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Special Nov. 10 Message: Nigeria, Pres. Jonathan Hate Ogoni-Anyonein Doubt?

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Is anyone still doubting the assumption or proposition, fact and conclusion that Nigeria, Pres. Goodluck Jonathan hate Ogoni? Then follow me hereunder! It's no longer strange to hear or is it a secret nor unsound to state that Nigeria, Pres. Jonathan don't like but hate Ogoni and its people.

Evidence considered, among many others, are the manner we have been exploited, oppressed and killed. For example, Ken Saro-Wiwa and 8 others were hanged unjustly for speaking the truth about our fundamental rights and degraded environment, by Nigerian government and $hell Oil, as Nov. 10 proves. Several thousand innocent Ogonis have also been killed by the Nigerian government and $hell's assaults between 1993 and 2000.

Many more thousands have been killed by the duo ecological warfare (since 1958 to date), where bones are not broken, no one shot, but Ogonis continue to die from oil pollution. Ogoni environment has been completely degraded to signal the federal government's genocidal design, actions or execution against Ogoni. They recent UNEP report showing a time-bomb Ogoni sits on, has not moved Nigeria and Pres. Jonathan.

Also, Pres. Jonathan in 2010, recognized and honored prominent or Nigerian heroes' past as he called them, including those who helped usher in civil rule, which today is a dictatorship. Also recognized was late Isaac Adaka Boro whom I respect, for leading a revolution due to oppression and declared Niger delta Republic from Nigeria in 1966.

It is on record that Boro was overran in 12 days by the federal troops, imprisoned and then forced to fight for Nigeria in the Nigerian-Biafran Civil War (1967-1970), and later killed deliberately to stop further agitation from his end, according to the reports.

Ironically Ken Saro-Wiwa whose unjust hanging in 1995 forced the Commonwealth of Nations to suspend Nigeria for the first time in history (maybe this is what Nigeria is upset about?), was deliberately ignored. The condition for readmission was a swift change to civil from military regime. So the rulers moved fast and adhered to the condition and Nigeria was readmitted.

The many contributions of Saro-wiwa, including the democratic and justice-based awarenss he created throughout Nigeria and beyond, including the fact that he risked his life and helped saved Nigeria during the Nigerian-Biafran Civil War meant nothing to Nigerian cabal and Pres. Jonathan.

An attempt by former Nigerian Sen. Lee Maeba (an Ogoni who represented the Rivers State-South-East Senatorial District) to sponsor a bill at the senate asking that Saro-Wiwa be given a national honor for all his works and the fact that he and others were wrongfully/unjustly killed, was met with demonic outbursts by senators from mostly the so-called majority ethnic groups. They claimed honoring Saro-Wiwa will alter what the federal government did on Nov. 10, 1995-killing Saro-Wiwa and other unjustly.

Also, "Justice" Ibrahim Auta, who was bought by Nigeria and $hell to chair the tribunal that killed the Ogoni Nine was promoted to the position of "The Chief Judge (CJ) of the Federal High Court" in compensation for accepting the onerous task of abusing justice to kill the innocent Ogonis. The prosecutor, Joseph Daudu, who agreed to be bought so that Saro-Wiwa will die, was also promoted to head the Nigerian Bar Association NBA), for a job well done-killing the Ogoni Nine.

When I wrote the article titled: "Pres. Jonathan, You're A Hypocrite," and published Nov. 21, 2010 on Sahara and other Websites, people thought I was out of my mind. I also wrote and published on Sahara and other Websites, the article: "Pres. Jonathan Promotes Injustice Ibrahim Auta, Saro-Wiwa's Killer," (March 17, 2011).

There were mixed feelings and comments, though not surprised. I was not out of my mind as some thought or alleged, rather I know Nigeria, has been following its operations/dirty politics so analyzed the situation correctly like other sociopolitical analysis I have made.

