Sins of Mallam Usman Megawata, NTA Director General - RATTAWU


Dear Sir/Madam,
We are constraint to bring to your notice some of the fraudulent and corruption act perpetrated by the DG NTA and   his accomplices which he uses as fronts to milk the Authority dry since his assumption of office in 2008 as follows:

1.     The renovation of NTA outside Broadcast Van contract was inflated with the sum of   N2 billion. ( Find   evidence labeled A)

2.     Secondly, on assumption of office, in 2008, he immediately awarded a contract for the sum of N18 million to his Secretary under the guise of her son for NTA e-payment system without following due procedure, which is now dead and regarded as one of NTA's abandoned projects. The contract was not bidded for and the sum involved was above his approving limit ( see evidence labeled B).

3.     Since 5 th July, 2010; there has been a review in the allowances accrued to Board Members nationwide, but he deliberately refused to implement it FOLLOWING THE ADVISE OF TESSY NWANERI. ( see evidence labeled C).

4.     Contrary to FG directive on the abolishment of Contract staff in the Federal Public and Civil Service in late 2009, he employed RABBI GWANDU -one of mistress and front not as a political appointee, but staff after resigning from NTA in 2005 and placed her on GL 15 salary consolidated in (2009) till date for the purpose of using her to siphon NTA's hard earned resources ( see evidence attached labeled D)

5.     He used her to initiate a programme captioned Milestone aired on NTA Network with an appearance fee of N5m per episode of which what was remitted to the coffers of NTA was not more than a million. In all the episode, the Executive Director Marketing- PASTOR (Mrs )IFEANYINWA UZORDIMMA was kept in the dark despite the fact   that she oversees the entire Marketing Directorate nationwide,because they had their own ILLEGAL NTA RECEIPTS   which they issued to State Governor's that featured on the programme. Similarly, per episode, the production cost was N200,000.00 for logistics, contingency and incidental; but the producer-RABBI GWANDU collected over the sum of N2million naira approved for her by the DG to offset the loan he approved for her as a staff without the knowledge of the other ED's sequel to NTA's precarious financial position of indebtedness for the 6 episodes that she recorded and aired aside her production cost as compensation for the N4million handed over to the DG per episode. The loan was querried by the former Director of Audit-HAJIYA SAFIYA,but the DG vetoed it(See evidence attached labeled E and Hajiya Saffy's telephone numbers for confirmation(                                                ) in case the DG gives directive that the loan application be destroyed to prevent detection during auditing)

6.     Since his assumption of office, his administration has incurred over N50m on hotel accommodation with debt owed to hotel within the metropolis amounting to over N40m (see evidence attached labeled F)

7.     Moreso, since 2005 NTA account has not been audited. (see prove labeled G) from a Federal parastatal requesting for such which NTA declined in providing and a Presidential directive to the foregoing effect.

8.     Again, in 2010 National Broadcasting Commission - the supervisory and regulatory body of the Broadcasting industry in Nigeria pass a vote of no confidence on his administration. ( see evidence attached, labeled H)Even his former S.A., Mallam Bature which had scores with him over his Secretary which is also his mistress and decided to victimize him by transferring him as G.M,NTA Gombe, publicly declared that MAGAWATA is doing nothing and NTA is gradually heading to the brings of collapse. Meanwhile, Mr President gave a similar remark in 2010 in an interview, that when he wakes up; he doesn't watch NTA because of the censored news, decline broadcast standard and poor quality programmes.Rather,he watches CHANNELS and A.I.T. news analysis.

9.     In 2010;he got approval he sought Ministerial approval(DORA AKUNYILI) to travel to NTA Egypt and Ghana Bureau for the sum of N693,000.00 and didn't embark on any foreign trip; and the sum was fraudulently retired for him by NASIR ZAHARADEEN. If he claims he did travelled, this can be proven otherwise from the airline manifest.

10. He awarded the construction of NTA HQTRS Drivers lodge for the sum of N3m to another of his mistress-RAKIYA GADZAMA, a staff of NHIS HQTRS ABUJA; under her company name-ASUGU SURA NIGERIA LTD. By so doing, he is usurping the BOARD's power by violating financial regulations, public procurement Act and; Civil and Public Service rules. This is why since inauguration, the Board hasn't awarded any contract contrary to what obtains in other federal parastatals where contract above the DG's approving limit is awarded by the BOARD.(See evidence labeled I,as the contract was not budgeted for in 2011 NTA Appropriation and above the DG's approving threshold)

Additionally, he went as far as awarding the burnt NTA Keffi building to the same company under the guidance of his mistress as in 11, before the EDE declined despite their concerted efforts and the DG,s insistence.

11. He embarked upon a clandestine recruitment process in 2010 without public Advert in line with federal government policy; tagged: FILLING OF QUOTA of States with less than 3% staff representation in NTA.(If he denies this claim attached is Advert copy of   proposed 2011 Community Stations recruitment exercise; and all staff nationwide can be directed submit their Offer of Appointment letters to further expose his incompetence)

12. The Secretary and Legal Adviser of NTA-TESSY NWANERI ,fraudulently applied for Laptop for all the staff in her unit under the DG's Office; and only kept one in the office. The others she swindled away and gave it to her children. The EDM should be requested to the list of all Laptop beneficiaries since her assumption of Office and be mandated to produce the memo from Legal Department to the foregoing effect. Similarly, she repeated same act by taking the former Flat screen TV in DG's Board room when it was replaced with STARTIMES TV with in-built decoder.

