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Kwankwaso, his 100 days and what hope for Kano

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Time, they say, waits for no one. It is now over hundred days Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso mounted the leadership saddle of Kano State for the second time. It was on May 29 this year. Since Kwankwaso took oath of office some hundred days ago, it has been extremely difficult to say what positive progress and development he has brought to the people of Kano State.

He has been very active in talking more and working less, assuring the people of Kano State that he only came back to settle scores as against the expected development. This was what he told the  Daily Trust reporters two days to his assumption of office when he stated that, "those who play will get dirty." It is one of his mission statements, which he has been carrying out to the letter and has also been able to justify in view of his action and inaction in the past 100 days in office.

It is therefore pertinent to enumerate to enumerate the activities of this Kano Government under the visionless leadership of Governor Kwankwaso for the past 100 days since as we know; the first impression is the last impression. Kwankwaso Started his second time governance, using orchestrated campaigns of calumny and blackmail against his predecessor and those he perceives as enemies, all at the detriment of progress and developments, which Kano and her people so much desire. The way and manner Governor Kwankwaso has been conducting the affairs of the state do not in any way suggest that he is in position to bring succor to the people of Kano State except confusion.

Governor Kwankwaso, as usual, operates his government in the shadow of his first coming, appearing naïve, pompous and grossly exhibits incompetence as he has lost touch with modern day democratic apparatus. After his horrendous misdeeds, robbing Peter to pay Paul between 1999 and 2003 that earned him rejection, the reasonable thing one expects from Governor Kwankwaso to take, having got the second chance, in spite of the alleged electoral frauds, was to ask for God's forgiveness and take reasonable cause of action that would bring about progress and development to the state and her good people.

As we also know, it is cumbersome to change leopard's skin. It will still remain what it is. But we should also not forget in hurry that a dog that refuses to listen to its owner's call will certainly miss its steps and shall eventually get lost. Let us quickly go through the negative score card of Governor Kwankwaso's 100 days in office to determine what the future holds for the once virile and progressive state of Kano.

1.      Government House Gate got crashed through invasion by Kwankwassiya

2.       Kwankwaso came late to the 'victory' dinner and kept people waiting aimlessly

3.      Kwankwaso went to Lagos to learn Governor Fashola School of development as carry over student from his first governance.

4.      Forced Emir Ado Bayero to embark on Hawan Nassarawa at the detriment of the latter's ill health.

5.      Turned ICP Park into school, of which nothing has been done about it.

6.       Jealously revoked the popular Kofar Naisa land allocated for development by his predecessor and made it vulnerable for children to play away their precious time.

7.      Revoked the Western Bypass allocated for the needy without further action on it.

8.      Threatened Kano journalists who reveal the truth of his government with snake bite.

9.      Cancel societal reorientation Programme that has beautifully created impact on the lives of the people of Kanostate.

10.  Reduced the vibrant Hisbah Guide with Kwankwassiya guard without any form of orientation.

11.  Publicly lied that his predecessor allocated Abuja land to his cronies before the truth came out.

12.  Created indiscipline and lack of due process through the so called  wujuwuju.

13.  Denied Kano people of Ramadan feeding and diplomatically gave out the alleged N900M meant for his own house as the so called Sallah bonus, knowing full well what he hopes to corner at the end of his government. How can one give out bonus without surplus beats people's imagination.

14.  Refused to initially continue with the weekly refuse disposal leading to horrendous flood in Fagge Quarters.

15.  Out of malice, the governor ordered all Federal agencies to evacuate their place at Sabuwar Kofar and also gave the same matching order to Kano Municipal Local Government to check out, all on selfish ground.

16.  Appointed and sacked his one time Commissioner of Finance as Head of Civil Service.

17.  Threatened Achaba riders with sack from their daily livelihood. The bill is already with the state assembly.

18.  Appointed for the first time the most powerful Chief of Staff alien to democracy for vaulting ambition.

19.  Scrapped the Directorate of Project Monitoring and Evaluation to avoid being checked.

20.  Weakened Freedom of Expression in the state
21.  Devalued the Kano State Anti-Corruption Directorate

22.  Allegedly felt ill and moved to India for medical attention

23.  Display of indiscipline by Kwankwassiya during the swearing in of state assembly members and local government care taker committee.

24.  Recorded feud between his government and the Kano State Emirate Council.

25.  Introduced red cap as a mark of danger ahead
26.  Directed the immediate release of all the arrested Boko Haram members from the state prison to avoid their wrath.

27.  Directed the stoppage of government sponsor of Talakawas to the Holy Land and asked the government Hajj seat to be sold to whoever can afford it.

28.  Paid visits to parastatals at odd time in order to catch perceived enemies and punish them.

29.  Bulldozed structures at the Farm Centre to hurt perceived disloyal elements.

30.   Demoted his initial Director of Press and Public Relations to Media Assistant

31.  Threatened to turn the Daula Hotel into School of Management and Hospitality in spite advice from his aides to the contrary just for personal reason.

32.  Failed to honour his financial commitment to some women electorate who filled form for such assistance after the governorship election.

33.  Stopped the monthly incentives to media personnel

34.  Strangulated and stagnated the progress and development of Kano under the guise of 'cost saving', thereby created frustrations among the people of Kano State. Some one should tell the busy body governor that saving is never done amidst poverty especially in a state that has chunk number of Almajirai except he wants to justify the name of his political party, Poverty Development Party (PDP).

35.  Used the remaining part of his 100 days waging 'war' of vengeance against the good deeds of his predecessor and any other perceived foes, formulating unfounded stories rather than consecrate his energy and time on development of the state.

From the aforementioned misdeeds of this government within just 100 days, where can Governor Kwankwaso claim to be running an all-inclusive government? How can Kano be transformed through vengeance, threat and nepotism? All of the above mentioned negative achievements have nothing to do with progress and development of Kano. They are nothing but product of the  wujuwuju  election that brought about  wujuwuju  government. As already pointed out earlier, first impression is the last impression. So, we can all see the kind of government hoisted on the good people of Kano State. The results of all these are nothing but miasma of hopelessness. Allah kiya ye!

Garba Tijjani Fagge, Fagge Quarters, Kano.