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The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Lagos branch, yesterday vowed to join the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) to resist the planned removal of oil subsidy by the government if it goes ahead with the plan.

The NBA, in a statement signed by its Chairman, Taiwo Taiwo said removal of oil subsidy would also lead to inflation in goods and services, thereby causing more poverty in the country.

'The basis being adduced by government for the removal is not ideal. What has happened to all the monies recovered from looters and all the monies realised from deregulation in the past?

'Why are our refineries not working and why do we need to import refined petroleum products in the midst of plenty.

Why are the infrastructure so bad despite all the monies saved and pumped into them?

'Our conclusion is no to the removal of fuel subsidy in the interest of the downtrodden Nigerian majority, who will feel the pain of the removal most. When the clarion call is made by organised labour i.e the NLC and the TUC and their affiliates, we shall be there in the trenches with them,' the statement said.

The association noted that the planned removal of oil subsidy would further rubbish the value that would accrue to the minimum wage to be paid to the workers.

It insisted that the Federal Government needed to first address the cause for the clamour for the removal of the oil subsidy, adding that all those benefiting from the deregulated market should be brought to justice.

The statement opined that Nigerians voted overwhelmingly for President Goodluck Jonathan but what they got in return was infringement on their fundamental human rights.

It also expressed worry on the bad condition of roads across the country, adding that the Lagos/Ibadan expressway and the Benin/Ore roads were death traps.

'Nigerians are dying daily from accidents on these roads and other roads like that across the country. The Muritala Mohammed Airport Road is an eye sore. It is a statement to visitors what type of nation we are and what type of leaders we have.

'We call on the Federal Government to immediately commence work on the federal roads. It should call the states on which the roads are located to repair them and later reimburse those states,' the group stated.