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President Jonathan Is Insensitive, says a U.S based Ogoni Group.

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Today marks the 16th anniversary of the judicial murder of Ken Saro Wiwa and eight of our kin's men by the Nigerian government acting in concert with the monstrous, greedy, unpardonable and unforgivable Shell S.D.P.C. To other Nigerians, today merely

represents another replay of an historical epoch that defines the challenges of our fragile and forced unity as a nation. But, to Ogonis, today bears another very painful and bitter reminder of our trials and travails, our collective sufferings as a peculiar people, as well as our unending sacrifices to the geo-political experiment called Nigeria.

It was on this day, 16 years ago that Ken Saro Wiwa, a man of peace, an uncompromising advocate of non violence and a man who risked his own very life to secure the unity of Nigeria was hanged alongside eight of our kin's men by the same country whose unity he fought tirelessly to preserve. So, as we mourn our heroes again, we decry the insensitivity of the Jonathan's administration to the plight of the Ogoni people.

Ken Saro Wiwa believed in one Nigeria. During the civil war, he fought on the side of Nigeria, hoping that successive governments of Nigeria will cultivate the political will to guarantee equal rights and justice to all ethnic groups that make up the federation. He was wrong. Consistently concerned and sufficiently troubled by the inhumane treatment of the Ogoni people and indeed the people of the entire Niger Delta region, he dedicated himself to the amelioration of the sufferings of the people by bringing national and international attention to the plight of the people of the region, using Ogoni as a focal point. Instead of addressing the genuine concerns of the Niger Delta people, the despotic Abacha lead government of Nigeria decided to kill him.

16 years after the state murder of Ken Saro Wiwa, ogonis had hoped that the ascension of a Niger Deltan in to the highest office in the country will provide some relief for our enduring pains and sufferings, our genuine concerns and our irreparable losses. Unfortunately, Goodluck Jonathan who is a beneficiary of the Ogoni struggle and an experiential part of our shared suffering and humiliation has demonstrated a shocking insensitivity and indifference to the fears, hopes and aspirations of the Ogoni people.

(1 On September 1. 2010, the President conferred national awards on 50 eminent Nigerians, including the late Adaka Boro in recognition of their contributions to the growth of the country, but Ken Saro Wiwa was deliberately overlooked.

2) Recently, the United Nations Protection Agency released a comprehensive report indicting Shell S.D.P.C for the environmental degradation of Ogoni Land and ordered immediate clean-up in the tune of $1billion of the entire place and pay compensation to the people. The present administration has remained adamant to the terrible human and environmental conditions of the Ogoni people raised in the report. Instead of addressing the issues raised in that report, the Jonathan administration decided to set-up a committee, again with no Ogoni as member, to study it. 2 months after the release of the report, the President is concerned with building a federal university in his village as the report sits on his desk without attention.

3) On October 26, 2011, the President nominated members of the Niger Delta Development Commission.. Surprisingly, Ogonis were not deemed fit and competent to be member of the Commission.

4) A multi-million naira oil pipeline security contract in Ogoniland was recently awarded to Asari Dokubo, a kin's man of the President. We view this exercise of presidential fiat as a direct affront on the sensibilities of the Ogoni people.

5) That successive governments of Nigeria, including the present administration, have conveniently ignored the fact that Khana Local Government Council remains the largest in Nigeria.

So, as we mourn again today, as we cry again today, we make bold the following demands:

1)    That the present administration exonerates Ken Saro Wiwa and eight of our kin's men with immediate effect. The Ogoni nine were innocent by all legal and moral standards and their innocence deserves to be preserved.

2)    That a posthumous national award be conferred on Ken Saro Wiwa for his unparallel contributions to the unity and growth of Nigeria. The history of Ken Saro Wiwa's immense contributions to the unity of Nigeria cannot be wiped away. He must be given his proper place in history.

3)    That the Rivers State Polytechnic, Bori, is upgraded and renamed the Ken Saro Wiwa University for the eternal preservation of his legacy.

4)    That the UNEP report be implemented immediately. Cleaning up the Ogoni environment and paying compensation to its people is long overdue. The time to act is now.

5)    That any oil pipeline security contract in Ogoni be awarded to a bonafide Ogoni indigene to avoid any confrontation. Any attempt to impose a non Ogoni on us will be resisted vehemently.

5) That the Presidency begins discussions on the creation of three Local Government Councils out of the present khana local government council. We are appalled by the fact that the people of Babbe District, Ken Khana District, Nyo- Khana District, and Bori Urban are politically suffocating in one Local Government Council, while all other municipal Districts during the Second Republic have been granted one or more autonomous Local Government Councils.

We the members of the Ogoni Youth Leadership Forum, U.S.A, are willing, able and prepared to bring unprecedented international pressure on the present administration if our demands are not met within 30 days.

Long live Ogoni
Long live Ogoni Youth Leadership Forum, U.S.A
Long Live Nigeria
Singto Tamana                                                     Comrade Michael Akoka

  President                                                               Spokesperson

                           Anslem Johnmiller