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BY: (c) 2011 Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, Ph.D. DOCTORAT d'Etat; DESS: (French MPhil); M.SC. ; DIPLOME de l' IIAP: (Post-Grad. Dipl) ; B.A.DOUBLE HONS etc. , [email protected]

To the Few Awakened and Mentally liberated Continental Afrikans at Home and Abroad, there ARE Two Opposing Forces fighting for the control of Continental Afrikan World and its enormous Wealth, Riches and Resources. The neocolonial forces and the AfrikaCentric Forces.

Neocolonial forces are NOT Afrikan but slave/colonial/neo-colonial forces or products carefully selected, miseducated, uprooted, misinformed and kept in power by external forces to satisfy and promote NOT CONTINENTAL AFRIKAN but Neocolonial/Foreign causes, agendas, needs, wants, and interests throughout today's Continental/Diaspora Afrikan World.

Afrikacentric Forces, on the other hand, are Products of Authentic Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikan World and People, initiated into the Secrets of Continental Afrikan Mysteries of our Creator AFRIKAMAWU and highly educated and trained the AfrikaCentric Way rather than Foreign-centric ways to serve the Cause, Agenda, Needs, and Interests of their Continental Afrikan People in and outside Afrika, no matter what.

Furthermore, neocolonial forces are "black" outside but thoroughly "white," or "Arab," or "Jewish" or "pro-foreign" inside. Neocolonial forces are, therefore, Euro-centric, Arab-Centric, Jewish-Centric, or pro-Foreign "Africans" in words, thoughts and deeds. They were created or made in the image of the "white man", the Arab and the Jew as counterfeits or photocopies of the French, British, Portuguese, Arab, Jews or Foreigners and kept in privileged positions of power or authority not by their Continental Afrikan People but by external Forces to whom they owe everything and without whom they will only be zero or mere nonentities in their various places of origin.

Neocolonial forces lobby and die day and night for and hail everything Foreign as "development," "progress," and "change" for Continental Afrika to accept and be grateful for, but are pathetically ignorant, reject, condemn or avoid everything Continental Afrika as "utopian," "impossible ""barbaric," "superstition," "paganism," "black," "Stone Age," "archaic." etc.

Hence, neocolonial forces believe Europeans/Arabs/Foreigners were and are still in Continental Afrika to "aid," "help," "develop," "save," "civilize," "modernize," "educate," "train," "industrialize," or "make life better" for Continental Afrikans and will move heaven and earth to have and enthrone more and more Foreigners as Kings over Continental Afrika's Wealth and Minds, no matter the loss to their People.

AfrikaCentric Forces, on the other hand, believe that Foreigners, Past, Present and Future, are MOSTLY and FIRST and FOREMOST in Continental Afrika for their own Good and for their own interests only and can only under-develop and impoverish Continental Afrika for their profits.

Neocolonial forces believe Continental Afrika will be zero without Foreigners helping Afrika, in one way or the other.

Neocolonial forces therefore believe and promote the lie that Continental Afrika will have no Future of her own, and will be zero without Foreign today's Foreign created and controlled state prisons, systems and institutions, zero without Foreign Aids, zero without Foreign Investments, zero without Foreign Trade, zero without Foreign Cash or Capital or Foreign Exchange, zero without Cash Crops for Foreign Markets or zero without perpetual financial, political, economic and social "crumbs, leftovers and surpluses, assistance or aid " from Western/Arab created and controlled monetary and financial institutions which they will do anything to have, no matter the cost or price to the Bulk of their suffering Masses.

AfrikaCentric Forces, on the other hand, believe the Salvation of their Continental Afrikan World lies within Afrika's own Nation-State, Identity, Nationality, Citizenship etc. and not within the existing colonially created and neo-colonially controlled status quo , and that, only an Afrikacentric Continental Afrikan Government can save Continental Afrika from her present hell of neocolonialism.

Instead, Neocolonial forces, accept as "normal" the existing slave/

colonial/neocolonial world orders, state-prisons, boundaries, status quo and the fragmentation and dependency status of their Continental Afrikan Home and Mother and Fatherland into French, British, Portuguese, Arab or Foreign political, economic and social state prisons and plantation systems and institutions which they are conditioned to call and treat as "sovereign, independent Afrikan states or nations."

