or wealth than it receives from the West.

In conclusion, the above evidence establishes the fact that the Western world governments owe the Continental Afrikan world and people more money than we owe them.

Simply stated, Continental Afrika is the Western world's creditor and never its debtor.

It also means that today's Continental Afrikan world "Debt Crisis" is factually or

historically incorrect.
It is nothing but Western or neo-colonial ploy or lie to keep Continental Afrika perpetually in debt and intimidated so as to confuse their agents in power about the truth as to who owes who and what.

It is also clear that today's "Debt Crisis" exists to terrorize the Continental Afrikan world into total submission, vis a vis the West.

And also, because Continental Afrika is too divided, too fragmented, too dependent, too vulnerable and too weak to say, "No" to the fallacies or lies of Afrika's debt to the West.

But through the creation of our AFRIKACENTRIC Continental Afrikan Super Power Nation- State, Democracy, Government, and leadership to reclaim our forgotten world power status, as the cradle of Humanity, all awakened Continental Afrikans will , once again , be able to endow themselves with their Mighty Super Power Continental Means to break away, once and for all, from the West and be totally free from the present foreign domination, control and exploitation for life.

In other words, by coming together under one mighty, free, self-reliant Afrikacentric Continental Afrikan Pyramid Super Power Nation-state and Government, all children of Mother Continental/Diaspora Afrika reborn as Continental Afrikans will endow themselves with the AFRIKACENTRIC Continental Afrikan Foundation , Power, Will, Courage and Means we all need to say, "No" forever, once and for all, to their eternal control of Western governments, their institutions and private companies and their poisoned gifts.

Hence, reparation is not and can never be the answer to today's Continental Afrika's Western made and controlled debt crisis in Continental Afrika.

All because no amount of stolen, illegally acquired, bloody Western money can adequately compensate Continental/Diaspora Afrika for the Two Thousand years of foreign atrocities of genocide or holocaust committed against her.

What we need as awakened Continental Afrikans at home and abroad is not more and more dirty Western money to perpetuate our enslavement but more and more AFRIKACENTRIC Continental Afrikan Rebirth , Awakening, Identity, Unity, Oneness, Togetherness, Empowerment, Liberation, Development, Prosperity, Happiness, Security, Pride and Dignity for the enjoyment and benefit of all our today's One Billion Continental/Diaspora Afrikans .

In this way, all today's Continental/Diaspora Afrikans, will have the Only Guaranteed Made-In-Afrika self-reliant, self-supporting, self-sustaining Way and Means of setting themselves free , once and for all, from the jaws of neo-colonial "debt crisis" in Continental Afrika.

Western governments, their institutions, and private companies should rather be begging Continental Afrika today for debt relief, debt cancellation, or debt forgiveness for centuries of untold and priceless debts it owes Continental Afrika.

This means. Continental/Diaspora Afrikan world and people, at home and abroad, owe no debt to the Western world. Never in the past, never today and never tomorrow.

So, instead of worrying over the peanut debt we owe the West, the Arab and the Jew , we should rather be spending our time and resources on establishing a total debt-free Afrikacentric Continental AfrikaNation and Government which alone shall endow us with the Continental Afrikan Power , Base and Means to solve our daily problems continentally in love, peace, justice, freedom, and dignity as conscious and mentally liberated Continental Afrikans, Nationals and Citizens of our One and only Indivisible Continental Afrikan Homeland, free from foreign domination, control and debt for life.

By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD;

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