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Friday September 09, 2011
With the level of professionalism exhibited by BHS International, the Concessionaires and Managers of the Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos, there is no doubt that TBS is set and positioned to become an international reference point as an events and tourism centre.

The square which hosted the celebration of the Nigerian Independence in 1960 with the historic lowering of the Union Jack and raising of the 'Green, White, Green' Nigerian flag as a symbol of liberation of the Nigerian nation, has remained the foremost events centre in Nigeria.  It has become the venue for major concerts and shows, carnivals, trade fairs, exhibitions, religious gatherings, parties, political rallies among others. BHS International within one week hosted President Goodluck Jonathan two times at the TBS with no incidents of violence despite the large crowd, among other high profile events.

In the past  tenants of the complex complained of lack of water, light, security, toilet and other amenities but since the new Management of the TBS took over the story has changed.  According to the Chairman of the TBS Tenants Association, Rtd Commodore M.B. Babatunde, the provision of services in the TBS has really improved with the advent of the new BHS.

In his last passage through the TBS  in the month of July, the Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola, commended the security put in place by BHS International to secure the Tafawa Balewa Square.

However, the journey to this point has been a storm.  While appealing to the Lagos State Government for its cooperation concerning the concessionairing issue, Otunba Olu Adenodi, an investment attorney of over 25 years experience and CEO of BHS International, stated that BHS was determined to make a difference in the economic life of Nigeria and Lagos in particular.  'We are interested in positively impacting the society. We provide jobs for about 200 Lagosians. We pay N250,000 monthly as consumption tax to Lagos State and N350,000.00 to LAWMA monthly.'

'So far, we have been able to save the Federal Government of Nigeria a whopping N250 million yearly by way of subsidy while being able to give employment to more people.  We can do more. We recently hosted a mini trade fair where we discovered a lot of hidden talents.

Very soon tourists will be able to view Lagos and Nigeria through the 'Lagos Eye' due to kick off from the towers of TBS. 'We are positioned with the support of both the Lagos State and Federal Governments to turn TBS into a mega centre that would remain an eternal thing of pride to Nigerians at large.'