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Ikechukwu Enyiagu,
[email protected],

Mr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan (GCFR, BNER, GCON),
President, the Federal Republic of Nigeria,
Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria,
The Aso Rock Presidential Villa,

15, September, 2011

Your Excellency, Mr. President,


This letter written by my humble self, Ikechukwu Enyiagu, serves both as my congratulatory message to you on your landslide victory during the election, on your numerous achievements in this short period that you assumed office as the president and commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and as a table of humble and sincere recommendations for better results while you humbly and honestly serve your dearly beloved country, Nigeria. Your administration has given Nigerians a glimpse of possibilities to redefine what we will be as a people. As a fellow citizen of this great country, I'm not oblivious of the many challenges which your administration faces on daily basis, especially as terrorism goes nuclear in this our global village. I make bold to state emphatically here that Nigeria of tomorrow will be highly influenced by the decisions you choose to make today.

In congratulating you on your numerous achievements, I will like to point out the most outstanding amongst them which is 'THE HIRING OF MOSSAD AGENTS FOR THE PRESIDENCY'.[1] Everyone agrees that security is the foundational block for progress: Security of lives, property, and decency. By choosing the well deserving-of-praise Israeli security agents, you have not just written off the Nigerian security outfit, but you have also shown every Nigerian that, for Nigeria to move forward, security must be got right.

Terrorism started with embezzlement of public funds but was enlarged by Boko Haram. This nightmare caught Nigerians wide awake when it exploded in the National headquarters of our police force. As if that was not enough, the International Community was drawn into it. But, in all honesty, those affected the most are everyday-Nigerians who have no single security in a country that has turned into Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, and Sudan combined. These Nigerians, though wearing their clothes wherever they go, are always vulnerable to uncertainty brought by, not just nature itself or the culture of poverty which has become our trophy, but also those who do not value lives, and especially the government of the day which values selfishness to service. Sir, on the 6th of September, 2011, the National Security Adviser, Gen. Andrew Owoye Azazi, while briefing an emergency meeting of the National Council of State, said that “Terrorism has come to stay.”[2] Sir, with the incessant bombings and killings going in your country, with the bombing of the police national headquarters, the comment of your National Security Adviser, and especially, your decision to beef up security around Aso Rock with foreign security personnel, I humbly make these honest and wise-if-used recommendations:

1. Since security in Nigeria has deteriorated that even the presidency is not safe, then it means that an 'everyday Nigerian' is more vulnerable than ever imagined. I, therefore, humbly request that some Mossad agents or, if the Federal government claims the cost too high, The Israel Police , be assigned to every Nigerian, since these security threats are against us all and not limited to the presidency or the “high and mighty.”

2. You can agree with me, sir that the hole in national security started with the hole in our national purse; In other words, Nigerian politicians are the first and ever-increasing security threats that Nigerians have been and are still facing. In line with these, it will only be right to recommend that Israeli security agents be drafted to CBN and to all ministries: Power, Finance, Trade and Investment; Petroleum Resources, Agriculture, FCT, Works, National Planning, Justice, Aviation, Education, Tourism, Environment, Foreign Affairs, Health, Information and Communication; Interior, Productivity, Mines and Steel Development; Niger Delta, Defense, Police Affairs, Science and Technology; Transport, Youth Development, Land, Housing and Urban Development; to monitor and protect against, not only human-against-human threats, but human-against-our-finance threats.

3. The implications of bringing foreign security personnel to Aso Rock, and the giving of a federal permanent seat to Boko Haram through your National Security Adviser, are far weightier than the threats themselves:
a. Nigeria is ungovernable by Nigerians as long as the system remains what it is.
b. Anyone, from the ward councillorship to the presidency, who claims to be in charge of affairs, is not particularly saying the truth.
If these are the facts on ground, it therefore may be implying that Nigeria still needs a “colonial restructuring.”

3. If the presidency, with all the money and guns, feels vulnerable in Nigeria, I humbly request that you tell Nigerians the truth, which is that Nigerian leaders do not have it in them to lead this country and that “a democratized colonialism” is far more preferred to what Nigerians are receiving. But, sir, in the event that you oppose this idea or refute it, only one choice may be remaining: A Sovereign National Conference.[3] My president, sir, you are the face of Nigeria. If you renounced Nigerian presidential security and relied on a foreign one, then Nigerians who voted for you deserve foreign security and leadership also. But if you have truly come to serve Nigerians, then a Sovereign National Conference is the only parting gift you can ever hope to give out in life. Like you, sir, EVERY NIGERIAN NEEDS “ISRAELI PROTECTION” TOO.

To conclude, your Excellency, I will leave you to ponder on these matters and the underlining message, and to ask yourself: What does true leadership mean after all? If a country as small as Israel can produce the many things they are grateful for today, then, clearly, “Giant of Africa,” while Nigerians suffer, can only mean a tool from the pit of hell to keep Nigerians enslaved. And our leaders who have refused to set Nigerians free or be free themselves are clearly the willing tools in the hands of the devil. Nevertheless, it's my belief that, no matter what your answer to these becomes, no matter which direction your leadership may wish to steer this country towards, the heartbeats of the people, which are one before God, will never be unproductive. Deliverance is of God but He uses willing men. If, however, anyone refuses to give heed to the deafening cries of the people, God will raise a stone to do His bidding. May God bless those who love the truth and follow it. But to those who oppose their very selves by opposing the truth, even the whole creation shall oppose them. Amen.

Yours Sincerely,
Ikechukwu Enyiagu

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