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As Gov. Kwankwaso paints public vehicle in his name - By Usman Aminu Sani

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Naming public utilities after one's interest or oneself by some self serving government officers has been on the increase with reckless abandon and impunity. For any government property to be named after any leader means that such leader has

immensely contributed to the growth and development of the society. This is why we have had such public edifices as general hospitals, airports, general motor parks, public buildings, stadiums, roads, etc named after great leaders who have impeccably distinguished themselves to the services of the people. This means that such great men have used their leadership acumen to improve the lots of the people and therefore, they ought to be remembered for their great services, so that both the present and future generations can appreciate the value of selfless service to the society and for emulation.

Unfortunately, this culture of naming public edifices and utilities after great men and women in remembrance of their genuine commitments to the service of the people is now  being abused by desperate political leaders who have nothing to offer other than using public utilities or government properties for their self serving interest. In other words, the naming of public utilities by political leaders after themselves irrespective of their contribution to the development of the society has become apolitical.

It would be recalled before the end of Shekarau eight years administration; he ordered and launched some long school buses for public use. The immediate past government was almost putting the vehicles to use when its second term ended on May 29, 2011. As soon as the Kwankwaso government took over, it went on vengeful mission and began castigating the good and marvelous achievements of the past people's governor Shekarau. All sorts of lies and innuendoes were immediately adopted to tarnish the image of Shekarau administration, forgetting the axiom that says, he who goes for equity should go with clean hands. The present government led by Governor Rabi'u Musa Kwankwaso never knew that time would come when it would swallow back its vomits. The day has now come, just less than five months, the posture of holier than thou by the present administration cannot be sustained and here is the latest about the government.

On page two edition of the state newspaper, Daily Triumph of October 13, 2011, a photograph of a long bus with inscription 'KWANKWASIYYA, GIRL -CHILD INITIAVTE 014" and captioned by the editor as follows: 'The newly purchased long school bus by the Kano State government to ameliorate transportation problems in female schools.' Ironically, this was the same long bus already ordered and launched by the immediate past administration of ANPP, which the present government of PDP in Kano State has now converted into the so called KWANKWASIYYA. But those who do not know this fact would tend to think otherwise.

The bone of contention therefore, is not the adoption of Shekarau government initiated well-thought out transport plan by the present government. But why should governor Kwankwaso administration name the public utility after his KWANKWASIYYA? Kwankwasiyya means the followers of Kwankwaso. Does it then means that the long school bus purchased by the government, using tax payers' money is now meant for those who believe in Kwankwaso or wuju-wuju government? What is the exemplary contribution of Kwankwasiyya in the state that made it to deserve the self-serving recognition? Why is governor Kwankwaso shying away from recognizing the immeasurable efforts of his predecessor who first initiated the long buses?  Is it not an act of corruption for the 'newly purchased long school bus by the Kano State government' to be inscribed as KWANKWASIYYA?

Indeed, we all remember that when Shekarau ameliorated transportation problems in the state and not just 'in female schools', he was in the best position to have written on the three-legged motor as 'UP SHEKARAU' instead of ADAIDAITA SAHU, which has become popular today in every nook and cranny of the Kano state transport system.  I think in my honest and valid opinion, it is grossly wrong for governor Kwankwaso to name the long school bus after his political interest. This clearly shows that the governor Kwankwaso is more interested in what he can use the government property to achieve for himself and not what he can achieve for the good people of Kano State. It is not surprising therefore that the editor of the state newspaper, Daily Triumph aptly captioned the photograph of the long bus as 'the newly purchased long school bus - old wine in a new bottle- by the Kano State government and not by Kwankwasiyya.

If Shekarau administration had ordered and launched the long bus for the government before it left and now Kwankwaso administration  has claimed the same government vehicle in his name, KWANKWASIYYA, it is hoped that the present government will not in any way shortchanged the people. It is however unfortunate and too bad that governor Kwankwaso fails to allow posterity to immortalize his wuju -wuju way of governance. In any case, one is yet to see any drastic detachment of Shekarau administration polices from that of the present government, in spite of what the government wants the people to believe. So, Shekarau administration has really and marvelously done well for the state.

Usman Aminu Sani, Gyadi Gyadi, Zaria Road, Kano, email: