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... People tend to talk about the sexiest, the hottest or most beautiful acts often in Nollywood or showbiz. Very few ever think of those who can really entertain the audience and make them laugh. In this report, NAOMI ADAMU show cases some of Nollywood comedians

Calling 'Aki' Ikedieze And 'Pawpaw' Iheme To Order

The actors, who joined the movie industry almost at the same time, are giving parents concern over the roles they play in movies.
Their argument is that the actors should play a consistent role in movies; they either take the role of kids or that of adults.

The parents said that since they (Aki and Pawpaw) started as kids in their first movie, a lot of kids at home see them as peers and as a result imitate most of the things they do in movies.

But now that the actors take romantic roles and other adult roles that children shouldn't emulate, the parents want the authorities concerned to call them to order before the situation gets out of hand.

“This attitude of theirs is becoming a threat to us because children don't want to believe that they are adults. The advertisement they also did with sweet meant for children has also made the children believe absolutely that the two actors are children like them and they are ready to do anything they see them do.

“This has become a great concern that it is becoming a topic of discussion among parents, especially in commercial buses and market places,” one of the parents said.

According to Mrs. Okafor, she was stunned when one of her sons, after watching one of Aki & Pawpaw's films, told her that “mummy I want to kiss you the way Aki and Pawpaw kissed that girl in that film.”

Another parent, Mrs. Kunle also said that her sons now do everything to imitate Aki & Pawpaw; her sons now dance like them, imitate the way they talk and walk.

She, however, said she now keeps a close watch on her children to ensure that they don't watch movies in which the actors play romantic roles.
Children are what they view and have the tendency of practising whatever they watch on television.

Though another parent said that the actors are talented to play the roles of kids well, she maintained that for the fact that they came to the industry with the impression that they are children, they should maintain that role in order not to have negative influence on children.

Chiwetalu Agu

There are certain acts that might not belong to the G8 group but they are fun to watch any day.

One of such is Agu. He is one of the faces that has adorned the cover of Nollywood movies since the inception. Agu's versatility can be seen in his ability to adapt and play the role of a comedian or wicked and tricky person.

One of the things that sets Agu apart from other actors is his ability to fully immerse himself in any role and make it seem so real. Typical examples are the movies Fire On The

Mountain and Last Confession which were very emotional and he interpreted his role so realistically. He is also fond of using some special proverbs / wise sayings in his movies and that goes to show his level of ingenuity.

John Okafor

NOLLYWOOD actor and comedian, John Ikechukwu Okafor, a.k.a. Mr. Ibu, has proffered a wild twist to the generally held view that comedy is innate. The man popularly known as Ibu; (load) revealed rather unguardedly; “It is an idiotic gift that God gave me.”

When told “You can't be serious”, he thundered back with persistence: “I am serious. I thank God for making me an idiot. That gift has not only opened so many doors for me but has put a lot of money into my bank account. Same gift has made people to laugh and forget their sorrows. As you have rightly said, I do not try to be funny. Everything about me is funny.

“My talk is funny, my movements are funny, my tastes are funny, especially my taste for food and women”. I used to be the poorest in my village (Eziokwe, Nkanu West L.G., Enugu State), but now the story is different. I might not be a millionaire presently, but I am comfortable. You can see that I have used what God gave to me to get what I want in life”.

Okey Bakassi

When Okey Bakassi, with a few others in a movie, it was in the classic Nollywood blockbuster “Pam Pam”. This movie contained more funny parts than Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys. Pam Pam should be archived and placed in the Nigerian National Film Registry (if there is any). Failing which, every Nigerian movie buff should have a copy.
Nkem Owoh

Watching most of the Nollywood stars in action, one can be convinced that Nkem Owo is the funniest, and probably the best comic in Africa. Watch him as Osofia in London; whether he has been to Cambridge, or is a Prince or whatever position he gets, he carries viewers along.

Victor Osuagwu

Comedian actor VictorOsuagwu, remained in the background until he featured in the movie, Our Daily Bread, which gave his image as a Nollywood actor an instant boost.
“The movie projected me more than any I had done before. I was the only actor on the poster. I was just coming up then. I think that film sold enough. It made me what I am today,” he said.

Another movie, One Dollar, complimented that effort and catapulted him to another level, making Victor one of the sought-after comic characters.

He recalled,“Producers started calling me for roles each time they wanted to do a comedy movie. I was no longer looking for roles; they were now coming to me.”

Victor believes he has made a lot of progress in the 10 years he has been in the entertainment industry. “The way it started is not how it is today”.

Kingsley Ogbonna

Kingsley Ogbonna, whose stage name is Dauda, puts laughter in the mouth of his fans, who over the years had yarned for him.

''Dauda is my stage name and it came when I had a programme on urban sex in school. I was pumping my manhood and the audience said, 'ah, this is Dauda' referring to me as the comic character, Dauda, the sexy guy. That's how I got the nick name.

“The audience inspires me a lot. When you get on stage and the audience does not accept you, it means you have nothing to offer. If you crack a joke and you don't make any impact, obviously, your career will start going down. I anchored Basket mouth's wedding recently and he really commended me for it”.

On how he feels making fun of his parents on stage, Ogbonna says, That is why the comedy business is very bad. You are being paid to make other people laugh but your mind is being blown away back stage and this can give you stroke.

Even if you have to abuse your mother, we all know that your mother is not a bad person, but in order to make people laugh, you start abusing your mother and father.