Afrikan-Centric Forces reject the slave and colonial fragmentation of their Continental Afrikan World as illegal, unconstitutional and anti-Continental Afrikan Interests and work for its reunification.

Neocolonial forces call colonially created and neo-colonially protected Arab, French, British and Portuguese borders in Continental Afrika as "Afrikan," "Nigerian," "Egyptian," "Kenyan," or "Angolan" and so on, boundaries in Continental Afrika and tragically accept the existing colonially created and neo-colonially sustained prison states and plantation systems and institutions in neocolonial Continental Afrika as the basis or the Point of Reference for Continental Afrika's salvation.

AFRIKACENTRIC Forces strive for the urgent and immediate rupture and break away from and urgent replacement of the existing neocolonial orders and state prisons, systems and institutions in Continental Afrika with AfrikaCentric, i.e., all Continental Afrikan People's Made and Controlled Continental Afrikan World Order, Nation-State, Identity, Nationality, Citizenship, Government, Democracy, Leadership, Development, Prosperity and Happiness for all Continental Afrikans as the AfrikaCentric Basis, Foundation and Point of Reference for Continental Afrika's Salvation.

Neocolonial forces consider the present dependency status of the continent as

"normal" and "good" for Continental Afrika.
AfrikaCentric Forces reject Continental Afrika's present dependence on outside forces as suicidal for Continental Afrika.

Neocolonial forces believe Afrika needs foreigners in their great numbers to be saved.

AfrikaCentric Forces believe our rich Continental Afrika's Land and Resources will be far better off without its present British, French, Arab, Portuguese or Foreign Weeds sucking them to death.

Neocolonial forces believe, without more and more export to foreign markets, Continental Afrika will be zero.

AfrikaCentric Forces believe producing FIRST to satisfy external needs rather than internal Continental Afrikan Needs is not development but GENOCIDE for Continental Afrika.

Neocolonial forces believe Afrika cannot make it without foreign aids which they will lick any dirty Foreign Boots to have at all cost and anyhow.

AfrikaCentric Forces believe a United Continental Afrikan World, Nation-State and Government does not need foreign aids to be and to re-become the world's first Superpower of Self-reliant Prosperity for all which she was once for Humanity.

Neocolonial forces believe Continental Afrika will collapse without foreign investments and will move heaven and earth to have them.

AfrikaCentric Forces reject foreign investments in favor of AfrikaCentric Continental Afrikan Created and Based Investments by Wealthy AfrikaCentric Afrikans to satisfy Continental Afrika's Needs and Interests.

Neocolonial forces say Continental Afrika is for foreigners to own, control, enjoy, and rule over as Kings for life.

AfrikaCentric Forces say Continental Afrika Afrika's Wealth is for all Continental Afrikans at Home and Abroad. Neocolonial forces see Foreigners in Continental Afrika as indispensable "Friends," "Partners," "Allies," "Donors," "Developers," "Consultants," and the like, whom they will do anything to have and keep for their doom.

AfrikaCentric Forces know that every one cent Foreigners or any of their Institutions "give" Continental Afrika as "aids" or investments, they are guaranteed ten cents in return as profits for their repatriation and enjoyment back home.

Neocolonial forces spend all their time, energy and expertise BEGGING AND PLEASING FOREIGNERS FOR FOREIGN CRUMBS/CAPITAL they consider indispensable for Continental Afrika.

AfrikaCentric Forces believe that only United Continental Afrikan Nation-State and Government is able to generate and control each year not less than Fifteen Trillion US Dollars as its own Continental Afrikan National Product for use and benefits of all Continental Afrikans.

Neocolonial forces believe Continental Afrika is poor and think, act and speak poor as the surest ways of tuning and keeping Afrika poor or impoverished even if we all

know it is not true.
AfrikaCentric Forces believe Continental Afrika is not the poorest but rather the Richest Continent on Earth for us to reclaim, own and enrich for our benefits.

Neocolonial forces believe Continental Afrika is a Third World in dire need of those they call First World People.

AfrikaCentric Forces believe Continental Afrika is not Third but the World's First World on Earth. Neocolonial forces believe Continental Afrika is underdeveloped from head to toes and in dire need of Western style developments.

AfrikaCentric Forces believe Continental Afrika is not spiritually, religiously and socially underdeveloped but the World's First and Most developed on Earth.