She has been engaged in pilfering the assets of the Authority in her bid to play the role of a good wife to her spouse whom she desperately trying to please- a former staff of PDP Secretariat(WADATA PLAZA),who impregnated his colleague-PRECIOUS.(The following staff of PDP can be contacted for confirmation),and we intent to draw the attention of NIGERIAN BAR ASSOCIATION to the misgivings and misdemeanor of it's member. This should be an eye opener to the BOARD to call for the valuation of NTA's assets and liabilities nationwide.

13. Finally, DG accused MR PRESIDENT(Dr GOODLUCK JONATHAN,GCFR) when he was VICE PRESIDENT that he connived with HIGH CHIEF RAYMOND DOKPESI with OSITA NWEKE(SECRETARY,BROADCASTING ORGANIZATION OF NIGERIA) and ABUBAKAR JIJIWA(DG,VON and CHAIRMAN,BROADCASTING ORGANIZATION OF NIGERIA) that they all conspired against NTA to prevent it from obtaining the FIFA 2010 Broadcast Right, which he reported to late President Musa Yar'adua, GCFR.

14. He conceded 2.5hectares of NTA Kwara's land to his friend -BUKOLA SARAKI ,immediate past Governor of NTA Kwara State out of II.7 hectares land for the construction of KWARA STATE COURT OF APPEAL, as   a legacy of Bukola to his people before leaving   office through Court of Appeal without the knowledge and approval of the BOARD and Ministry. It was through his alliance with Bukola that his god-father-SEN ADAMU ALIERO, secured his TRIBUNAL VICTORY as a SENATOR-ELECT of the FRN under the platform of C.P.C.This is a payback for assisting him to secure the appointment as DG,NTA.(See evidence attach labeled J   )

15. In the samevein, he is disposing NTA Asaba's plot of land. And, he has the intention of erecting shops on NTA landed property at Suleja which he intent to acquire all before he his ousted from office any moment from now,2011.

It is our prayers that with this brief information given, the DG NTA will be thoroughly investigated with a view of sanitizing and overhauling the Authority to effectively discharge on it's constitutional mandate.


The information contained here are the offences DG NTA and his fraud syndicates are guilty of viz:

Grand Corruption: Pervading the highest levels of NTA's resources resulting in an erosion of confidence in governance, the rule of law and economic and political significance.

Petty Corruption- Involving the exchange of very small amounts of money, the conceding of minor favours or the employment of friends, kin and kiths, mistresses and his dibia's children in minor positions.

Bribery - Bestowing of monetary payment to improperly influence his action and decision in forwarding the names of 3 companies to the Presidency on the OB Van renovation contract and the ceding of NTA's 2.5 hectares land from the 11.7 hectares it occupies in Kwara to his friend-Justice Ayo Salami ,to enable him construct Kwara State Court of Appeal through Bukola Saraki in anticipation of N192million the latter promised the DG for Kwara State Uplink.Under same connection,one of his proponent who assisted him in securing the DGship of NTA,Sen Adamu Aliero clinged Tribunal Victory as a payback and in anticipation of Magawata securing CPC Gubernatorial ticket through Sen Aliero who is CPC's party leader in Kebbi State come 2015.(SEE EVIDENCE ATTACHED A)

Active Corruption: Offering and paying off EFCC between May 2010 - July 2010 when they quizzed him, his Secretary Tawakalit Gbadamosi and his other cohorts to kill the case.

Passive Corruption: This refers to the one the DG's received.

Embezzlement, Theft and Fraud - Converting NTA's resources, properties and valuable assets entitled to him by virtue of his position or appointment and access to them as the Chief Accounting Officer by using false and misleading information to indive the Executive Director Finance to relinquish his approval voluntarily.

Abuse of Discretion - This involves his multifaceted corrupt acts by virtue of the power vested on him as DG for personal gain. For instance, his discretion of making his god father company the consultant to NTA Startimes Network($1b project) - A digital Pay TV with a 10o/o fee to be accrued to the company amounting to N15bilion.As a commercialized company by BPE,the award of consultancy breach the principles and laid down regulations of BPE.(SEE EVIDENCE ATTACHED B)

Favouritism, Nepotism and Clientelism - Collectively, they involves his abuse of discretion driven by his personal self interests, the interest of his mistresses which he shares bed with and others linked to him through membership of family, his political party ( CONGRESS FOR PROGRESSIVE CHANGE, CPC) because of his inexplicable passionate affection for GENERAL BUHARI who he is a disciple of and MALLAM NASIR EL-RUFAI ( The Privatization Guru) also of C.P.C and his bosom friend, Justice AYO SALAMI (ACTION CONGRESS), Tribe, religion and fraud syndicates in NTA.

EXTORTION - This relies on his coercion to induce cooperation by using threat of transfer, denial of promotion, premature retirement, dismissal meted out on Southerners and members of the Christian Faith.   This is why today, the international community has branded NTA as Northern Television Authority which is his Northernization and Islamization Agenda.

CREATING AND EXPLOITING CONFLICTING INTEREST - Most of the DG'S forms of corruption involves creating or exploiting conflicting between his professional responsibilities as a corruption personified and his private interests which always yield to temptation and taking undue advantage of existing conflict of interest or creating a new one for his personal bargain.

Why the DG had succeeded in his bid and schemes to further contribute to the entrenchment of corruption in NTA and its development is due to the dearth of checks and balances, poorly conceived and managed development programmes in NTA such as OB Van renovation project perpetrated by him and his organized criminal; networks as a means of achieving their intended objectives of becoming multi-millionaires in grander scale.

  The DG's superlative corruption tendencies has distorted decision -making process, discouraged investment and undermine NTA's competitive strength as the leader in the broadcast industry. And all and sundry can SENSIBLY AGREE TO THE ASSERTION THAT the DG's corrupt initiatives has hindered the growth and development of NTA.