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'The system must be re-invented' - Tom Mbeke-Ekanem

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I have chosen to use the above quotes from a patriotic and very well-written article by Dr. Mbeke-Ekanem, to ask : WHO Will Re-invent the System?; and to argue that patriotic Nigerians from North and South, East and West, unmindful of their religious

 connotations, oblivious to their tribes of origin; BUT owing patriotism to themselves and to posterity, have a duty to themselves and to their posterity to join forces to restore sanity to the system of governance in Nigeria - they are the ones on whose shoulders, or blood or toils, the duty of re-inventing the system has fallen. The corrupt system of the past many years - from the days of military rule of the Ibrahim Babangida era, to the second coming of Olusegun Obasonjo in experimental civil rule ( NOT a DEMOCRATIC experiment) - have marked their years of infamy in corruption, sectionalism and nepotism. Ibrahim Babangida and Olusegun Obasonjo destroyed NATIONALISM in the Nigerian Armed Forces; hence the savior of yester-years cannot be relied upon to be the savior of the Nigerian nation, today. The duty of saving Nigeria has one and one route only, of success - through TRUE PATRIOTS of the Nigerian nation, working in deliberately formed coalitions, devoid of tribe or religion!

As things stand, there is not one single person associated with the corruption of the Ibrahim Badagmosi Babanginda and Olusegun Obasonjo years, who can save the nation; no matter how much many of their sycophants may repose their hopes on any one of them. As things stand, truly patriotic Nigerians cannot afford to continue sitting still, or wait on all Nigerians to join forces with them, before they act to rescue the nation from the doom cultivated by Ibrahim Babangida, Olusegun Obasonjo, and their corrupt bunch of heinous men and women. As things stand, truly patriotic Nigerians MUST recognize that many greedy Nigerians have acted to shore-up the corruption of the Babangida and Obasonjo boys and girls. Truly patriotic Nigerians SHOULD, by now, have recognized that many Nigerians - sycophants and greedy subservient beings to the corrupt - are equal custodians of corruption with their bestial masters and mistresses. Thanks to the internet and to the proliferation of yahoo groups, many such sycophants and subservient boi-bois to the corrupt can be identified! True patriots of Nigeria must act now to put a new face, NATIONAL leaders, and renewed hope on the nation.

      It is true that without re-inventing a proper and fair system of governance, millions of miles away from, and opposed to, the current mockery-in-corruption-and-criminality and illegal-political-selections, perpetrated by the DEAF and BLIND men and women of the ignominious PDP, supported by paid sycophants and parochial separatists, rejoiced over by corrupt Nigerian Judicial, Security and Investigating services; Nigeria as we know it, will cease to exist. The non-existence of Nigeria may not be of much concern to the architects of her destruction; but the bloodshed which had been started, as a bye-product of these corrupt doings, is bound to continue in greater frequency and numbers. If these state of affairs have failed to scare majority of truly patriotic Nigerians; to abandon those wedded to their sycophantic and subservient sing-songs for the corrupt; and rise for the defense of their very lives and the lives of their children yet unborn, AND thus ACT to force out ALL corrupt men and women in every facet of Nigerian governance, by whatever means necessary; then WE as a nation do not love ourselves.

 So, who will re-invent the system? To think that Goodluck Jonathan, his men and women, and/or their successors, UNDER the same system which brought them into power, will restore justice, practice true democracy  and  return normalcy to Nigeria; is like hoping on Godswill Obot Akpabio to investigate, arrest and punish those who murdered mama Udonwa and the many who have lost their lives to political assassinations in Akwa Ibom State. Such will never happen - how can the perpetrators of the crimes, which they have visited upon our nation, be relied upon to investigate and correct themselves? Such reliance has NEVER been a sane thing to do, in any generation. It is NOT, now!!

 The corrupt have been investigating the corrupt since the days of Ibrahim Babangida; and the practice had passed over to the second coming of Olusegun Obasonjo. Many equally corrupt Nigerians, within the common citizenry, have been applauding such acts of injustice, unfairness, and outright criminality. A situation where a judge who absolved James Onanefe Ibori from his theft conviction in the UK;  by pretending that the UK conviction was against an unknown James Onanefe Ibori; became an appointee to the nation's highest court - the Supreme Court - had guaranteed BRIBERY and CORRUPTION in the highest halls of Justice in Nigeria. Such men or women share the same blame as the brazen corrupt bunch forming governments in Nigeria, from the LGA chairpersons  to State governors  to the  Federal presidency;  since Olusegun Obasonjo's second coming. Such men and women; in the Judiciary, the Executive, the Legislative branches of government; and within our military institutions; have constituted and contributed to the now disgraced return to civil rule. Similar highly-placed judicial officers, as found in the case of James Onanefe Ibori - open to delivering court decisions based upon intimidation through brazen bribery, greed and/or fear - populate many of the  courts and judicial services in Akwa Ibom State; courtesy of the maestro of corruption, embezzlement, and separatism, Godswill Obot Akpabio. Reports all over the Nigerian nation have indicated the trend is not limited to Akwa Ibom State only; it has permeated the rank and file of all judiciaries - Federal and State - all over the Nigerian nation. Most of the so-called Election Tribunals have adopted 'see no evil; smell no evil, hear no evil' in their judgments; as long as bribes or intimidation is forced upon them; and it is such doings which provide evidences against them.  A case in point is the recent sham, by the Election Tribunals and their affiliate appeal courts in the cases of the rigged elections and manipulations in Akwa Ibom State . There have been sustained efforts by the governments in Akwa Ibom and other states to sustain their corruption and unpatriotic acts AGAINST the Nigerian nation. The recent open bribery,  and open acceptance of such bribery,  by officers of the court system - the so-called SANs in Akwa Ibom State ; testify to the rottenness of the Nigerian judicial system. How are judges and magistrates appointed - are they appointed from a pool of lawyers? How in heaven's name will any of those lawyers (SANs) who accepted "GIFTS" of cars and money, rule in any case, brought  against Godswill Obot Akpabio;  or against  any of his cronies; should any of them become judges tomorrow? The Nigerian house is infested with rats. Are Nigerians, as a people, willing to EMPLOY themselves as cats, in order to save themselves and their country; from the heinous men and women who have foisted themselves upon our institutions of governance; for the safety of our states and nation?

At the rate which the cabals of Nigerian RULER-SHIP have been receiving and paying out bribes to greedy Nigerians, any Nigerian acting as a 'Moses' will be bribed or killed by those who will not give up power through democratic means. The alternative to waiting for a non-existent, non-active Moses, is sustained and prolonged mass protests, for freedom and justice in Nigeria; otherwise more chaos and more murders; by the same corrupt forces of ruler-ship, who have employed hoodlums and state security agencies at their whim, to carry out the extermination of opposing forces to their corruption and injustices; will continue unabated. Are TRUE patriots for the Nigerian cause, AWAKE?

 A life of fear and penury, of sycophantic subservience to corrupt authority, has been the type of life lived in Nigeria by Nigerians, since the military relinquished power. Those who fought like Trojans to replace the military in the political life of Nigeria ,  have now turned over the nation to thieves, hoodlums and murderers, to parade themselves as governors, legislators, and presidents of the Nigerian Federation; OR have become terrorists themselves, ravaging the citizenry at will. PATRIOTIC Nigerian population need not wait therefore, for any saviors; they must rise to save themselves; or perish in subservience, to the corrupt and the sinful, for ever!

Tersely put, we, PATRIOTIC Nigerians, are the ones to re-invent the system of our governance, within our states and in our nation!!