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FA Would Block Relegation Plan

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...Football Association would not allow relegation to be scrapped

The Football Association has confirmed that it would block any plans by clubs in the Premier League to try and scrap promotion and relegation.

Richard Bevan, boss of the League Managers Association, revealed on Monday that there was talk amongst some clubs about the prospect of scrapping relegation.

Bevan warned that foreign ownership of Premier League clubs made the prospect more and more real. Currently there are ten clubs in foreign ownership.

At present Premier League rules state that 14 votes from their 20 members are needed to make changes.

However, it is within the FA's power to veto any proposal which alters the game's structure as they have what is referred to a as 'golden share' in the Premier League which means they can stop any such measure.

"The FA's share can be used so it has to approve any major rule change," an FA spokesman told The Sun.

"This covers changes to promotion and relegation."