By NBF News

General Overseer of The Synagogue Church Of All Nations, Prophet T.B. Joshua, has attributed the backwardness of the African continent to the dearth of consultants and elder statesmen.

Lamenting the situation, Joshua said that former African presidents should by virtue of their experience and wisdom, become fathers to all political parties, corporate societies, the business class and individuals alike instead of attaching themselves to particular political parties or ethnic groups.

The world acclaimed faith healer and philanthropist said each time incumbent presidents in any African country looks around for advice, they are disappointed because those they should look up to are busy fighting for one political group, ethnic nationality or another. He advised that whenever an incumbent is leaving the seat of power, he should tell the whole world that henceforth, he is no more a member of any political party or group but father of the whole nation as an ex-president.

'As one who has been there, he is in the best position to tell the incumbent and other groups alike what they should do to succeed since experience is the best teacher. As a former president, he is well placed to serve as a consultant to all these groups. Others will look up to him for counsel to avoid pitfalls in the pursuit of success. In this way, he will bring harmony, cooperation and prosperity to the continent. The peace the continent requires for progress in all fields of endeavour will become a reality as a result', he said.

He urged ex-presidents and heads of state to come together and form a union, which current leaders can look up to for direction. This, he said, would serve as a beacon of hope and force of unity for the continent in general and the various countries in particular.