Governor Orji, Son, on war path



Barely three months after an alleged brawl with soldiers that left him badly bruised, Abia state governor's son, Chinedu, is in the news again, this time with his father over his excesses.   gathered that the Abia state Chief Executive has gotten worried over the excesses of his son, whose misconducts since his father assumed office have attracted bad press and a huge embarrassment to the family and government.

A source close to the governor' s family hinted that recently, Chinedu was engaged in a brawl with his father, Gov. Theodore Orji over the latter's moves to curtailing his excesses. According to the source, “the boy fought his father as the governor insisted that he put a stop to his excesses. You know, he (Chinedu), abandoned his wife for a lady friend of his, whom he also procured a car for. His father insisted that he should change his ways, but the Chinedu would have none of that, even shouting at his father.”

 The source further added that after the incident, the First Lady, Chief Mercy Odochi Orji, was lost in thought and didn't know when a friend of hers strolled in and caught her in a sober mood, wondering what has come over Chinedu, who has refused to listen to advice from anybody, including his father.

The incident the source added, further aggravated the governor's failing health as he hurriedly used the occasion of his annual vacation for a medical trip abroad, returning to the state only last weekend.

It would be recalled that since his father won re-election, to which he contributed immensely, controversies has continued to trail Chinedu, as he allegedly moves on long convoy of cars, scaring people off the roads. Last July, he is also alleged to be in the habit of driving out customers from supermarkets, culminating in the incident with the soldiers in Umuahia, after he slapped an Army captain on mufti for refusing to make way for him and his thugs.      

Chinedu, 41, is allegedly preparing grounds to run for the Senate in 2015.