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Speaking on the just- concluded IBA conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, UAE, Daudu said: 'There is an urgent need for us to bring about an end to this disgraceful show of shame, where we have a mass exodus of Nigerian lawyers to the IBA annual conference, without any intellectual benefit or return to the participants.

'The heavy population of Nigerian lawyers at the IBA conference has no impact on the stature that the Nigerian delegation ought to enjoy. Nigerian speakers or resource persons are few and far between, not proportionate to the population  we contribute to the IBA.

'It is indeed a matter of great disenchantment to every Nigerian that Africa and Nigeria are treated with the greatest disdain by IBA. We have raised this conscious neglect over and over with the IBA and their standard answer is to say that Nigerians don't participate in committee meetings and that committees are the basis of participation in IBA. In other words, the Nigerian population is surplus to IBA requirements so long as they do not participate in committee activities.'

'These committees hold their meetings in Europe at participant's expenses. How is the Nigerian volunteer expected to attend committee meetings in divers European or other foreign cities when even the annual conference he attends is more like an annual pilgrimage?'