Neocolonial forces believe colonially created and neo-colonially dependent prison states in Continental Afrika are "independent and sovereign Afrikan Nations, states or countries" with the means to "develop" and "save" their People from the genocide of neocolonialism.

AfrikaCentric Forces believe the existing states in Continental Afrika are not Continental Afrikan Nation-States but slave/colonial/neo-colonial Foreign Creations, Products/ Ropes/Chains or Mechanisms to perpetually keep and guarantee Continental Afrika's Self-ignorance, Fragmentation, Dependency, Domination, Control, Exploitation,

Powerlessness and Lack and Suffering on the richest Continent on Earth.

Neocolonial forces believe the present colonially created and neo-colonially sustained leaders in Continental Afrika are "African" leaders, African Presidents, African Prime Ministers, African Ministers and so on, capable of "saving" their People from the prison and curse of neocolonialism.

AfrikaCentric Forces see today's neocolonial leaders in Continental Afrika not as Continental Afrikan-made and oriented Leaders for Continental Afrika's Needs and Interests but as Agents of neocolonialism, well paid and well kept in Power to promote, guarantee and perpetuate Foreign Domination, Control and Exploitation of their Continent.

Neocolonial forces believe Foreigners can help "save" or "develop" Continental Afrika for them.

AfrikaCentric Forces believe any "development" based on or initiated or controlled by outside Forces is not and can never be AFRIKACENTRIC Continental Afrikan Development but the development of the underdevelopment of the Continent for the benefits of outside forces.

This is so because, neocolonial forces are Foreign-created, Foreign-oriented, Foreign educated, Foreign trained, Foreign protected, Foreign financed, Foreign directed and Foreign controlled by outside Foreign forces for their Foreign Needs in Continental Afrika

AfrikaCentric Forces are Continental Afrika-created, Continental Afrika-centered, Continental Afrika-educated, trained, protected, financed, controlled and directed for Continental Afrika's Needs.

Neocolonial forces will oppose to death any AfrikaCentric Change or Restructure in the neocolonial order for which they are well paid to protect and perpetuate.

AfrikaCentric Forces work for Total Rejection and Break from and Replacement of the present neocolonial orders in Continental Afrika with AfrikaCentric Continental l Afrikan World Order.

Neocolonial forces believe in neocolonial solutions of piecemeal, gradual and Symptoms-based and colonial/neocolonial state oriented solutions of Continental Afrika's crises that treat symptoms rather than the Cause of Continental Afrika's Crisis.

AfrikaCentric Forces call for Continental Afrikan Study, Knowledge, Understanding and Solution to the growing crises of Continental Afrika which they believe none of her present dependent and neocolonial states are equipped to solve on their own.

Neocolonial forces believe and work to uphold, promote and perpetuate slave/colonially created and controlled identities, nationalities, citizenships for all children of Mother Continental Afrika.

AfrikaCentric Forces believe and work tirelessly for the creation of one Continental Afrikan Identity, Nationality, Citizenship, Personality, Mentality, and Perspective for all the present One Billion Children of Mother Continental Afrika as Awakened and Mentally Liberated Continental Afrikans, Nationals and Citizens of our One and Indivisible Continental Afrikan Ancestral Homeland.

However, sooner or later, colonial/neocolonial French, British, Portuguese, White American based, oriented and controlled Forces in all their manifestation in Afrika are bound to be replaced by the growing number of AFRIKACENTRIC Power that is Continental Afrikan People's created, based, oriented, directed and controlled for Continental Afrika's Needs. Simply because, its Existence and Prosperity do not depend on Foreign "aids" or on any outside forces.

AfrikaCentric Continental Afrikan Power is, therefore, the only Made-in Continental Afrikan Power that alone has all the Power we need and want to make the entire Continental Afrikan World and People completely Self-reliant, Self-supporting, Self-fulfilling, Authentic and Original, in Total Love, Dignity, Peace and Harmony for all Continental Afrikans to rediscover, claim, work for, use, control and benefit from as a guaranteed Freedom and a Radical Break from the present growing number of neocolonial forces and their Agents in power whom we treat as kings while the Bulk of our Continental Afrikan People are quickly turned into doormats for dirty Foreign Feet of all sizes to feast on.

By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD;

*Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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