My Relationship With STAR– GBENGA Adeyinka CFR

Source: Alayande Dayo -

He is one comedian whose name has evolved to become a brand in the entertainment industry; Gbenga Adeyinka The 1st needs no introduction when it comes to stand up comedy, in this chat he talks about his relationship with Nigerian Breweries.

How is your Relationship With Star?

Well, my relationship with Star lager beer brand remains one of the most benefitting brand-ambassador relationships I've had in my career.

Star, like I tell people has been dedicated to me for over 5yrs and I've also in return been dedicated to the brand. Star for me remains one of the most efficient and consumer caring brand in the country, I mean, Star has one of the biggest concerts in the country, Star Mega Jam as well as Star Trek, not forgetting the Star Quest that has produced acts like KCPresh, The Beats, Pulse among other musical group. This same brand called star has given so much to the Nigerian music and entertainment industry as a whole. I can talk on and on about the brand and I'm always happy and ever ready to promote and associate with my Star anytime, anywhere.

Do you see yourself working for a competing brand?

Like I said earlier, this brand, My Star has been faithful and dedicated to my career, so I would remain loyal and committed to the brand that has been faithful and dedicated to me until the brand is tired of being my brand. I would remain loyal to the brand till I'm no longer needed.

Have you ever been tempted to do that?

Before my relationship with my Star began, I tried a couple of competing brands but I wasn't given a chance let alone granted audience but after my relationship with my Star began and started blossoming, I got offers but I simply told them outrightly without thinking twice that I would remain with my Star through thick and thin. As an entertainer, you have friends and you meet with a lot of people, who appreciate what you do but as much as I do that I don't forget that I have a brand that has been faithful, so I mind my ways. My relationship with my Star is like something I can't explain, it's more than an ambassador and brand, it's an unusual bond.

What are the lessons you got from the relationship?

There are several lessons because I've learnt new things every time since the beginning of the relationship but one major lesson is that when you are with a brand, always remember that it is a two way thing and that means, if you are loyal and remain faithful to the brand, the brand would continously be faithful and loyal to you!

What was your biggest challenge when you started out?

My biggest challenge was trying to find my feet in the industry but that was not to become a challenge as I found out that being myself and being faithful to the art remains the key to success.

What's your biggest challenge right now?

Hmmmmmm. I think my biggest challenge is how to conquer the world and remain as humble as God wants. I want to maintain my life and ways without changing anything aside fulfilling God's wish and mission for me.

Any regrets?

No! I'm not one of those that have regrets but if you say something that I did recently which I am ashamed of, that would be when a close friend misled me into misinforming the public and my fans on social networking sites on the state of health of a top Nigerian dignitary and it pained me a lot.