By Alonge Michael

One of the fined faces who used to adorn the four walls of the movie industry called Nollywood in Nigeria; Benadette Ruscoe Balogun is venturing into something new and wow.

The Ghana based business woman, Bernadette has an ace up her sleeves and this is authoritative. The mother of two, who has become a force to reckon with in the property sector of Ghana, we learnt, is making effort to launch an all colour all gloss celebrity magazine that is poised to surpass the existing big names in Ghana.

The monthly tabloid, according to her entertainment impresario hubby, Ruscoe Philip Balogun erstwhile Jaiye Aboderin's right man, he said the magazine is going to be in a world of its own with the clarity and rich contents the management has put in place to beat other magazines in Ghana and beyond. Did you say when it's due to be out? Keep your fingers crossed.