Then to nail the long prepared Ogoni coffin, Nigeria, Pres. Jonathan have been completely silent about the safety of Ogoni irrespective of the UNEP scientific report, showing that Ogonis are drinking water from wells (despite billions of petrodollars carted away by the government and $hell), "that is contaminated with benzene, a known carcinogen, at levels over 900 times above World Health Organization (WHO) guideline," (UNEP report, page 11).

These reckless and uncaring acts are deliberate attempts by Nigeria (using $hell Oil) to apply indirect means (ecological warfare) to exterminate Ogonis.

Such irresponsible, despicable and diabolical conduct of the Nigerian government further cements the proposition, fact, or conclusion that Nigeria, Pres. Jonathan do not like, care about but hate Ogonis, and wants us die and disappear from the surface of the earth so that Ogoni sulfur-free oil and gas would become available and unhindered to Nigeria. The shameless plan is for Ogonis to die that Nigeria may live!

But the message for Nigeria and its undemocratic and irresponsible, incompetent, selfish, greedy and deadly rulers and $hell is that, Ogonis will fight to the last drop of their blood to protect what our fore-parents left for us before the illegal birth of Nigeria.

Now, to further demonstrate the severity and evidence of the threats Ogoni faces. Please, see page 25 (or 1.3) of the UNEP report, under the heading “The Ogoni struggle and the cessation of oil exploration and production, especially paragraph 1 that says:

"While oil exploration and associated social and environmental consequences in Ogoniland began prior to Nigeria's independence, the situation did not improve when the country gained independence in 1960. Environmental incidents, such as spills and uncontrolled flares, continued to occur in the area and responses were slow and inadequate."

See also page 9, paragraph 1 (under Executive Summary): “UNEP's field observations and scientific investigations found that oil contamination in Ogoniland is widespread and severely impacting many components of the environment. Even though the oil industry is no longer active in Ogoniland, oil spills continue to occur with alarming regularity-the Ogoni people live with this pollution everyday,” the report says.

Under Public Health on page 10, paragraph 1 of the UNEP report, “The Ogoni community is exposed to petroleum hydrocarbons in outdoor air and drinking water, sometimes at elevated concentrations.” And that Ogonis, “are also exposed to dermal contacts from contaminated soil, sediments and surface water.”

See paragraph 2 of page 10 of the UNEP report that says, “Since the average life expectancy in Nigeria is less than 50 years, it is a fair assumption that most members of the current Ogoniland community have lived with chronic oil pollution throughout their lives.”

The UNEP report as shown on page 10, paragraphs 1, 2, 3 and 4. Starting with Paragraph 1: “Oil pollution in many intertidal creeks has left mangroves denuded of leaves and stems, leaving roots coated in a bitumen-like substance sometimes 1 cm or more thick. Mangroves are spawning areas for fish and nurseries for juvenile fish and the extensive pollution of these areas is impacting the fish life-circle.”

Paragraph 2: “Any crops in areas directly impacted by oil spills will be damaged, and root crops, such as cassava, will be unstable. When farming commences, plants generally show signs of stress and yields are reportedly low than in non-impacted areas.”

Paragraph 3: “When an oil spill occurs on land, fires often break out, killing vegetation and creating a crust over the land, making remediation or revegetation difficult.”

Paragraph 4: “Channels that have been widened and the resulting dredged material are clearly evident in satellite images, decades after the dredging operation. Without proper rehabilitation, former mangrove areas which have been converted to bare ground are being colonized by invasive species such as nipa palm (which appears to be more resistant to heavy hydrocarbon pollution than native vegetation.”

“The report concludes that pollution of soil by petroleum hydrocarbons in Ogoniland is extensive in land, sediments and swampland,” as reported on page 9, in paragraph 1 bullet under “Contaminated soil and groundwater.”

Meanwhile, the aforementioned highlights how dangerous the Ogoni situation (the reason Saro-Wiwa was killed) so scientifically proven by UNEP report, a project Nigeria and $hell Oil ordered is. Unfortunately, Nigeria and Pres. Jonathan with the "brains of millipede and heads of stone" have refused bluntly to act in any measure no matter how small.

Although the UNEP report has been released since August 2011, the so-called Nigerian president, National Assembly, Rivers State government, which was supposed to closely manage and help develop Ogoni with the federal government, due to where Ogoni is located geographically and not by treaty, have not deemed it fit to visit Ogoni. They have refused to see things for themselves and act decisively after more than three months the report was released.

In civilized societies, as the oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico reportedly caused by British Petroleum's (BP, $hell brother) recklessness , though minor compared to Ogonis that are incessant and some lasted for decades, shows. The situation should have been an emergency that calls for a national emergency mobilization, hence response.

It is evident what Ogoni is getting from Nigeria and Pres. Jonathan, a president Ogoni struggle, raised a consciousness that helped his ascending to power. I can also understand the fact that the cabal and $hell Oil, which controls Nigeria makes more than 90 percent of the decisions in the country. This makes Jonathan redundant for the most part. Could he have worked better and done more?

Yes! At least he was able to approve about N48 billion on the eve of his 2011 presidential election that was rigged beyond words, for Niger delta development. Most of this money went to the militant infested region of Niger delta, where Jonathan hails, and none went to Ogoni, where peaceful agitation is synonymous.

Jonathan also approved the training of Ex Militants abroad, and send no monetary allocation to Ogoni which oil fueled Nigeria for more than 35 years (and nothing to show for this contribution but deaths and environmental ruins) for development.

In conclusion, and considering the painful experiences of the Ogoni people and a deadly fate we face currently, Ogonis are still determined to live, seek and claim their (our) rights. Other than the fact that Ogonis were forced like other ethnic groups or peoples into the Nigerian contraption against our wishes, by the British colonialists and not even Nigeria itself, in 1914, but concretized and institutionalized this gun-point conscription in 1960, when the non-existing state became independent.

Ogonis, have during these painful decades paid their dues and attempted relentlessly to be included and not being discriminated against as though they (we) are not humans nor slaves to other groups, especially the so-called majority ethnic groups of Hausa, Yoruba and Igbos, who have wield so much power and ruined all positive national arrangements for the selfishness of few political elite.

Yet Ogonis, like other groups have the fundamental rights as "free born" or to be born free and with equal dignity and life, liberty, and security. We have the rights not to be made servitude or slaves, and to a (our) nationality.

These rights, despite states sovereignty, are inalienable as stipulated by the Law of Nature and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, particularly in Articles 1, 3, 4 and 15, respectively. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is a standing document on which international law, human rights predicates. Nigeria is signatory, yet respects not the fundamental rights of the Ogoni people.

Ogonis, like other ethnic groups have other rights, which includes rights to self determination, our environment, and indigenous peoples' rights, etc. already mentioned inter alia, yet in passing or indirectly.

Consequent upon the above facts or evidence, it is no longer strange to hear or is it a secret nor unsound to state that the peaceful, hard working, oil-and-gas-rich, and hospitable people of Ogoni are disrespected, hated to the extent that their extermination is the tacit aim and objective of the Nigerian government and the so-called majority ethnic groups that run the country.

The choice, therefore, as Ogonis, is to either sit and watch Nigeria and Pres. Jonathan disrespect, hate, kill and extinct us by the dead silence over the UNEP report and other fundamental rights issues, or fight harder in honesty and unity to survive and protect our natural and internationally backed rights, which includes the environment.

"The environment is man's first right. Without a safe environment, man cannot exist to claim other rights be they social, political, or economic. The fact for the Ogonis not been in control of their environment, their very existence is seriously threatened," Ken Saro-Wiwa.

Therefore, as Ogonis, knowing that Nigeria do not care about us, and our salvation is not in its rulers' hands but ours. It is either we stand firm for and protect our environment, use all the resources available to us (including oil and gas) to tell Nigeria that Ogoni is older than her, or die wretched in silence, yet we are one of the richest!

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